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NEW: Yearbook 103 - Full of opening novelties

Yearbook 103 has arrived! In this issue of The Chess Player's Guide to Opening News you will find answers to urgent questions like:

  • What is Magnus Carlsen’s general opening philosophy these days?
  • Where did Judit Polgar go wrong in her Taimanov Sicilian against Hou Yifan?
  • Where does Levon Aronian get his most amazing novelties?
  • Why is 6...Qd7 a better move than 6...Qd6 in the Tarrasch French?
  • What were the best ten novelties from the European Championship in Plovdiv?
  • How does Sergey Tiviakov make Najdorf fans play a Dragon?
  • and more ...

Please, have a look at the full contents of Yearbook 103!

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