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All games drawn in 8th round Bazna

King's TournamentAll games in round 8 of the Kings Tournament in Bazna ended in a draw and so Vassily Ivanchuk kept his one-point lead with two rounds to go. After the round Kamsky discovered that he had missed a beautiful win in his endgame against Nisipeanu.

The 3rd Kings Tournament, a six-player round-robin with Radjabov, Ivanchuk, Shirov, Gelfand, Kamsky and Nisipeaniu, takes place June 14-25 in Bazna, Romania.

Round 8

Tournament leader Ivanchuk easily held a draw with Black against Gelfand. He went for a Hedgehog set-up against the Israeli's English Opening and before Black could finish his development Gelfand already decided to repeat moves, as he had no advantage anymore. A welcome extra semi-restday for Ivanchuk, who is close to tournament victory now.

There's not much to say about Shirov-Radjabov since the players went for a long, theoretical line in the Sveshnikov that almost always ends in a draw at this level, and also this time.

Kamsky started modestly by going for the London System against Nisipeanu, but did manage to outplay his Romanian opponent in the middlegame. His strong play should have been rewarded by a full point, but in an endgame with three pawns against a knight Kamsky missed a beautiful win.

Today is the second and last rest day of the tournament. On Wednesday and Thursday Ivanchuk will defend his lead with White against Kamsky and then with Black against Radjabov. His closest rival, Gelfand, has White against Shirov and then Black against Kamsky.

Games round 8

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Mauricio Valdes's picture

Gelfand and Ivanchuk were not in a fighting spirit......I was expecting this game to be the best in the tournament but it was a quick draw.
Isn´t there a rule against agreed draws before 30 moves?
Can anyone confirm?

vaughn's picture

Yes it is ,but it was draw by repetition wich is allowed.

Castro's picture

Yes, that draw rule sucks!
(Sofia's is even worse, though, because it's formality is "fascism": It takes totally the agreed draw right out of the players hands. But of course the big absurd of both is that both are easily eluded, specially by good players. Sometimes at the price of phoney/bad chess, of course!).

Kamsky let slip another oportunity! :-(
When following the live broadcast, my intuition made me horrified with 51.Kd4??, and I spoted what looked to me like the obvious 51.Kc5!, which I had now the confirmation wins. A pity, after such a nice sacrifice!

Maybe I'm wrong, but before in the game, at move 41, Kamsky also had 41.Rh1, which I think was more promising, putting more presure on Nisipeanu. Can anyone confirm this?

Castro's picture

Well, another 2 posts not showing again... :-(

Peter Doggers's picture

Gee Castro, couldn't you wait a bit longer to actually give us a chance to check the spam filter? Tried to explain this a million times.

Castro's picture

Peter, sorry, but I also explained a million times that these cases are made of no information! The posts simply don't show, not like the case when we get a message like "awayting moderation"! It's different, is it not?

Castro's picture

(The "tricky" detail is that in fact there were realy LOST posts before, with no reason, as I also mentioned before, and I simpatise your crew efforts in avoiding those, but also pls understand that we --- from this side --- can never know which exactely is the case, when a no-message-and-no-post happens, and can only give notice of it to you. Anyway, sorry!)

Peter Doggers's picture

@18.21 No it's not.

Atila's picture

Great analysis of the London system, finally i know the best to way for black! xD

Castro's picture


Why must it be so difficult and painfull? Do you like it that way?

If you answer "No it’s not", why don't you explain?
Does it cost so much saying to us --- ignorants --- how to tell posts awaiting moderation (but completely out of sight and with no message) from simply lost posts?

It was tried once to say that there were no lost posts, but that is wrong. It happened to me, I think, 3 or 4 times. And you yourself said it was a thing you were trying to fix!

If you simply don't know the answer for this, or if there cannot be a way to tell anything when we just don't see nothing after posting, at least you could show some understanding regarding any note we post when that happens. No?

(Interesting would be you answering this. More interesting would be you answering this with a "No." :-) )

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