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l'Ami completes summer hat-trick, wins BDO Tournament

l'Ami completes hat-trick, wins BDO Tournament

Erwin l'Ami won his third summer tournament on Sunday, finishing clear first in the BDO Tournament's Premier group with a 6.5/9 score. In the final round the 28-year-old Dutch grandmaster was under some pressure against GM S.P. Sethuraman of India but won the game anyway. IM David Klein finished on second place with 6/9 and that score was enough for his final GM norm.

The 9th BDO Chess Tournament took place August 17th-25th in Haarlem, the Netherlands. As always there was a 9-game round robin for GM norms (the Premier group), a 9-game round robin for IM norms (the Challenger group) and an Open. 

Dutch GMs Erwin L’Ami and Erik van der Doel were the pre-tournament favourites, but IMs Benjamin Bok and David Klein were likely to make life hard for them while hunting for a norm. Last year the ever-creative IM Manuel Bosboom promoted to the top group; one other IM from the Netherlands who played was Ali Bitalzadeh.

The international participants of the Premier tournament were GM S.P. Sethuraman (India), IM Marcel Kanarek (Poland), IM Jonathan Dourerassou (France), and IM Rasmus Svane (Germany).

After winning both the Dutch Open and sharing first place in Vlissingen, Erwin l'Ami, our ChessVibes Training co-editor, completed his summer hat-trick by winning in Haarlem as well! It must be said that the Dutch GM was a bit lucky as he was with his back against the wall in the last round:

PGN string

Erwin l'Ami finished first at his third summer tournament

Marcel Kanarek was in shared first place after eight rounds, but lost his last game to GM Erik van den Doel, thereby missing a GM norm by half a point.

PGN string

Beating Manuel Bosboom in the last round, IM David Klein did succeed in scoring a norm, and it was his third. Klein now only needs to gain 13 more rating points to be eligible for the GM title.

PGN string

David Klein receives the second prize and third GM norm certificate

16-year-old Rasmus Svane of Germany played an excellent tournament with an overscore close to 1.5 points. Here's his win against Van den Doel:

PGN string

IM Khamparia Akshat of India won the Challenger group with 6/9 and thus promoted to the 2014 Premier group. FM Pieter Hopman won the Open convincingly to promote to the 2014 Challenger group.

BDO Premier 2013 | Final standings

Rank Name Score Fed. Rating TPR W-We
1 GM l'Ami, Erwin 6.5 NED 2626 2648 +0.28
2 IM Klein, David 6.0 NED 2468 2624 +1.88
3 GM Van Den Doel, Erik 5.5 NED 2562 2569 +0.11
4 IM Kanarek, Marcel 5.5 POL 2463 2580 +1.45
5 IM Svane, Rasmus 5.0 GER 2425 2547 +1.45
6 IM Bok, Benjamin 4.0 NED 2527 2450 -0.91
7 IM Dourerassou, Jonathan 4.0 FRA 2488 2454 -0.40
8 GM Sethuraman, S.P. 3.5 IND 2582 2406 -2.16
9 IM Bitalzadeh, Ali 3.0 NED 2423 2379 -0.53
10 IM Bosboom, Manuel 2.0 NED 2396 2287 -1.17

Report based on Bart Gijswijt's articles on the official website

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Below par performance by Sethuraman, second seeded finishing at 8th place.

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