Dejan Bojkov | December 13, 2011 11:56

Chenyi in Brazil

My youngest student Chenyi Zhao from USA has just completed her first World Championship in Brazil. Chenyi does not yet know what the word draw means (which is great), and the finished on (+6-3) score, and tied for the sixth place at the under 8 age group. It is not bad at all for a first appearance on such a chess forum, and I hope that better performances are waiting for her.

I consider the following game her best effort from the event, as it was not decided by any huge blunder. Chenyi simply outplayed her opponent in the positional maneuvering:

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Author: Dejan Bojkov

Dejan Bojkov is a Bulgarian chess player and grandmaster.



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wow- she is an amazing talent! Best of luck to her, and congratulations to you- you must be a good teacher.

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A quick question, since you were a girl's coach at the Worlds. Is FIDE at all considering joining the boys' and girls' events, at least for the U-8? The rating gap at the top is very small at that young age, despite the much larger population of boy chess players. For example, a search in the FIDE ratings database shows #3 and #5 on the list of top players born in 2004 are female. It's less balanced for 2003's but still there are 4 girls in the top 15. The trend continues as you'd expect, but I think we'd be much more likely to get a few Judit Polgar's and Hou Yifan's if this gender segregation at the Worlds ended.

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