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Aronian-Kramnik game 4 live commentary by Sergey Shipov

Aronian-Kramnik game 4 live commentary by Sergey Shipov

Here's today's live commentary by GM Sergey Shipov on the fourth game of the Aronian-Kramnik match. After Vladimir Kramnik won a thrilling battle in game three the scores are now level on 1.5-1.5 with three games to go. 

The players ranked number 2 and 3 on the FIDE rating list are competing against each other over six classical games. They'll play an additional rapid game if the main game on any given day is drawn in under three hours. Thursday is the final rest day, and the last two games will take place on Friday and Saturday.

[Commentary by GM Sergey Shipov - original in Russian at Crestbook]

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Event Aronian-Kramnik | PGN by TWIC
Dates April 21-28, 2012
Location Zurich, Switzerland
System 6-game match

Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik

Rate of play 40 moves in 120 minutes, 20 moves in 60 minutes and, for the remainder of the game, 15 minutes plus an increment of 30 seconds per move
Bonus As a bonus for the audience, Kramnik and Aronian will play an additional rapid game if the main game on any given day is drawn in under three hours

Live commentary

Sergey Shipov is a highly acclaimed Russian grandmaster, coach, author and commentator. His Russian annotations at Crestbook are being translated by Colin McGourty, who did this many times before on his own site Chess in Translation. More information on the match can be found here.


Saturday, 21 April: 15:00  Round 1
Sunday, 22 April: 15:00  Round 2
Monday, 23 April: Rest Day
Tuesday, 24 April: 15:00  Round 3
Wednesday, 25 April: 15:00  Round 4
Thursday, 26 April: Rest Day
Friday, 27 April: 15:00  Round 5
Saturday, 28 April: 13:00  Round 6

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Author: Colin McGourty


hannah's picture

Is Shipov suggesting 1.b4 ?
Wouldn't that be fun.

Arjo's picture

"So on the first move it would be worth pushing the pawn a little further to the left into the centre..."

The centre is the d- and e-file (even more d4/d5/e4/e5 squares). So "the pawn a little further to the left into the centre" could only mean the d-pawn, so d2-d4...

Ians's picture

Many thanks for the commentaries , i thought Aronian would have gone for 24.Ne3 to prolong the fight although i don't know what the computers say about it

Anyway , i'm disappointed everytime i see a Berlin defence , it's probably an interesting position for some players in competitive environment when half a point is worthwile , but here it means 2 games out of 6 were almost irrelevant and Aronian wasted 2 whites going in that system against what is probably the best Berlin defence specialist on the planet , i hope next time he goes for d3 system or stick with 1.d4

Bigglesworth's picture

While I agree with Shipov that 1. e4 was a poor way for Aronian to play for a win, I don't agree that it's therefore a poor choice. Aronian seems to be treating this as a training match and is trying to test and improve his own skills by pitting himself against Kramnik's strengths. Consider each of the four games. Aronian won game 1 by outmaneuvering Kramnik in a slightly advantageous queenless middlegame. He lost game 3 by making a speculative sacrifice against arguably the most solid player since Petrosian, and he invited Kramnik to play the Berlin in games 2 and 4. These are not decisions you make when you're trying to win a match. Given that Aronian is an intelligent person, it seems to me like the only possible conclusion is that Aronian's focus is on improving his skills from this match, and that winning it is only a secondary priority for him.

Niima's picture

"17. Bf4
There's no end to their cunning. Elite chess players are as capricious as fashionable women. Their plans and preferences change seven times a day. I want to exchange bishops, I don't want to. I want to put the bishop on g5, I want to put the knight there - besides, it's still not clear which... And all to spite each other!"

Chess commentary does not get better than that! Hilarious. Hats off.

Ians's picture

You're probably correct on Aronian not caring for the result since it is a friendly game , although it feels to me that they are playing this way also to hide their preparation for the next candidate match and high profile tournaments .

They probably had specific lines prepared (maybe in the Petroff with black for Levon ) that did not materialize yet .

i'm still convinced Kramnik is not condemned to play rock solid stuffs , even though he's a successor of Karpov for a stylistic point of view , it's true he's not the most creative or active player at the top level , but originally , he used to be quite a tactical player before the and i'm convinced that he can broaden his black repertoire succesfully like other top GMs did in history

I just seen Aronian won his rapid game with black against the d3 system , hmmm , interesting

Ians's picture

I don't understand why Kramnik did not play 24.Ne4 in that rapid game and played f4 instead which led to the defeat . He probably wanted to try something very sharp and spectacular after that Berlin :) Or time trouble ? anyway nice game

I hope Kramnik plays 1.d4 tommorow :)

What's Next?'s picture

1.d4 is best. 1.e4 is too drawish. Times have changed...

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