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Kramnik: Magnus is best, New In Chess 2012/1

Kramnik on his rivals
Vladimir Kramnik candidly reviews the super league of players in New In Chess 2012/1: Carlsen, Aronian, Anand and himself. "Magnus is now the best, but the margin is not as big as the rating shows."

Happy Nakamura
Hikaru Nakamura with his little-known second Kris Littlejohn, glad to having freed himself from the 800-pound gorilla on his back: "With Garry I was never really on the same page."

An outstanding win
Behind the scenes in London: the massacre of the English, the strongest amateur in the world on drawing Aronian, Naka on beating the world champ, and of course, Kramnik annotates his winning play.

Unravelling a mystery
We bet you never saw the 1972 film that starred Viktor Kortchnoi in a leading role, playing .... himself. Mihail Marin unravels the mystery behind the brilliant attacking game in the final scenes.

Twice the fun
Andrey Volokitin annotates the games that won him € 20,000 and a motorbike in San Sebastian, where players had twice the fun.

A complex cocktail
Of all the World Champions, Petrosian is perhaps the most underrated. Genna Sosonko wrote a fascinating portrait, of the complex cocktail called Tigran Vartanovich, full of colourful anecdotes to correct that image.


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