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101 Checkmates in films

101 Checkmates in films

Here's a nice video which we came across at Alexandra Kosteniuk's blog. It's a montage of 101 checkmates in film and television and quite enjoyable to watch!

According to the info given below the video at YouTube, the following films are featured, in order of appearance:

The Luzhin Defence (1), Bicentennial Man, New York (2009), Knights of the South Bronx, Mr. Holland Opus, Wonderful World, Beat the Devil, Anastasia, The Luzhin Defence (2), Charlie Chan at the Olympics, Yentl, House of Frankenstein, Sailor Moon (Ep. 71), Schachnovelle (Brainwashed), Jack the Bear, Criminal Minds (1x2), Friday the 13th - Part 2, The Invisible Boy, Black Knight, Seinfeld (7x1), Psych (2x7), Queen to Play (Joueuse), The Incredible Hulk (3x9), D.C. Sniper, Uncovered, The Three Musketeers (2011), The Other Man, Revolver, Letters From a Killer, Shadowheart, Der schweigende Stern (The Silent Star), Harlem Nights, In Enemy Hands, K-911, Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (Waxworks), Columbo (3x6), Saturn 3, The Great Mouse Detective, Out of Reach, X-Files (5x20), The Crow: Salvation, Star Trek: The Next Generation (3x24), The Whistle Blower, Siren of Atlantis, Fresh, Righteous Kill, Rocky 4, Wuthering Heights (1939), The West Wing (3x14), Seeking Justice, That 70's Show (4x1), Whatever Works, Python, Lost (4x13-14), Harrison Bergeron, Laputa, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, The Black Cat, Cube Zero, Phenomenon, Harum Scarum, Sugar Hill, Numb3rs (4x14), Bobby, Companeros, Leap of Faith, Columbo (2x7), Knock on Any Door, Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story, Ravenous, Flashback, The President's Man, From Paris with Love, Final Move, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1x18), Independence Day, E la nave va, Dirty Dozen - Next Mission, Gargoyles (2x18), Hardware, Who'll Stop The Rain, Headspace, White Water Summer, Waiting For God (2x4), Blazing Saddles, The Simpsons (6x21), Frankenstein: The True Story, Spin City (4x9), Monk (7x2), Bandidas, Seinfeld (3x9), The Contract, An American Werewolf In London, Get Smart (1x22), Time After Time, RoboCop: Prime Directives (Ep. 1), The Left Hand of God, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, Searching for Bobby Fischer, La Diagonale du Fou, Donald in Mathemagic Land

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Chessvibes, c'mon. You should have had Bill Wall present this.

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Checkmate using King+Bishop vs king - chess theory have to be rewritten ?!

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I have not seen the whole video, but at 2:15 the guy actually checkmates with the king already in check!!!
And all the great players in the movies miss mate in 1 :)

Aditya's picture

I have not seen the whole video, but at 2:15 the guy actually checkmates with the king already in check!!!
And all the great players in the movies miss mate in 1 :)

KK's picture

I guess King was misplaced on e1, when it should have been on d1.

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An honorable mention would the memorable seinfeld episode where his brain is playing chess with his p*nis :D

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You should have watched the whole vid before commenting.

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By the way (there was nothing special on the telly last night): right hand corner square = white vs. black: 49-17 (rest undecided). That seems to disprove Tim Krabbé's theory that when people have no idea about chess, they prefer the right hand corner square to be black, but maybe this test isn't purely random.
Today on Chessbase, Edward Winter gives some examples of chess in paper advertisements, with the much 'better' score of 4-4.

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Humphrey Bogart mates twice. So he must be the best.

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Humprhey Bogart is known to have been an enthousiastic chess player.

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I might have had a list of these movies, but not put together showing all these checkmates. Good job. A few of them were really not checkmates and some illegal positions, however (e.g., HAL cheated and announced mate when there was no mate in his sequence of moves).

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Well, the white king is on G1 and if the black knight moves to F3, the square HAL indicated, then it is mate (not checkmate). The problem is that HAL refers to the square as "bishop three," but from black's point of view it is actually bishop six. But then again, he is talking to Frank and from Frank's point of view it is bishop 3. So, is it a mistake on the part of the writers or a foreshadowing of things to come? A subject of much conjecture for movie buffs.

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Who says checkmate? That is an insult to your opponent. But who actually mates except for children and actors?

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If Paulson is right about the number of casual chessplayers in the world then most chess players probably do gleefully announce "checkmate!" while actually delivering the move in the same way they might say "I sunk your battleship!". Tournament players (who would of course never do it) are a minority.

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I miss Blade Runner, featuring the Immortal Game Anderssen - Kieseritsky.

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The highest quality mating attack I've seen on film is the one between Brigitte Helm and Pierre Blanchar in L'atlantide by G.W. Pabst. Unfortunately YouTube only has the beginning of the game, I can't seem to find the rest online:

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