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“Dutch Treat” by Hans Ree returns

“Dutch Treat” by Hans Ree

American chess book publisher Russell Enterprises, Inc. (REI) has announced that Dutch grandmaster Hans Ree will resume his popular column “Dutch Treat.” The first new column is now available at the REI website.

Albeit briefly, we do like to mention this at ChessVibes, simply because GM Hans Ree is one of the great chess writers of our time. Many chess fans will know him from his column in New in Chess Magazine and/or his "Dutch Treat" column at ChessCafe, which ran for almost 14 years.

Hanon Russell is the man behind Russell Enterprises, Inc. and used to own ChessCafe for years. When the site was taken over, Hans Ree's column was discontinued. After a two-year gap, Ree will now start again and his columns will be posted at Russell's website.

To celebrate the return of Ree’s online column, Russell is hosting a Holiday Quiz with some nice prizes, including a selection of Russell Enterprises books, DGT clocks and a subscription to New In Chess, for the winners.

Russell Enterprises is the publisher of books such as Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual and Bobby Fischer: The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion. Ree’s first chess book to be released in English, The Human Comedy of Chess, was published by REI over a decade ago. His next book, My Chess, is scheduled to be released by REI in September 2013.

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Great news, I missed him very much!

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Hip Hip Hooray!

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I just discovered this. What a great start of the new year.

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