Michael Adams | November 19, 2012 20:08

Eurocup in Eilat

Eilat logoNot long after the London Grand Prix I was heading for the Eurocup this time held in Eilat in Israel. This made for a grueling and expensive journey which may explain why the number of teams participating fell from 62 in 2011 to 34.

Unfortunately the organisation was unimpressive; the playing hall was much too small causing my chair to be knocked on a regular basis by players returning to their boards. It was also rather warm which is rather more serious than it used to be bearing in mind the draconian ECU dress code.

The hotels were very pretty but despite paying in full and in advance, the hotel tried to expel at least four of our group from our rooms several days prematurely and before one of my games I was sufficiently concerned about this possibility to pack our belongings in case the hotel followed through on their threats.

The team wasn’t favoured by the disgracefully bad pairing system that was totally lacking in logic and fairness and considerably worse than the poor effort they had used previously. It is unclear why the ECU is so reluctant to remedy this long standing problem.
Still there are no good excuses for a bad result and I didn’t play as well as would have liked.

On a brighter note, Tara and I stayed on as tourists for a few days afterwards and had a good time visiting the Old City in Jerusalem, floating in the spectacular Dead Sea, and spending a relaxing day in Tel Aviv before heading home.

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Author: Michael Adams

Michael Adams became a grandmaster at the age of 17 and has been a professional chess player for over 20 years. In 2006 he began writing a chess column in the Saturday Telegraph Weekend section.




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Maybe you could have visited Gaza and inform the people there what a great trip you had

Henk's picture

Yes Arkan, that´s a really to-the-point thought. I was actually gonna suggest he visit Afghanistan, but Gaza is a major improvement.

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Ohh so sensitive and solidarian with the gaza residents..made me cry a bit .i wish to let u into such territories a week long,nomore,you gonna become more american than Bush,ofcourse alone,i will not let ur wife suffer that "solidarian experience"

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