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Parimarjan Negi wins D.C. International

Parimarjan Negi (photo Wikipedia) of India won the D.C. International held June 27th-July 1st, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia (USA). The tournament was a 9-round Swiss and Negi finished on 7.5/9, half a point more than IM Bindi Cheng.


D.C. International 2013 | Final standings (top 30)

# Name Rtng St Tot
1 GM Parimarjan Negi 2634 IND 7.5
2 IM Bindi Cheng 2406 CAN 7.0
3 GM Conrad Holt 2531 KS 6.5
4 FM Adarsh Jayakumar 2340 IL 6.5
5 GM Gregory Kaidanov 2577 KY 6.0
6 GM Magesh C Panchanathan 2570 IND 6.0
7 IM Leonid Gerzhoy 2469 CAN 6.0
8 IM Daniel Fernandez 2396 TX 6.0
9 IM Max Cornejo 2395 PER 6.0
10 FM Yian Liou 2385 CA 6.0
11 FM Michael H Bodek 2339 NY 6.0
12 FM Atulya Shetty 2320 MI 6.0
13 Mario Alexis Arias 2130 PER 6.0
14 IM Justin Sarkar 2455 NY 5.5
15 IM Tegshsuren Enkhbat 2426 MD 5.5
16 IM Farai Mandizha 2390 ZIM 5.5
17 Adithya Balasubramanian 2298 IND 5.5
18 Sean Vibbert 2255 IN 5.5
19 Thomas Ulrich 2225 WI 5.5
20 IM Vitaly Neimer 2420 ISR 5.0
21 Raven M Sturt 2279 NY 5.0
22 Kevin Mo 2273 PA 5.0
23 Christopher Gu 2264 RI 5.0
24 Deepak Aaron 2252 NY 5.0
25 FM Leif A Pressman 2240 NY 5.0
26 FM Ali Morshedi 2227 CA 5.0
27 FM Cameron Wheeler 2215 CA 5.0
28 Andrew Samuelson 2207 VA 5.0
29 Akshay Malhotra 1944 TX 5.0
30 Nasir Akylbekov 2320 KGZ 4.5

Full standings here

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RS's picture

Does anyone know how much was the winning prize money? Sometimes i wonder if the middle tier GMs make enough......

Chess Fan's picture

RS, unless you are in the top ten, it is very difficult to sustain yourself purely by playing chess, unless you are supported by the state (country) in some way. Most middle-tier GMs have some other professions. Even top-tier GMs like Grischuk support themselves by playing poker to get more money.

RS's picture

"Grischuk support themselves by playing poker to get more money."

Really?? Its hard to believe and somewhat depressing.....

Chess Fan's picture

I do not think that the top prize both here and in Edmonton International (where you asked the same question) is more than $2500 (maybe between $1000 and $2500).

Kprakash's picture

prize money was $2000.

Anonymous's picture

$2,000 ? That's depressing. Would hardly cover travel expenses if you were coming from overseas.

Anonymous's picture

The prize money is small because the DC International serves to be more of a prelude to the World Open which is one of the biggest money events in the US.

Anonymous's picture

Government and Private sector sponsorships and jobs are important. India does that, for all sportsperson, but still....

sundararajan ganesan's picture

parimarjan, adarsh, deepak, justin sarkar, aditya, magesh, akshay ........ i am happy and proud to see so many indians in the tournament!

Anonymous's picture

Looking at the playing field it would be surprising if he didn't win it.

Saji Soman's picture

Both private and govt. sponsorship and good marketing is need of the hour for the development of chess in India.

Anonymous's picture

Yawn.... Handled up a bunch of weakies and only managed to win by 0.5...

Not impressed.

Anonymous's picture

anand will WIN!!!

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