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Again three decisive games in Reggio Emilia, Nakamura leads

Again three decisive games in Reggio Emilia, Nakamura leads

In a direct encounter between the tournament leaders, Hikaru Nakamura beat Vassily Ivanchuk on Saturday in Reggio Emilia to reach 11 points out of 5 games. Alexander Morozevich is in second place after beating his compatriot Nikita Vitiugov while Anish Giri won his first game, against Fabiano Caruana.

Nakamura beats Ivanchuk, with some luck | Photo © Reggio Emilia

Event 54th Torneo di Capodannno |  PGN via TWIC
Dates December 27th-January 6th, 2011
Location Reggio Emilia, Italy
System 6-player double round robin
Players Ivanchuk, Nakamura, Morozevich, Vitiugov, Caruana, Giri
Rate of play 100 minutes for the first moves followed by 50 minutes to finish the game with 30 seconds increment from move 1

Sometimes you just need a bit of luck. Hikaru Nakamura is the sole leader after five rounds in Reggio Emilia after his opponent and co-leader Vassily Ivanchuk outplayed him but then missed the winning move (and then also the drawing move).

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The American tweeted about the game:

Terribly played game by both of us, but great for the fans. This video pretty much sums up how I feel as 2011 ends!

It's really nice to have players tweeting during tournaments as it's such an easy way to get closer to the fans. Anish Giri sent something out too, after his game against Fabiano Caruana:

A victory with Petroff to conclude the year- what can be better! Happy New Year! :)

To lose a game one needs to make at least one mistake, and the more so with White against the Petroff. Somehow things went wrong for Caruana very quickly - like against Ivanchuk, his opening was very unsuccessful.

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Alexander Morozevich is in sole second place after beating his compatriot Nikita Vitiugov. He always kept pressure on his opponent's position and a temporary pawn sac by Vitiugov didn't help either.

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New Year's Day is a rest day for the participants, who will continue their tournament at 15:00 CET on January 2nd.

Reggio Emilia 2011 | Round 5 Standings

No. Name Rtg Score/game Tiebreak Perf
1 Nakamura,H 2758 11.0/5   2982
2 Morozevich,A 2762 10.0/5   2888
3 Ivanchuk,V 2775 8.0/5   2832
4 Giri,A 2714 5.0/5   2680
5 Caruana,F 2727 4.0/5   2603
6 Vitiugov,N 2729 2.0/5   2506

Reggio Emilia 2011 | Round 5 Standings (classical)


Reggio Emilia 2011 | Schedule & results

Round 1 27.12.11 15:00 CET   Round 6 02.01.12 15:00 CET
Ivanchuk ½-½ Giri   Giri - Ivanchuk
Vitiugov 0-1 Nakamura   Nakamura - Vitiugov
Caruana 0-1 Morozevich   Morozevich - Caruana
Round 2 28.12.11 15:00 CET   Round 7 03.01.12 15:00 CET
Giri 0-1 Morozevich   Morozevich - Giri
Nakamura ½-½ Caruana   Caruana - Nakamura
Ivanchuk ½-½ Vitiugov   Vitiugov - Ivanchuk
Round 3 29.12.11 15:00 CET   Round 8 04.01.12 15:00 CET
Vitiugov ½-½ Giri   Giri - Vitiugov
Caruana 0-1 Ivanchuk   Ivanchuk - Caruana
Morozevich ½-½ Nakamura   Nakamura - Morozevich
Round 4 30.12.11 15:00 CET   Round 9 05.01.12 15:00 CET
Giri 0-1 Nakamura   Nakamura - Giri
Ivanchuk 1-0 Morozevich   Morozevich - Ivanchuk
Vitiugov 0-1 Caruana   Caruana - Vitiugov
Round 5 31.12.11 15:00 CET   Round 10 06.01.12 13:00 CET
Caruana 0-1 Giri   Giri - Caruana
Morozevich 1-0 Vitiugov   Vitiugov - Morozevich
Nakamura 1-0 Ivanchuk   Ivanchuk - Nakamura


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Zeblakob's picture

Caruana performance iz 26003 ?? from which planet he came from? :)

Anony's picture

its a typo ofcourse his performance i guess is 2603

mid to the k dizzle's picture

well done by naka. Scary to have to handle that many checks.

bruce b's picture

As usual, all the fans using engines had Naka down as "lost". This seems to be a daily event in Naka's games

noyb's picture

Nice to have a "Tal" for our times in Nakamura. So many players are so cautious, his style is quite refreshing! Since Carlsen plays "like" Karpov, perhaps someday we will see a "Tal-Karpov" World Championship match.

S3's picture

blasphemy. Karpov didn't play superficial chess.

Wallace's picture

Neither does Carlsen, maybe you just understand his play...

TR's picture

Nakamura got lucky? I've heard this narrative often in the last year, but it's specious. He simply found better moves than Ivanchuk in a very unbalanced, difficult position (after move 35). Check with your favorite engine if you don't believe this. He was "lucky" against Anand for much the same reason.

Sure, Nakamura isn't as strong in opening prep as Kramnik, for example, but his approaching 2800 performance isn't due to luck, but superb and consistent tactical vision and execution (plus all the normal attributes for a 2700+ player).

aun1's picture

I'm sure it was part of nakamura's plan to get into a losing position because he knew that ivanchuck would not find the winning moves.

JackSON PEMBERTON's picture

This tournament is a great mix of players and styles. These guys are not afraid of complex positions and it's nice to see Moro climbing up the rating ladder. Nakamura is a true fighter. Giri is a phenomenal talent. Ivanchuk is...well just Ivanchuk. Caruana is improving and can never be discounted. Vitiugov I'm not as familiar with, but am looking forward to seeing how he develops. It's a good time to be a chess fan.

aerodarts's picture

naka is finding out the joys of winning.....and dating!

Daniel's picture

Unlucky Chuchy!

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