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Magnus Carlsen, the brand: New In Chess 2012/5

New In Chess 2012/5 is a must-have issue for lots of reasons:

  • Exclusive annotations by Carlsen, Kramnik, Morozevich, Caruana, Radjabov and many others
  • Magnus Carlsen, the brand: his manager speaks out
  • Sizzling chess in Russia: Tal Memorial and speed bonanza
  • Luke McShane on intuition in chess
  • New SOS: deviate at move 6 in the French Tarrasch!
  • Nigel Short: "I got paid, which is not something ..."
  • Mihail Marin: how Larsen used a toy to kill a giant
  • Mastering the Grünfeld, by Peter Svidler
  • Hans Ree: in memoriam Dick van Geet (the man of 1.Nc3!)
  • Jan Timman on Carlsen's opening repertoire

And much more. Please have a look at the full contents of this collector's issue.

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