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New: YEARBOOK 100 with lots of extras!

Yearbook 100 has arrived! In this unique Anniversary issue of The Chess Player's Guide to Opening News with 56 extra pages you will find a wide range of high-voltage extras:

  • Garry Kasparov: the final word on the Zaitsev Variation of the Ruy Lopez
  • Vasily Ivanchuk on the Sämisch Variation of the King's Indian
  • Women's World Champion Hou Yifan on the Burn Variation in the French
  • IPCA World Champion Andrey Obodchuk: a new concept in the Accelerated Dragon
  • Senior World Champion Anatoly Vaisser: the Rubinstein Variation of the Nimzo-Indian
  • Yearbook reviewer Glenn Flear: the 20 best chess opening books
  • the Anniversary Quiz with sizzling prizes
  • a special Survey by René Olthof on the deepest opening novelties ever
  • John van der Wiel on the love of his life: the Scotch
  • and more ...

Please, have a look at the full contents of Yearbook 100

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