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A Corus of Online Approval

Corus ICC QualifierIn a unique partnership with the Corus Chess Tournament, one of the world's greatest and most famous chess festivals, Internet Chess Club (ICC) will be hosting a special satellite qualifier for one of the last two vacant spots in the 2009 'C' Group.

16 invited players, selected by Corus in consultation with ICC, will fight it out in an online rapid knockout tournament, held on the weekends of November 1st & 2nd and 7th & 8th (starting at 10am Eastern Time each day), with the winner receiving the Corus 'C' Group invite, a round-trip ticket to Wijk aan Zee, Hotel & Breakfast plus $1,300 (1,000 Euro).

And its a true international line-up, with the 16 players spanning the globe and different time zones.  From the USA through Canada to Brazil, Cuba and Venezuela, and from Scotland, England, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Azerbaijan and Russia, to even far away Australia all coming together as one over the internet.

The full field includes: GM Alexander Fier (Brazil), GM Eljtaj Safarli (Azerbaijan), GM Georg Meier (Germany), GM Mark Bluvshtein (Canada), GM Ivan Salgado (Spain), IM Sanan Giri (Russia), GM Eduardo Iturrizaga (Venezuela), IM Manuel Rodriguez (Cuba), IM Sevak Krikor Mekhitarion (Brazil), IM David Smerdon (Australia), IM Ray Robson (USA), FM Anish Giri (Russia), IM Robert Ris (Netherlands), FM Marcos Lamos (Brazil), WGM Dagne Ciuksytev (England) and FM Graham Morrison (Scotland).

And to ensure fair-play for all, at each location and for each match, an independent "proctor" will be in place to oversee the proceedings, many of whom being national chess officials, international arbiters, national arbiters and ICC administrators.

For further information of the tournament and the pairings, click here.

Contact: John Henderson, ICC Director of Marketing
Tel: +44 847-347-9593.

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Ben's picture

What time is 10am Eastern Time in Dutch time?

Dani's picture

What time is 10 am eastern time in Nigeria time

John Henderson's picture

Saturday November 1st ICC time 10:00 AM is Dutch Time 15:00 aka 3:00 PM. The Dutch already went back on normal time last week. But just to confuse you even more, on Sunday November 2nd USA (and therefore ICC) goes from EDT to EST so 10:00 AM ICC time will then be Dutch Time 16:00 aka 4:00 PM.

Janis Nisii's picture

I'd like to know according to what criteria the players have been selected. Probably won't disclose them... But I'm a dreamer so here I am, all ears! :)

arne's picture

Janis... really, you should know better than that! ;-)

John Henderson's picture

Suggest you go talk to Corus. Mainly their picks in consultation with us, as stated in press release. At the same time, you can ask Corus criteria they use for selecting players for A & B Groups also.

Janis Nisii's picture

You seem to enjoy rhetorical questions just like I do! ;)

Well I'm here in a public and independent blog so I was actually asking to Corus mainly. What (else) am I missing here?
I don't need to know the criteria for the A and B groups, but are suggesting they are the same?

Janis Nisii's picture

Oopps, it should read "are you suggesting..." in the above sentence

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