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[lang_nl]Eerste filmpje uit Linares![/lang_nl][lang_en]First video from Linares![/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Zoals al aangekondigd, heeft het Chessvibes-team in Linares een verslaggever die filmmateriaal voor ons gaat verzorgen! Macauley Peterson doet er dingen voor ICC en Chess Life en heeft de Chessvibes-camera bij zich om mooie dingen voor ons te maken. Hij is duidelijk meer ingewijd in de filmwereld dus ik kijk uit naar zijn werk. Vandaag kunnen we al het eerste filmpje uit Linares presenteren, met beelden van het begin van de ronde. GM's/IM's, in order of appearance: Topalov, Leko, Carlsen, Ivanchuk, Morozevich, Aronian, Anand, Svidler, Danailov, Motylev, Kasimdzhanov.[/lang_nl][lang_en]As announced, the Chessvibes team has a reporter in Linares to get us some video material. Macauley Peterson is working there for ICC and Chess Life. He's clearly more into the film world than the rest of us so I'm looking forward to his efforts. Macauley took the Chessvibes camera with him and brings us images from Friday's 8th round. GMs/IMs, in order of appearance: Topalov, Leko, Carlsen, Ivanchuk, Morozevich, Aronian, Anand, Svidler, Danailov, Motylev, Kasimdzhanov.[/lang_en]


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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


Alberto's picture

Te Gek. Leuke plaat man.

Keep em coming !

kiryakleiv's picture

great as ever! thank you guys

Cerberos's picture

Great job! I was wondering what Anand and Topalov were argueing about.

edlrr's picture

Disgusting noise

Neffi's picture

Thanks for the video, and not to sound unappreciative, but I really could do without the music.

Niels van der Mark's picture

on my pc I can turn the sound down if I wish to ;-)

Nas's picture

hey guys great vid!!!! music also good :)

Majnu's picture

Hahaha :-) Nice video and good music!

beckett 74's picture

nice video, nice footage, and the soundtrack was a joke, right? Or was it?

tigre's picture

I liked it! Good stuff. Thank god for the internet :-)

Luchito's picture

I loved it!! The soundtrack made it very lively.

Dennis's picture

Please go back to the old style videos. If I want music and jump-cuts, I'll watch TV. Two things made the live videos fun: getting a feel for the atmosphere in the playing hall, and then learning something from the post-mortems. This offered neither.

luiez's picture

We want analysis (just like in corus).


paralex's picture

That was fantastic!!

Can't wait for the post mortems.

In response to the nay sayers. 1. We don't get chess on T.V. here (Australia)
2. My P.C. also has a volume control funny that.

Pal's picture

Without a proper poll, there will always be "nay sayers". People are simply voicing their opinion in hopes that future presentations will suit taste. Who is to say they will get what they want?

I agree the photography was well done (someone said "setting the mood"). However, I did not care for the music either. I like to hear the ambient noise, since I've never been to a super-gm tournement.

Also, does anyone yet know what Anand and Topa were arguing about? Was it during the game? I do not believe I've ever seen a post-mortem with Topa (no friends?), so maybe that's all Anand gets, is a discussion at the board, not in back room...


andrei's picture

good job - very nice video and music !!!

I agree with luiez: we definitely want analysis - just like in corus !!!

sr71's picture

WOW, more, let's have more.

Rinzou's picture

Hi great video! And the music was also great; but then I'm a big fan of Steppenwolf.

DD's picture

Is it my imagination or have videos improved in quality? They load very fast too.

Thanks and good job Chessvibes!!

The music isn't bad - don't understand why the knock, isn't analysis, isn't interview, just a brief clip of the tournament site in general. I especially liked the scene with the rows upon rows of olive trees talked about in Chessbase of Linares. Nice to see what the countryside looks like.

peter's picture

[lang_nl]Voor iedereen die wacht op de 'persconferenties': hoe de spelers hun partij uitlegden met een demonstratiebord bij Corus, is vrij uniek. In Linares kunnen we waarschijnlijk niet voor zulke filmpjes zorgen maar we zullen in de toekomst zeker proberen spelers en toernooiorganisatoren ertoe aan te zetten![/lang_nl][lang_en]For all who are waiting for 'press conferences': the way de players showed their games with a demo board is quite unique for Corus. We probably won't be able to do videos like these. But we will certainly try to encourage players and organizers in the future![/lang_en]

Begemot's picture

Great video! 10x :)

thegreatbakker's picture

Great video, and good music! Let the knights dance....

Thursday Next's picture

Nice stuff, maybe the music should change, depending on the best game. So if Moro wins, we could listen to some russian music, if Anand dores, some music from India - but what kind of music do they play in Norway?

Keep it running!

Mark Crowther's picture

I really loved it. I guess if it was to Wham! or something I really destest then would have had a problem but it was to magic carpet ride, what's not to like?

Post mortems even at Wijk tend to be down to the mood of the players, it would also depend what kind of access Macauley had to any players areas. The Wijk press conferences were instituted when I think it might have been Timman complained that the journalists were getting all his games wrong so they said you should come and explain.

At the end Anand and Topalov were clearly having a post-mortem discussion on stage, it wasn't that long a game anyhow.

Very nice footage of stuff you'd actually want to see within the confines of what you can actually do whilst they're playing. Obviously it would be nice to get a time scramble but I think that might not even be possible.

Paul's picture

Come on! Everyone there want to ride a magic carpet! All is great.. more videos. :-)

Ernest Tomlinson's picture

Yuck. The only difference between this and half of the "music videos" on YouTube is that the video clips happen to be taken from Linares footage and not from the creator's favourite Japanese cartoon.

I want to hear the sounds of the tournament, as others have noted, not a damn remix of one of the most overplayed songs in classic rock.

Mduchamp's picture

Great work, really enjoyed both image and sound. Especially like shots of moving pieces one after the other and the post mortem Anand - Topalov. Nice to just get the scene, the faces and some of excitement of top level chess. Keep 'em coming.
Post mortem's especially useful.

Brian Sinclair's picture

Great video guys!
Cool to see the super gm's at the was fine!
More to come we hope!

Josef Rater's picture

Very nice!

Good Luck Magnus

More to come hope!

Spiros Ilandzis's picture

Nice shots, nice music!


Athens, Greece

Sarah's picture

This is very extiting!!!

Frank's picture

Wat een teringmuziek

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