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Chess on Pulpit Rock: the Norway Chess promo video is there

Chess on Pulpit Rock: the video is there

At the end of September we posted an article about the super tournament in Norway in 2013, in which we mentioned the promo video with Magnus Carlsen playing on top of the famous Pulpit Rock. The promo video is now finished, and has been posted on YouTube.]

In September a promo video was produced with Magnus Carlsen playing against Kristoffer Madland (the Norwegian youth champion) on a big chess board on top of the famous Pulpit Rock, 604 meters above Lysefjorden in Norway. Chess has a central place in what turns out to be a music video, uploaded to YouTube yesterday:

The filming was done both from a helicopter and on the Pulpit Rock. Produced for Norway Chess by Genesis Film, the video features Hanne Margrethe Fredriksen Sørvaag (33), a famous Norwegian singer/songwriter. 

The video promotes the Norway Chess 2013 tournament, the first super tournament ever in Norway. Organizer Jøran Aulin-Jansson told us that besides Carlsen to following players have confirmed their participation: Levon Aronian, Vladimir Kramnik, Vishy Anand and Wang Hao.

We will now start the work of considering the next five players, but we will work slowly with this. Since our target is to create one of the best/strongest tournaments ever, there are several factors that needs to be considered.

The dates are 7-18 May, 2013 and the locations are now known as well:

  • Quality Residence Hotel, Sandnes (5 rounds)
  • Stavanger Konserthus, Stavanger (1 round)
  • Fabrikkhallen til Aarbakke AS, Bryne (1 round)
  • Flor & Fjære, Sør-Hidle (1 round)

Besides the main tournament there will be a school tournament with hundreds of children and a celebrity tournament with a range of celebrities that will show their chess skills.

The total budget for the event is 5 million Norwegian kroner (about 680,000 Euro). The first prize is an impressive 100,000 Euro.

Besides the new tournament in May, Norway will also host the next World Cup and Olympiad, in 2013 and 2014 respectively, both in Tromsø.


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Niima's picture

Beautiful country.

luzin's picture

nice idea but the result is far from impressive

Anonymous's picture

what result are you talking about ???

harvey's picture

the song didn't suit the chess or the rock though...

brock's picture

cant wait til the tourney should be excellent, the video could use some work (to put it nicely). Especially the part where the singer captures the king with her queen?? a non-blitz game...against herself

Synrise's picture

The song sounded very cheap and didn't match the video at all, but ok , seeing more chess in media is always good :)

sulutas's picture

"At the end of November" > September

Ruralrob's picture

Pulpit Rock would not be a good place to hold an elite tournament - Ivanchuk might fling himself right over the edge after a particularly heartbreaking loss.

Niima's picture

lol :-)))))

giovlinn's picture

Chess rocks!

giovlinn's picture

Chess rocks!

giovlinn's picture

Like one could say: Chess ROCKS!

Anonymous's picture

Radjabov, Caruana, Karjakin, Grishuk, Morozevitch, Andreikin, should be on the list ... by the way, what a horrible song they chose for the advertising

redivivo's picture

I don't think they all should be on the list since that would make it 11 participants, especially Andreikin can at least not be expected to be invited until he reaches a top 20 position. Players like Topalov, Ivanchuk or Nakamura might also be ranked ahead of him. It will be hard to avoid Radjabov and Caruana though, then it's hard to guess the last three spots, but maybe Karjakin, Topalov and Nakamura.

Thomas's picture

The organizers say that "there are several factors that needs to be considered" - apparently not just rating but also playing style and geographic diversity, else it would be hard to justify Wang Hao's spot!?

If they go by results of the Chess Oscar which have just been mentioned (e.g. at Whychess) the field should be Carlsen, Gelfand, Aronian, Svidler, Kramnik, Grischuk, Ivanchuk, Anand, Morozevich and Nakamura. That's the list for 2011 which may have a certain pro-Russian bias (Svidler #4!!?) while lacking Karjakin, Radjabov and Caruana.

S3's picture

appearance fee perhaps a "factor" as well?

redivivo's picture

"If they go by results of the Chess Oscar"

There's no reason to do that though, not inviting Caruana and Radjabov but picking Gelfand and Morozevich instead would be strange.

Thomas's picture

The fact that the organizers talk about "several factors" could imply that there will be another surprise (Wang Hao is a slight surprise given earlier rumors that they want to invite the entire top 10).

Candidates for the five remaining spots could be
1) young players: Radjabov, Caruana, Karjakin, Nakamura
2) old players: Ivanchuk, Gelfand, Kamsky, Morozevich, Svidler
(bad for Grischuk and Mamedyarov that they are neither young nor old)
3) and maybe a relatively unknown but promising player who has - to my knowledge - not yet played in a supertournament: Wojtaszek, Andreikin, Volokitin

That's 12 names for five spots - it could well be Caruana, Radjabov AND Gelfand (we all know you don't like Gelfand)

redivivo's picture

"we all know you don't like Gelfand"

It isn't so much a question about what players one likes, I think neither Andreikin nor Gelfand will be invited when there are so many higher rated players to pick from, and I don't think the Chess Oscar vote for 2011 will mean much to the Norwegians either.

Thomas's picture

"The Norwegians" have already demonstrated that rating isn't the only thing that matters to them - inviting Wang Hao who is currently world #19 and was #15 in some earlier official lists. I agree that Andreikin's chances to be invited are small, not only because his rating is too low but also because he is "just another Russian" (a problem he has in general). But in Gelfand's case (now world #14) there aren't even "so many higher rated players to pick from". If we make the plausible assumption that they'll invite only two Russians (Kramnik and Karjakin but not Grischuk) and just one player from any other country (Radjabov but not Mamedyarov, Nakamura but not Kamsky) and otherwise go mostly by rating, the five missing names would be Radjabov, Caruana, Karjakin, Topalov and Nakamura [indeed the names you suggest, but you weren't sure about the last three]. Next in line - actually ahead of Nakamura at the moment - would be Ivanchuk. Then next in line is already Gelfand.
You may argue that Gelfand's current rating is exceptionally high, but would the ones just behind him (Morozevich, Svidler, Jakovenko and Ponomariov) be more logical or worthy based on their recent results?

Casey Abell's picture

The final shot reminds me of a tweet from Nakamura...Aronian was just a slip away from being world number one. (Just kidding! Don't rag me about it.)

Anyway, agree with everybody that the chick singer and her song were pretty lame. Capturing the king?

Anonymous's picture

yeap ! the music is awfull. Too bad, they have great bands in the north like Mum, Sigur Ross, Mi And L'Au ... But the tournament looks fantastic, and the country IS beautiful

filiusdextris's picture

I like thinking of Carlsen as the Black king. He seems to wear a lot of that color, and as the #1 player without the title of world champ, it seems like the right piece to describe him.

N.1's picture

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