Live commentary | April 28, 2012 12:32

Aronian-Kramnik game 6 live commentary by Sergey Shipov

Aronian-Kramnik game 6 live commentary by Sergey Shipov

Here's today's live commentary by GM Sergey Shipov on the sixth and final game of the Aronian-Kramnik match. After an initially quiet then exciting draw in the penultimate game the scores remain level on 2.5:2.5. 

The players ranked number 2 and 3 on the FIDE rating list are competing against each other over six classical games. They'll play an additional rapid game if the main game on any given day is drawn in under three hours.


[Commentary by GM Sergey Shipov - original in Russian at Crestbook]

PGN string

Note that you can click on the variations in the analysis to follow them on the board

Event Aronian-Kramnik | PGN by TWIC
Dates April 21-28, 2012
Location Zurich, Switzerland
System 6-game match

Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik

Rate of play 40 moves in 120 minutes, 20 moves in 60 minutes and, for the remainder of the game, 15 minutes plus an increment of 30 seconds per move
Bonus As a bonus for the audience, Kramnik and Aronian will play an additional rapid game if the main game on any given day is drawn in under three hours

Live commentary

Sergey Shipov is a highly acclaimed Russian grandmaster, coach, author and commentator. His Russian annotations at Crestbook are being translated by Colin McGourty, who did this many times before on his own site Chess in Translation. More information on the match can be found here.


Saturday, 21 April: 15:00  Round 1
Sunday, 22 April: 15:00  Round 2
Monday, 23 April: Rest Day
Tuesday, 24 April: 15:00  Round 3
Wednesday, 25 April: 15:00  Round 4
Thursday, 26 April: Rest Day
Friday, 27 April: 15:00  Round 5
Saturday, 28 April: 13:00  Round 6

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Author: Colin McGourty


KK's picture

4. d3!!
Wow, superb comment. Love the wit of the best chess commentator!

sulutas's picture

After these six wonderful games, Thank you Mr. Shipov for the great analysis (if you see this comment) and of course thank you Mr. McGourty for the excellent translation and hard work.

nis's picture

objectively speaking kramnik has dominated this mini match,
in the match against anand he was 3 down...
anand is the real deal...
though he is too old to fight for win in every tournament

Geekchess's picture

Thanks to Sergey, Colin and Chessvibes, the most insightful,witty and accessible written live commentary I can recall having seen. Really entertaining.

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