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[lang_nl]Grand Slam Chess Association opgericht[/lang_nl][lang_en]Grand Slam Chess Association established[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Afgelopen week is in Wijk aan Zee de Grand Slam Chess Association opgericht. In September vorig jaar al kwamen de organisatoren van de vier toptoernooien in Bilbao (mens-machine), Sofia (M-tel), Linares en Wijk aan Zee bij elkaar om hun plannen te bespreken. Het hoofddoel van de GSCA werd toen geformuleerd: "De hoogste vier spelers op de ranglijst moeten in alle vier de evenementen meedoen en anders mogen ze aan geen van deze evenementen meedoen."[/lang_nl][lang_en]Last week in Wijk aan Zee, the Grand Slam Chess Association has been established. In September last year, the organizers of the four top tournaments in Bilbao (human-machine), Sofia (MTel), Linares and Wijk aan Zee already got together to discuss their plans. The main goal of the GSCA was then formulated: "The four top players in the world ranking must play in all four of the events or they won't be allowed to play in any of them."[/lang_en]



Vandaag is in Wijk aan Zee de Grand Slam Chess Association (GSCA) opgericht. Het Corus-toernooi (in Wijk aan Zee), Linares, M-tel Masters Sofia en Bilbao gaan een groots schaakcircuit opzetten, vanaf 2008. The winnaars van Wijk aan Zee, Linares en Sofia 2008, en een vierde speler nog nader te bepalen, zullen deelnemen aan de Masters in Bilbao (herfst 2008).

Verschillende meetings gedurende de laatste maanden waren nodig om deze basis- en fundamentele overeenkomst te bereiken. Elk van de vier oprichters zal zijn identiteit en onafhankelijkheid behouden. De volgende meeting zal in Linares zijn (8 en 9 maart). De hoofddoelen voor die meeting zijn de wettelijke bepalingen, de offici?ɬ´le presentatie en de publicatie van meer details. De Grand Slam staat altijd open voor het opnemen van nieuwe leden.

De internationale schaakbond (FIDE) is meteen ge?ɬØnfomeerd, en de Chess Players Association zullen een offici?ɬ´le brief ontvangen. Het is de wens van de GSCA om een vriendschappelijke en vruchtbare relatie met deze beide partijen te hebben.

In Wijk aan Zee,
17 january 2007

Getekend door:
Andoni Madariaga (Bilbao)
Dolf Vos (Corus Chess Tournament Wijk aan Zee)
Juan Fernandez (Burgemeester van Linares)
Silvio Danailov (M-tel Masters Sofia)



The Grand Slam Chess Association (GSCA) has been established today in Wijk aan Zee. The Corus tournament (in Wijk aan Zee), Linares, M-tel Masters Sofia and Bilbao will set up this great classical chess circuit, from 2008. The winners of Wijk aan Zee, Linares and Sofia 2008, and a fourth player to be determined will play the Masters in Bilbao (autumn 2008).

Several meetings along the last months have been necessary to reach this basic and fundamental agreement. Each of the four founder members will preserve its identity and independence. The next meeting will be in Linares (March 8th and 9th). The main targets for that meeting are the legal constitution, the official presentation and the publication of much more details. The Grand Slam is open for the incorporation of new members at any time.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) has been informed immediately, and the Chess Players Association will receive an official
letter. It is the GSCA's wish to establish a cordial and fruitful cooperation with both bodies.

In Wijk aan Zee,
January 17th 2007

Signed by:
Andoni Madariaga (Bilbao)
Dolf Vos (Corus Chess Tournament Wijk aan Zee)
Juan Fernandez (Major of Linares)
Silvio Danailov (M-tel Masters Sofia)


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Is Dortmund geen Toptoernooi meer? Vroeger was het toch altijd Wijk aan zee/Linares/Dortmund?

peter's picture

The source, CBRz.

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GSCA (Linares, Corus, Bilbao and Mtel Sofia organizers) announcement is interesting. Just note the condition that the top 4 ranked players must participate in all 4 or none. It is another way of Danailov (oraganizer of Mtel Sofia) trying to disrupt Kramnik's plans, who would like to skip Sofia tournament where the environment could be very hostile for him (Kramnik).

Chess Blog Rank zero's picture

Rumors about this arrangement have been around for a while. Theoretically, it is great to have more exciting tournaments in classical chess; this will hopefully indicate to FIDE necessary corrections for the future of chess.

However, the circumstances are quite dubious. It doesn't help that Danailov acts both as organizer of Sofia and patron of Topalov. For the same reason, also Dortmund (closely connected with Hensel and Kramnik) wouldn't be a neutral tournament.

First of all, ist there any reliable source for
the main goal ?¢‚Ǩ?ìThe four top players in the world ranking must play in all four of the events or they won?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t be allowed to play in any of them.?¢‚Ǩ?? I simply don't read this in the release.

Secondly, such a goal would be utter nonsense. Top players should show up in elite tournaments, but there may be serious reasons to skip just one. Or, what if a single organizer doesn't want a player to show up? It is easy to make conditions inacceptable.

It dosn't even make logical sense: One has to qualify for the fourth tournament. What if one of the four doesn't qualify? Does it mean that he is retroactively expelled from the past three tournaments? Nonsense.

By the way, which top four? The rating list will usually change during the tournaments.

Bilbao (with the negligible man-machine-shows) und Sofia are by no means classics like Linares or Wijk aan Zee. There is no guarantee that there will be a Sofia tournament in some year when the Topalov/Danailov era is over.

This association seems to be directed against a specific player. I am not a big fan of Kramnik, but such tricks would be a shame for classics like Linares and Corus.

Chess Blog Rank zero's picture

Thanks, I missed this drafts in September. However, several points from the announcements back then are left out in the press release (like the top four rating clause, the existence of a common sponsor) - hence, it is not fully clear if they are still part of the plans.

Xmas's picture

Utter nonsense to me. The qualification to Bilbao is good though.

Henrik Franklin Svendsen's picture

It could be interesting, to watch a game between Bobby Fischer, and Magnus Carlsen.
They have both being wonderchilds.

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