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Caruana wins 20th Sigeman & Co with 2853 performance

A convincing victory for Fabiano Caruana in Malmö | Photos © Calle Erlandsson

Fabiano Caruana won the 20th Sigeman & Co tournament in Malmö, Sweden on Wednesday. The Italian grandmaster scored a splendid 5.5/7 which was half a point more than Peter Leko and good for a 2853 performance rating. Anish Giri and Nils Grandelius shared third place with 4/7.

A convincing victory for Fabiano Caruana in Malmö | Photos © Calle Erlandsson

Event Sigeman & CoPGN via TWIC
Dates May 9th-16th, 2012
Location Malmö, Sweden
System 8-player round robin

Fabiano Caruana, Peter Leko, Li Chao, Anish Giri, Emanuel Berg, Hans Tikkanen, Jonny Hector and Nils Grandelius

Rate of play 120 minutes for 40 moves, then 60 mintutes for 20 moves and then 30 minutes to finish the game

After enjoying a rest day, on Sunday the players continued the tournament in Malmö with the 4th round. At that point Fabiano Caruana, who had started with two White games, was leading the pack with 2.5/3. He then drew twice, against Emanuel Berg and Li Chao, which allowed Nils Grandelius to catch the Italian in the lead in round 5 on Monday.

PGN string

Grandelius beat Hector and joined Caruana in the lead

In round 6 the tournament seemed already decided, because Caruana defeated Grandelius in the direct encounter.

PGN string

Grandelius and Caruana during their post-mortem

However, Peter Leko won against Berg and so the Hungarian was now in second place, just half a point behind Caruana. Anything could happen in the last round, but thanks to a convincing victory with Black over Hector, Caruana finished clear first anyway.

PGN string

Another excellent performance for Caruana

Leko also won his last game, and so finished in clear second place, also staying undefeated. His last move of the tournament was a nice one.

PGN string

Leko can be satisfied too about his tournament - we'll see him soon in Moscow!

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Isildur1's picture

What is happening to Giri.. not so long ago he was better than Caruana

Mike's picture

Giri is still school as far as I know and is getting a solid education which is far better than 60 Elo point in the FIDE-list

Thomas's picture

Excellent result for Caruana - if the analyses on German Chessbase ( ) are correct he was arguably "lucky" against Grandelius; a fighting draw would have been the icing on the cake of the rastafari's tournament. Fine result also for Leko.
But prominently giving the TPRs may be a bit misleading or suggestive: Caruana isn't THAT strong because he beat a struggling Giri and three 2500ers. Nor is Leko (TPR 2793) at Anand's present level ... .

archimedes's picture

A TPR is not misleading or suggestive. It's for this tournament. Only.Thats it.

You are making the error of conflating it with other player's ELO ratings.

columbo's picture

Caruana played very well in Corus and showed great games lately. Born in 92, 2772 elos ... I believe he is a very strong player. why would you like to compare him with Anand ???

Åsmund's picture

It was Leko who was compared to Anand with TPR almost like as Anands elo.

Mike's picture

has Caruana ever beaten a 2780+ player in a classical game?

Antonin's picture

Caruana is +0-1=3 against Carlsen, +0-2=0 against Aronian, +1-4=3 against Ivanchuk, has one draw against Anand, two draws against both Radjabov and Kramnik, and four draws against Nakamura. He has one win, no losses, and 3 draws against Karjakin, and three wins, two losses, and two draws against Morozevich. So no, he has never beaten a 2780+ player in classical games, and is +5-9=20 against players currently in the top 10.

Niima's picture

I think Caruana is not far from getting better results against the top players.

Thomas's picture

These statistics span how much time? Caruana has improved a lot recently - in his last supertournaments (Reggio Emilia and Wijk aan Zee) he had wins against Ivanchuk, Morozevich and Karjakin, and a draw from a probably winning position against Carlsen.

Antonin's picture

This is Caruana's complete record against these players. I too think that he has gotten significantly stronger in the past year, and think he fully deserves his top-10 placement. He will be there for a while. And he will clash with other top players shortly.

archimedes's picture

Thanks for looking into this!

MH's picture

Caruana not only achieves good results, his games are very good, his playing style is very creative.

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