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Curaçao 2012 – Iguanas and Dragons

Two thirds of the way through the tournament, Robbie and I are locked in a two horse race for the title, and the pairings really are starting to become bizarre. (By the way, the tournament website is http://www.curacaochess.net/ )  The two of us have taken to a serious, no-nonsense schedule every day: lazy breakfasts, tourist snaps, a few hours of Caribbean beach time and some ice-cream to fend off the 30 degree sunshine comprises the chess preparation of champions.

Seriously tough preparation

A frequent lunchtime companion: a local iguana

The holiday chess festival lived up to its billing with a superb rest day at the beach.  It’s not often the official organised rest day activities are well attended, but we had almost full participation for the barbeque and surf frivolities.

At the board, Robbie continues to impress.  Check out his fine win against one of the young Aruban whippersnappers:

PGN string

Meanwhile, young Marc Bueno (also from Aruba) has really impressed with his play, and has already picked up 24 rating points from his six games. It could have been even more if he had’ve found the right continuation in a tricky Sicilian Dragon against Curaçaoan Olympiad regular, Sherman Maduro:

PGN string

Three rounds to go!

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