Gawain Jones | October 27, 2011 22:28

Corsica – Rounds Seven and Eight

I was too exhausted to update after my round seven game. Black against Tal Baron, another young IM who has a rating above 2500. I expected him to play 1.e4 but he surprised me with 1.d4 when I decided to repeat the Dutch. He played the 2.Nc3 sideline but didn’t play the most critical move order and I equalised comfortably. I tried to make it interesting and sacrificed a pawn for the initiative. Unfortunately I had spent too much time and didn’t have enough left to work out the complications properly. I missed a very promising variation and then, continuing to play for the win, my position deteriorated. He found a very strong riposte and I was probably lost. However he then missed something and had to take perpetual. A very interesting game anyway, even if not perfect.

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Today I had White against the experienced Russian GM and former European Champion, Pavel Tregubov. I probably had a slight advantage out of the opening thanks to my preparation but was then stuck for a plan. I had a long think and came up with a committal idea but he defended well. In avoiding repetition my position became a little worse and I had to defend accurately to hold the draw.

Tomorrow the final round is at 10am. I probably need at least a draw to qualify for the knockout. Pairings have just been published; I’ve got White against Ivan Cheparinov, the Bulgarian GM famous for seconding Veselin Topalov.

For Updates from Rounds 1,2,3,4,5,6 please check out

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