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New & full of opening novelties: Yearbook 101

Yearbook 101 has arrived! In this issue of The Chess Player's Guide to Opening News you will find answers to urgent questions like:

- How did Judit Polgar shoot a hole in the Berlin Wall?
- Should Kasparov have trusted Van der Wiel’s advice on the Scotch?
- Has Carlsen defused 7.cd5 in the Blackburne Queen’s Gambit Declined?
- Is Gelfand’s 9...Nbd7 pawn sac in the Moscow Slav bluff poker?
- What is the ‘Neo-Improved Stratagem’ in the Najdorf Sicilian?
- How did Ivanchuk turn Radjabov’s King’s Indian into a fiasco?
- Does Karjakin’s 9...Bd7 still hold up in the Chebanenko Slav?
- And much more...

Please, have a look at the full contents of Yearbook 101

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