Gawain Jones | November 01, 2011 23:25

Game of the Month: November 2011

Lots of interesting chess this month so it was a tough decision what to examine. I considered a game of Kramnik’s as he has had some good results recently and is 2800 on the list published yesterday. However in the end I decided to examine this game between two players who always produce exciting encounters. Alexei Shirov is a Grandmaster from Latvia who now plays for Spain. He has inherited the playng style of former World Champion, Mikhail Tal, also from Riga. It can best be summed up in the title of his best games’ collection: Fire on Board. Alexander Morozevich is a Russian Grandmaster who is famous for his creativity, often playing offbeat openings to try and create as complex a position as possible. Both players are crowd favourites and indeed when I was growing up I tried to emulate Morozevich’s style as much as possible. These days, though, I’m trying to be a bit more of a universal player. After lengthy inactivity since falling from number two in the world to below 2700, Morozevich has just returned to the top ten scoring some great results. Both players strive for the initiative at all costs (in someways rather similar to my own games against Simon Williams!) and thus the games are always fascinating.

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Thumbs up for choosing fighting draw (and what a draw!) instead of one of so called `resultative` games =)

PS Shirov`s games in Saratov were really full of the fire on the board (this being very representative example) , but by some strange irony he drew all of them , 11 out of 11 !?

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A fantastic game in all phases. Thanks!

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