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Giri beats Ivanchuk in León's roller coaster ride

Giri beats Ivanchuk in León's roller coaster ride

Anish Giri won his match against Vassily Ivanchuk, the 26th Ciudad de León, in a weekend that must have felt like a roller coaster ride, especially for Ivanchuk. After losing the classical games 0.5-1.5 and the rapid games 0.5-3.5, the Ukrainian even hinted at quitting chess at Saturday's press conference. Luckily for him and his fans, he managed to recover on Sunday and hammered Giri 7.5-2.5 in the blitz. It was Giri who won the match because the classical and rapid sections put more weight in the final score.

By Leontxo García

Day 2

After an unhappy love affair, the solution is to change women. But there is only one chess, and right now I'm not interested in it, so that my problem has no solution,

said Ivanchuk to reporters and fans, and he received a huge applause.

Leontxo García interviewing an unhappy Vassily Ivanchuk

It's not the first time that Ivanchuk questions what has been his profession and the great love of his life since childhood. Many have suggested that he'd rest more between tournaments, especially now, at age 44, when he is one of the few members of the elite above 40. But he needs to play one tournament after another, and arrived in León very fatigued, immediately after finishing the tough Grand Prix in Thessaloniki (Greece).

On Saturday Anish Giri completely dominated his opponent in the rapid games (20 minutes plus ten seconds increment after each move) because Ivanchuk, in his inordinate desire to win, three times forced positions beyond reason.

Giri vs Ivanchuk, on stage in the Auditorium in León, Spain

Giri explained:

Vassily played well at times, but then he always wanted to find something in a position when there wasn't anything.

Games day 2

PGN file

Day 3

Less than 24 hours after hinting that he was retiring from chess, Vassily Ivanchuk delighted the spectators in the León Auditorium and online with a big win in the blitz games (5 minutes plus 3 seconds increment). The Ukrainian defeated Anish Giri 7.5-2.5 but the 18 year old Dutchman won the match overall for his victories in the classical and rapid sections.

Anish Giri won the match overall

Ivanchuk was very concentrated, even between the games. He came to the Auditorium accompanied by his coach Viktor Moskalenko, wearing a baseball cap, unshaven. His remark at Saturday's press conference still echoed among the spectators: "After an unhappy love affair, the solution is to change women. But there is only one chess, and right now I'm not interested in it, so that my problem has no solution."

But Giri found out right away that this was another Ivanchuk, perhaps because the speed of the game would not let him wallow in his depression. The great Ukrainian won the first game dramatically, drew the second without much trouble and then also won the next two. The Dutchman did not throw in the towel: after drawing the fifth he won the sixth, but after his defeat in the seventh and eighth the duel was decided quickly.

Vassily Ivanchuk found back his form on Sunday

In the subsequent press conference, Ivanchuk was energetic. He recognized that he saw life in another color and apologized for his depressing statements the other day. Asked about the key to his transfiguration, Ukrainian gave another wonderful quote:

Today at noon I took a beer that was just delicious, and that relaxed me a lot. Since I was four points down after the first two days, I planned to win the blitz match with five points difference , and I've achieved.

Ivanchuk: "I took a beer which was just delicious!"

After enjoying a typical local lunch, Giri didn't hesitate to express how good he feels in León:

Here I won the Spanish Team Championship with my team Sestao in 2012, and now I won my first Ciudad de Leon. If I can ever choose where to play the final of the World Championship, I propose that it will be León!

The young Dutchman, the world number one under 20, just finished his high school education and will focus on chess for the coming two years.

I want to know what it's like to be a true professional. But I don't rule out that at some point I will  combine my chess career with university. I would like to study psychology. In any case, my next goal is to become World Champion, but I'm afraid there are other very young candidates, like Carlsen and Caruana, who want the same as me, and are stronger now.

Giri & Ivanchuk looking at some games with the computer after the third day of play

Games day 3

PGN file

Giri-Ivanchuk 2013 | Match score


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anti  johnny foreigner's picture

Ivanchuk showed on day 3 that pip squeak who the daddy really was in this match. Chucky rules!

chesshire cat's picture

So all you have to do is say what you want before the match and it comes true? Must try that!

vosuram's picture

Standing in blitz: 7.5-2.5, not 7.5-0.5

Boybawang's picture

So the old man lost the long games but beat the lad at blitz. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around??

AAR's picture

Blitz is for club players.

Excalibur's picture

Giri is not that good in blitz and Chucky is very good in it.

Boybawang's picture

Maybe Giri just showed some respect and gave away games to the disappointing old man.

Greco's picture

Chucky should take some time off of chess

jhoravi's picture

Yes, Chucky and Rajabov.

Anonymous's picture

enough time off for Radjabov, that's probably the reason why he fell down so badly lately in the ratings. Radjabov MUST play

Ruben 's picture

This is only rapid and Blitz. Don t take it too serious.

Remco G's picture

Giri, beware! Van Wely is back on the live rating list!

Fishy's picture

Wow, it looks like Giri really wiped the floor with Chucky... :o

Anonymous's picture

Really confusing with Chessbase reporting that Ivanchuk beats Giri in Leon.

David Kaufmann's picture

Good afternoon. Chess Base report is wrong. Anish Giri has won the match against Ivanchuk. With the permission of ChessVibes I share you my full coverage of the event with lots of photos, games...

Report: http://bit.ly/11PJ4tk

Anonymous's picture

The report is by the same person: Leontxo Garcia
Only the heading is different. I suspect Chessbase is responsible for this heading.

Anonymous's picture

I don't care too much who actually won the whole match since it had a funny and new overall format anyway. Let's say it was very close in the end. When it comes to the more serious chess, Giri outplayed a tired Chuky who in the end outblitzed the young gun. Chuky at his best, lots of fun... lol ;-)

Sergio Henrique Riedel's picture

Ivanchuk needs a break!

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