Daniel King | November 26, 2012 17:43

Garry Kasparov vs. Magnus Carlsen

Due to the growing popularity of the Power Play Channel and of course to recognise the number of subscribers (+2851) as well as the probability of Kasparov's ELO record (2851) getting broken by Carlsen at the London Chess Classic in December 2012, Daniel King shows the only encounter between these two heavyweights.  

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Author: Daniel King

Daniel King is a chess grandmaster. He has been a professional chess-player for over 25 years representing his country on numerous occasions. In addition, he is a games consultant, television presenter, live commentator, freelance journalist, and an award-winning author of 15 books. 

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-I wonder how many who clicked on this headline hoping to read about an upcoming match between the two?

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There will never be a match between these two, mainly because Garry is not stupid to lose face and risk humiliation. Unless he gets himself in a very desparate financial situation.

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kasparov must face carlsen if he wants to prove to the world that he is still the strongset chess player that he used to be.it will be an exciting math that the world wants to see.

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Perhaps the world at large is interested in such a match... But the chess players of the world, who have been following chess the last 10-15 years are only interested in one match: Anand vs. Carlsen. Carlsen has certainly dominated the chess world, much like Fischer and Kasparov, but from head-to-head results one can see that he has trouble facing Anand. In the last London Chess Classic it was Carlsen who produced a strong novelty in the Ruy, had equalized in a position he must had studied well and... Anand won. On the few occasions Carlsen has bested Anand the game usually has an odd quality, like their last encounter, which gives the impression Anand was not himself (the Bb5+ sicilian they played reminded me of the miniature Aronian played against Anand in Bilbao). What is clear is Carlsen often seems to avoid the sharpest lines against Anand and is still no match in rapids (maybe better in blitz).
I think, should he win the Candidates, his performance in a WC match with Anand will be a true coming of age experience and something I'd like to see.

...Kasparov is gone (I suspect Anand would crush him if they played today and you certainly won't see Garry setting up one of his celebrated rapid battles with the WC, no way).

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Very true aofwowa, I totally agree.

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I am an Indian still I doubt the capability of Anand of late. His quality of play seems to be dropping. Either lack of motivation outside WC or age factor.
Of course, I will be pleasantly surprised if he returns to winning ways.

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From the World Championship Match results Anand did not win even 1 game out of 10. In the drawn games Anand was either 1 pawn down, or in inferior positions. This is true reflection of the Elo rating.
When comparing Carlsen head to head with the other players, one must not forget that the figures include Carlsen's loses in younger days.
Take notes that after 2011, carlsen seldom lose.

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Kasparov can t prove this because he is not the strongest chess player anymore. Already for a long time. Time changes and now Carlsen is the greatest chess player of the world. You also do not ask Karpov or Petrovsjan to show that they are the strongest players.

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Fischer had also a negative record against Spasski and still won convincingly. I think Carslen will come on top in a match against Anand.

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I think Kasparov has done more than he could do for chess already... being the longest world no.1 for many many years and holding the cleanest record a GM would wish to hold against a computer machine... why then should he clash with Magnus? If Magnus could reach the top by himself why did he submit himself to be tutored by Kasparov for one year? Kasparov is no more, and has put all his best in Magnus, so lets see how Magnus would conquer the world including Anand!

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Just because MAGNUS submitted himself to be trained by Kasparov, I see Kasparov extending himself through Magnus... and yes, Kasparov did prophesy that Magnus would take chess to another level. What Kasparov did not do, he'd made sure someone associated with him would finish it. Kudos!

Anonymous's picture

Magnus was 13-14 years old here ;)

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By the way Kasparov never had such a high elo rating above 2800 so I do not understand were people are talking about. They speak about elo inflation but this was never so high that it counts for more then 100 or 200 point. That is just rubbish.

Mike's picture

How many players had 2700+ when Garry was on top and how many have 2700+ at the moment? compare it =)

Sergio Henrique Riedel's picture

13 years old and playing in equal terms with Kasparov.

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kasparov is stil a chess master,one whose name wud forever be in d history of chess.now is magnus carlsen,s time,n I respect dis dude,for what he is doin @ his age,buh dat is nut enough reason to compare him wif kasparov d great.he is yet to achieve wat kasparov achieved during his time.kasparov may be retired,buh not tired.n he's stil got bad moves.

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