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Olympiad videos

Olympiad videos

Here are the three videos we created so far in Istanbul. The first was already embedded in the round 7 report, the second captures yesterday's thrilling moments of the USA-Russia match and the third is Georg Meier's blunder against Vladimir Akopian which we accidentally filmed. Enjoy!

Round 7 impressions


The Blunder

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Author: Peter Doggers

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Lately bespectacled Naka seems to be a very matured player now, not showing too much aggressive emotions, calm and collected and not jumpy...he is definitely on some mission...probably aiming to break and go beyond 2800 barrier.

Niima's picture

Loved the music chosen for Georg Meier's video. That is how one feels after a move like that!

arkan's picture

Heh that blunder -- how annoying is that kibitzer pointing out what he should have played or what was wrong with that move

jin's picture

the blunder T_T

valg321's picture

the blunder video is really in poor taste. There's no point in making an overdramatized spectacle over a blunder that can happen to anyone

Anthony Migchels's picture

man, it was f***ing Gone with the Wind level drama.

Poor Meijer.........nice Peter got it on camera!

Morley's picture

Great videos! The Blunder was painful to watch ... as chess players we have all been there. USA - Russia was great; capturing the underdogs in all their (brief) glory. Look forward to more!

silvakov's picture

The best chess video EVER! my condolences to Meier, but it was astonishing! the edition, the music, oh! Fantastic! It even seems staged, as Meier meticulously didn't press the clock.

Anonymous's picture

It was odd that Kamsky insisted that Nakamura shake his hand BEFORE Kramnik had even resigned!

Peter Doggers's picture

No, that was Kamsky offering his hand because he had just won himself against Grischuk (which unfortunately I missed). 

Anonymous's picture

Is Kasparov an honorary arbiter or do all spectators get to watch the action that close?

Peter Doggers's picture

Neither is the case. The spectators have their own area, and Kasparov is Kasparov!

ilias's picture

Fantastic videos, demonstrating the human side of chess and that our favorite sport goes far beyong logic, offering very strong emotions, both positive and negative, to players and spectators alike.

I am looking forward to more such productions!

Anonymous's picture

I agree completely.

Niima's picture

Well said ilias.

sirschratz's picture

my oh my - the triumphant smile on arshak petrosjan's face.... his triumphant comment showing meier the moves on the board....

no no, my dear friend, there are clear limits in such situations, and I do think mr. petrosjan clearly went a few steps too far....

a great video that shows the human side of chess and that also shows that you are not always treated humanly by some people...

valg321's picture

yes, very true. I was planning on posting on that but you covered me completely

Anonymous's picture

He was not telling him what to play. He was asking the arbiter to put the kings in the middle of the board indicating resignation

valg321's picture

as if the arbiter needed someone else to tell him how to do his job

sirschratz's picture

the usa-russia video is a masterpiece! it conveys the tension very subtly!

i tell you what.... we will see gary back within a year....
he is no longer interested in chess, wants to look for new challenges? well, why then spending so long at the olympiad :-)

this video shows is: kasparov wants to play again!

valg321's picture

maybe he's just enjoying his vip status? hell i would

valg321's picture

i dont get all that fascination about a televised blunder. Several have happened during this olympiad, so what? personally i think Tatias Kosintseva's blunder against Lahno and her persistence to keep on playing during the night hours as if to punish herself for losing singlehandedly the match point for Russia, was much more dramatic

Josephine's picture

oh yeah, i don't know what to say but I guess things will always get better. I am sure i can have it the.
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