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Suat Atalik: "I will not take part in any negotiations"

Suat Atalik

Responding to the ACP's recent open letter, GM Suat Atalik states that he is not going to "take part in any negotiations with these people concerning illegal decisions they have taken so far." The Turkish grandmaster points out that the President of the Greek Chess Federation, Georgios Makropoulos, and the President of the Turkish Chess Federation, Ali Nihat Yazici, are also in the FIDE Executive Board. "In some way expecting these people to address themselves about their own decisions, is simply illogical."

Answer to ACP's letter on my case with TCF and GCF:

Open Letter to Chess Community,

Concerning the fact that I have adressed to ACP on my case with Turkish CF and Greek CF on 10/7/2012 and heard from them after almost a month on 7/8/2012, their reaction time  is too long while the damage created by Mr.Yazici and Mr.Makropulos is not ceased.

ACP's open letter does not suggest any realistic solution to the problem and is not intended to correct the illegal act committed by these people and their federations. ACP requests FIDE to start negotiations with TCF, GCF and I being included. However, one should not forget that Mr. Makropoulos and Mr. Yazici are not only the Presidents of GCF and TCF respectively but also they are in the FIDE Executive Board, taking an extremely active role in every single FIDE decision. In some way expecting these people to address themselves about their own decisions, is simply illogical.

In the exceptional period of my case Mr. Yazici with his vendetta on my wife and me, did not stop by only excluding us from FIDE official tournaments, federation support and national teams but as it is known he made the TCF disciplinary committee to boycott me from national chess events for a long time, using non existing rules and means in the international arena. With the help of Mr. Makropoulos and his federation now this is extended to an international dimension. These people  feel untouchable, and the FIDE Ethics Committee rejecting my appeal on Yazici who tried to remove me from the Golden Sands Tournament, even threatening the organizers with making the event unrated, is a good example of misuse of power by a FIDE Executive Board member. When GM Marzolo commits an illegal act he is punished by FIDE Ethics Committee but when a FIDE Vice President or a Deputy President does the same, the committee led by Mr. Rivello shows allowance. Thus ACP's letter does not constitute a corrective warning for him nor for Mr. Makropoulos, and it is neither a serious threat for them nor for the system they are bringing up.

Last but not the least, if these people will not be stopped, or forced to resign from FIDE, their illegal acts will continue. Mr. Yazici has not only bent all the criteria, norms and rules in Turkey in such a way that even to be the strongest in chess does not matter anymore to get what you deserve for, and the relationship with him and dependency on him is rewarded instead. The rules he is trying to pass during the coming FIDE Congress which will be held in Istanbul are just heralding the future of chess and are also extremely controversial with his other position in the Chess in Schools Commission of FIDE. The whole chess world should be alert that the standings and rights of chess players inside the chess world is getting diminished day by day and we observe the inevitable rise of chess politicians or bureaucrats. I hereby claim that I will not take part in any negotiations with these people concerning illegal decisions they have taken so far, in spite of ACP's suggestion, because I simply believe that they should undergo the consequences of their acts and get punished.

GM Suat Atalik
Chalkida 9/8/2012

In a recent tweet Silvio Danailov, President of the European Chess Union (ECU), made a similar point:

Very funny ACP suggestion for Atalik's case:GSF&TSF to negotiate with FIDE.Meaning Makro&Ali negotiating with themselves:))Brilliant!

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WTF!!! Only boring politic related stories this week((( This site starts to suck!! No recent news from russian super final, ukrainian champinship, shirov match and etc., no game analysis. F!

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Please give those guys their thumbs back, it would save space.

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You might start to care if some chess officials want to decide on what you will read on this site.
But I agree there could have been some more real chess here, this week.

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Of course Mr. Atalik is completely right, but there is a difference between being right and getting your right.
The ACP wouldn't have a chance at the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport if they didn't first try to solve this within FIDE, whatever small the chances. Proposing to solve things in a non-juridical way is also good legal practice; it wins over the judges for you.
But what I don't understand is that the ACP seems not to have consulted Mr. Atalik before writing this letter. Are they representing him or themselves?

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I think the Atalik case is relevant to all players. Kudos for Chessvibes to give it coverage even if it gets some annoyed comments.
You will be more than annoyed if it's you who has to sign that you won't criticize your federation before you are allowed to play in a league or enter a tournament.

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Maffia taking over Fide and national chess federations is not boring, it is very alarming.

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ha, Atalik deserves what he gets, he is the only person I know that publicly calls Ivanchuk a horrible person!!! what a turk he is.

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huh? what did he say about Ivanchuk, and when?

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I see you have removed the link Mr. Tsounis provided to his Negroponte chess tournament. I don't know if you did so because it smacks a bit too much of self-advertisement (you would have a point), but I regret it because in a way it was relevant to the discussion. If only to show there are shades of gray: the easy use by Atalik of the fascist connotation struck me.
The necessity to defend someone doesn't automatically mean this person has a nice personality.

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I deleted the link for one simple reason: it led to a "404".

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Strange, the link worked fine with me.

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Indeed, and now it works here again! Put it back up.

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is this all serious here? a bit more of a realistic view on mentalities would help to shortcut this endless discussion.

i should be very surprised indeed if a greek and a turkish official acted democratically. that is not why they were interested in getting the job in the first place. anything else would be utopia come true.
and i must say it is precisely for that reason why i was very surprised that mr. atalik not many years ago joined the turkish chess federation. if you decide to cooperate with undemocratic mentalities you are bound to be treated undemocratically.
this may sound sarcastic, but i'm afraid that's what it's basically all about.

fide is ruled by this guy from the desert (i can't spell his name) and the european chess federation has mr. danailov - the dark bully from toilet-gate (to just name one of his many infamous activities).

wake up, mate, what else than outright ruthlessness can you expect from these people?

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Maybe it's time to resurrect Kasparov's Professional Chess Assoication (PCA, look on Wikipedia for people that don't know that alternative) ?

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