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"Kasparov confirms possible candidacy for FIDE President"

Kasparov in the FAZ

Garry Kasparov is still firmly committed to push FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov out of office. The former World Champion doesn't rule out that he will run for FIDE President himself at the next presidential elections in 2014. This was reported today by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

On the day that the FIDE website reports about another visit by President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov to Syria, a prominent article on the sports page of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung mentions his possible opponent at the next presidential elections: Garry Kasparov. For the first time, the 49 year old former World Champion confirms that he might be running for FIDE President himself. 

Ilyumzhinov is bringing serious harm to the chess world. No international company wants to be involved with chess, as long as its President is good friends with people like Assad, Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein,

Kasparov said to FAZ journalist Stefan Löffler, who added: "Kasparov might also be supporting another candidate. The priority is to push Ilyumzhinov out of office."

During the last presidential elections in 2010, Kasparov was supporting his former rival at the chess board, Anatoli Karpov, in his attempt to defeat Ilyumzhinov in the chess-political arena. Ilyumzhinov won the elections with a big margin, which Kasparov blames on the little time there was to prepare the campaign. Kasparov says this time he is better prepared.

And this time we won't fail.

The next presidential elections will be held during the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway in August 2014. Kasparov considers his worldwide efforts to bring chess into schools as a major part of his strategy and as a lead for FIDE to not just focus on chess as a sport but also to establish chess in the education system.

Update June 15, 11:09 CET:

Kasparov wrote two tweets, saying more or less the same, on Friday:

To clarify news reports, I'll do whatever it takes to save chess from Ilyumzhinov. If it means running for FIDE pres myself, it's possible.

FIDE should be working on future of chess in education system. Kirsan is meeting Saddam, Qaddafi, Assad, terrible for reputation of chess.

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an unbiased chess fan's picture

All the very best to Kasparov against the goons

Amateur Africans's picture

People give you what you ask for via transmission of energy or what you broadcast out.
Usually do not imagine that she voted regarding and even prefers President Obama.

goes wrong irrespective of who caused it, the woman hopes you would be there to
guide her steps, or what else do you think is taking responsibility.

Szoker's picture

My full support for Kasparow !!! ;)

Zarathoustra's picture
giovlinn's picture

Has Kasparov the same amount of money?

Zara's picture

Go go go Kasparov - GO KING

Rob's picture

Who gets to vote for these elections and how many terms can a FIDE President serve?

Manu's picture

Very intelligent questions!
unfortunately the answers are quite ugly , the number of terms seem to be way more than what any democratic organization could suffer.
But in your questions relies the solutions to the current state of things , FIDE needs to change .

Anonymous's picture

One vote for each federation; EVEN IF the federation is that of a small African nation that has less than a dozen players they get the same number of votes as a big chess playing federation like Germany. Ilyumzhinov simply gives expensive 'gifts' to the voting representatives of the small federations he needs to sway.

Chess Fan's picture

There are two sides to a coin. I would anyday prefer Karpov over Kasparov as FIDE president, and they work well and Kasparov's good ideas would anyway be incorporated.
Speaking objectively, it is through the current FIDE president (I cannot even spell his last name from memory, sorry Kirsan), that there is order in the chess world and an unified World Champion. I would just change the EU Chess President to someone who is more human and humane ;-)

Roger's picture

In answer to Rob, only the representatives of national chess federations, of which there are over 150, get to vote and it's one vote per federation. There don't appear to be any limits on the number of terms served. The previous President from 1994 stood down in 1995 or 1996.

From then on, the President was re-elected in 1998 unopposed, 2002 opposed but the opposition withdrew before the election, 2006 opposed, 2010 opposed. In both 2006 and 2010 he won by around 90 to 50.

Chess Fan's picture

Kasparov, if you are reading this, would you please stop your envy, jealousy, and bitterness against the current World Champion and play chess? Maybe you can walk the walk and try to be the World Champion again. I like you more as a Chess Player rather than a non-achieving trouble maker in the chess world. If you have any more pride that I loved you when you were the undisputed World Champion in the 1980s and 1990s (Karpov and Anand respectively could also be called that in that period, but I guess you were the best), shut up and put up.

Amla's picture

what's running for fide presidency got to do with bitterness against current champion. he has no bitterness he just made a professional evaluation of anand in moscow which anand himself agreed to. it's the media that portrayed it as bitterness. after all kasparov had helped anand previously. i doubt if they have any bitterness it's only the paparazzi. all the best to kasparov.

Anonymous's picture

Nice comment.

Zarathoustra's picture
noyb's picture

I'm a huge Garry Kimovich fan, but this would not be a good move. Garry belongs at the board and nowhere else.

Annie's picture

How would he manage? Can he really change the system? In Russia in Fide - all the same hats off to him. Wow, this guy has guts to take on the whole world singlehandedly. Wish him all the success. Kasparov is a great leader. People who don't have the courage to call a spade a spade feel he is bitter. He is not. He is just clear cut in this world of fake fans and friends. Congratulations and best of luck always Garry Kimovich

Howard Roark's picture

You're the best Gary. Go for it.

Anonymous's picture

GK would make a sensational FIDE president.

RealityCheck's picture


Jeffrey's picture

I dislike the current FIDE president, but Garry Kasparov could be worse. What evidence is there that he could be impartial? He's gone out of his way to offer to help certain chess players at the expense of others: Anand, Carlsen, Gelfand, Nakamura. As long as he's just representing himself, that's fine, but I would worry that he would use his position as FIDE President to help some competitors at the expense of others.

Calvin Amari's picture

Impartial? What does that have to do with it? Nobody said that FIDE fails to be impartial in most respects. The issue is that FIDE is grossly incompetent, embarrassing to the game for a host of reasons too numerous to recite, and it significantly operates as a front for a criminal enterprise.

I’m thankful that Garry is committed to oust the current goon squad one way or another, but this headline is odd. How does one “confirm” a possibility? I hereby confirm that that the moon possibly is made of green cheese!

Micky's picture

Add this to another Kaspy failure!
This guy is a perpetual trouble-maker!
The fact that he has learned how to make good moves in chess does NOT qualify him to take part in other fields that he has no expertese in.
But, I guess his israeli bosses have other egendas!!

test's picture


Ilyumzhinov always buys a majority of the votes (mainly in Africa). There's no point in running against him. Kasparov knows this. So this is just some form of marketing for the brand "Kasparov" or he has some hidden agenda.

(Maybe he wants to make himself look less threatening for Putin pretending to be only interested in chess, who knows.)

Al's picture

no one is as passionate about chess as Garry so he is perfect - he already spends his life promoting chess.
He may not be a good politician but he will do the best possible for chess. Chess in media, chess in schools which is where the focus needs to be.

1984's picture

who knows maybe one day we can have chess in world championships

Al's picture

and of course promoting and executing the best world class tournaments, ever!

mar's picture

Good. Literally everything would be better than Kirsan and his corrupt cronies. They bring disgrace to chess.

Stephen's picture

change the voting system ! one pawn one vote !

Ali Dakoykoy's picture

Nice 1 Kasp, grasp the world from agony;

Michael Lubin's picture

Undoubtedly Kasparov could bring far more outside money into the game than Ilyumzhinov, but he is every bit as unscrupulous and self-serving.

Who wants to make business with Gary's picture

"No international company wants to be involved with chess, as long as its President is good friends with people like Assad, Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein,"

That should be nobody's business who's friend someone is. There is nothing wrong with a little game to promote peace. There are many good argumens to kick Kirsan out of office, this however is not one of them.

AirChess's picture

I agree that should be nobodys business, but imagine the following: Company X supports FIDE. FIDE president supports Gaddafi. Company Y may now come up with the statement "Company X supports Gaddafi". This is just an nighmare for its image, which no company can risk.

Vips's picture

Funny Goldman Sachs was in bed with gaddafi and citibank shares are owned by king of saudi both authoritarian , religious fanatics but US doesn't seem to have a problem.

bernd's picture

hahaha, go back under your rock!

jussu's picture

This doesn't look overly promising, I don't think the controversial Kasparov has a realistic chance, and he certainly won't get any governmental support from his home country. I would much rather go for a retry with Karpov.

MH's picture

Although I am a big Kasparov fan, I think FIDE needs leadership that can take chess to next level, and also work on better relationships with all involved parties, not driving people away from each other.

KASPAROV!!'s picture

I certainly hope WC Kasparov wins - this would be amazing for Chess and FIDE!!

Howard Roark's picture

Kasparov is the very best. Most of us mere mortals cannot comprehend his level. We join one profession and try to excel at it. Then, we toe the line by the reigning dispensation good or bad. Why would someone at the top jeopardise their image and try to fight the system? Only someone like Kasparov has the courage. It would be too easy for him to sit back earn from his books, his chess, his glorious name as a world chess champion - legendary at that - and not bother about improving things. Few people at the top realise that they are in a unique position where they would be heard and it's time to lend their voice to the millions whose voice doesn't matter. That's when courage counts. It's so easy and more in his interest for Kasparov to sup with Putin or Kirsan or anyone for that matter. He has everything to gain. But he has the courage the gall to say if i don't speak up then who will. Go Kasparov go. The world might change or might not, but the warrior has come. Blessings and best wishes to Kasparov.

Anonymous's picture

+1 Go Garry!

ivan's picture

what's wrong with meeting saddam and gaddafi ? those were actually good moves by underworld boss kirsan ...kasparov is so demented ?? kirsan ordered the death of journalist larisa yudina . Why no one talking about this ??

ivan's picture

go kasparov go ..go meet g.w.bush , obama ,and who else ... this stinks !! FISCHER was the best ever and unfortunately we won't see great chess player and human being like him in next 1000 years !

Peter R's picture

He won't be elected unless he knows how to play the game of give and take.

valg321's picture

Karpov should try his chances again. He seems to me to be the most sane choice for the post. Failing that, then Kasparov.

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