Gawain Jones | September 10, 2011 23:07

Barclays International Round 8

Today I was up against Alexandr Fier, a GM from Brazil. He used to be over 2650 and I knew this would be a tough game. I decided to return to my beloved Dragon for this one and the opening worked out pretty well. He offered me a draw after 17 moves but I decided to try and press. We reached an unclear middlegame where I had a knight against his bishop but hoped his bishop would be rather misplaced. Towards the endgame I had taken a pleasant advantage and netted an extra pawn but missed his 59.Bd7! when the position seems to be draw. My best winning chances were probably with 51…dxc5 which would have caused him a lot of problems. Tomorrow I’ve got David Berczes in the last round of the tournament. Wish me luck!

Fier, A. (white) vs. Jones, G. (black)
2583 - 2624
Barclays Open A, 2011.09.10


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Author: Gawain Jones

Gawain Jones is an English chess player and grandmaster.

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