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Amsterdam: four adjournments, Giri on a roll and a fire alarm

Amsterdam: four adjournments, Giri on a roll and a fire alarm

After a bit of a "slow start", no less than four games have suddenly been adjourned at the Golden Classic in Amsterdam. At the Dutch Championship, Anish Giri is in firm lead with 4.5/5 while at the SPA Open there's a three way tie between GM Tejas Bakre, IM Manuel Bosboom and FM Floris van Assendelft.

Events Golden Classic | PGN
Dutch Ch | PGN
SPA Open | PGN via TWIC
Dates July 14-22, 2012
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
System Golden Classic | 7-player round robin

Dutch Ch | 8-player round robin

SPA Open | Swiss
Players Golden Classic | Ivanchuk, Kamsky, Jobava, Sasikiran, Le Quang Liem, Sutovsky, Muzychuk

Dutch Ch | Giri, I.Sokolov, Smeets, l'Ami, Reinderman, Van Kampen, Ernst, Swinkels

SPA Open | Greenfeld, Haslinger, Pruijssers, Antal, etc.
Rate of play Golden Classic | 40 moves in 2.5 hours + adjourn

Dutch Ch & SPA Open | 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes to finish the game with 30 seconds increment from move 1

Venue of three tournaments: the University of Amsterdam's Universum Sports Centre

Golden Classic

One aspect of tournaments with adjournments is that it's often hard to figure out who's exactly leading, and by what margin. We now also see this in Amsterdam, where five rounds have been played and suddenly no less than four games have been adjourned! Le Quang Liem-Muzychuk and Sutovsky-Sasikiran of round 4, and Sasikiran-Kamsky and Jobava-Le Quang Liem of round 5 are still "hanging", and will be resumed on Saturday.

Golden Classic 2012 | Round 5 standings

Place Name Rating Perf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Pts SB
1 Ivanchuk,Vassily 2769 2904 * ½   ½ 1   1 3.0/4  
2 Kamsky,Gata 2744 2836 ½ *   ½ 1     2.0/3 3.25
3 Muzychuk,Anna 2606 2828     * ½   1 ½ 2.0/3 2.00
4 Sutovsky,Emil 2687 2706 ½ ½ ½ *       1.5/3  
5 Le,Quang Liem 2693 2620 0 0     * 1   1.0/3 1.00
6 Sasikiran,Krishnan 2707 2556     0   0 * 1 1.0/3 0.50
7 Jobava,Baadur 2730 2415 0   ½     0 * 0.5/3  

If we look at the standings, we see that Vassil Ivanchuk, who gave a masterclass on his rest day on Thursday, is in first place with 3/4.

Vassily Ivanchuk, wearing a cap he surely got when scoring one of his many victories at the Capablanca Memorial

The 43-year-old Ukrainian could theoretically be caught by Gata Kamsky and Anna Muzychuk, if they win their adjourned games. Hopefully Le Quang Liem and Krishnan Sasikiran didn't make plans for Friday night yet, because they have two positions two analyze and play out the next morning!

Let's have a look at the positions.

Le Quang Liem-Anna Muzychuk
Golden Classic (03), 2012

PGN string

Black to move (sealed). Here's what the Vietnamese GM said after the game (interview by Tex de Wit, produced by Hicham Boulahfa).

Emil Sutovsky-Krishnan Sasikiran
Golden Classic (03), 2012

PGN string

White to move (sealed). Sutovsky is both organizer and player, and commented on camera (interview by Tex de Wit, produced by Hicham Boulahfa):

Krishnan Sasikiran-Gata Kamsky
Golden Classic (04), 2012

PGN string

White to move (sealed).

Baadur Jobava-Le Quang Liem
Golden Classic (04), 2012

PGN string

White to move (sealed). Here's an interview with both players (interview by Arlette van Weersel, produced by Hicham Boulahfa):

Below we give the games of the third, fourth and fifth round (for the first two rounds see this report). Mind that they were played with the old, longer time control of 2.5 hours for the first 40 moves! Despite this wealth of time, Gata Kamsky and Vassily Ivanchuk disappointed the fans with a 10-move draw in round 4. Afterwards Kamsky, who had offered the draw, said

I could only see a black wall in front of me,

which was obviously related to the way FIDE dealt with the Grand Prix participants, earlier this week. First Kamsky was in, and a day later he was not... Still, we wonder whether Kamsky couldn't just have postponed his game against Chuky? Whatever the circumstances may be (and it's very understandable for Kamsky), a 10-move draw is never good advertising for our sport. Silvio Danailov tweeted about this:

Kamsky saw a black wall today,that's why he offered a draw.The question is,what saw Ivanchuk?There is no excuses,sport is sport.Sofia rules!

Games rounds 3-5

PGN file

Dutch Championship

At the Dutch Championship, top seed Anish Giri has had an excellent start. We know that he defeated his main rival Ivan Sokolov in the first round, and after that he added three more wins and a draw. Here's an interesting fragment from his game in the third round.

PGN string


Dutch Championship 2012 | Round 5 standings



A separate section in the playing hall, with the Dutch Women's Championship in the front, the Dutch men in the middle and the Golden Classic at the back

At the SPA Open only one of the six GMs is in the lead after six rounds. GM Tejas Bakre scored 5/6, just like IM Manuel Bosboom and FM Floris van Assendelft. In our previous report we mentioned a brilliancy by Manuel Bosboom. One of Manuel's good friends is Aran Kohler, who is lower rated but can be just as creative at times. He drew a nice game with a GM in round 4, but could have won very quickly:


PGN string

For our Dutch readers: you can watch an interview with Kohler here.

SPA Open 2012 | Round 6 standings (top 40)

Rank Name Score M/F Rating TPR W-We
1 GM Bakre, Tejas 5.0 M 2482 2557 +0.52
2 IM Bosboom, Manuel 5.0 M 2375 2539 +1.21
3 FM Van Assendelft, Floris 5.0 M 2348 2647 +2.23
4 GM Haslinger, Stewart G 4.5 M 2536 2523 -0.01
5 GM Antal, Gergely 4.5 M 2511 2428 -0.49
6 IM Hungaski, Robert Andrew 4.5 M 2488 2442 -0.23
7 GM Sergeev, Vladimir 4.5 M 2479 2436 -0.17
8 IM Van Oosterom, Chiel 4.5 M 2385 2454 +0.56
9 FM Ten Hertog, Hugo 4.5 M 2349 2422 +0.58
10 GM Greenfeld, Alon 4.0 M 2556 2436 -0.79
11 GM Pruijssers, Roeland 4.0 M 2525 2380 -0.93
12 FM Klein, David 4.0 M 2438 2458 +0.22
13 IM Riemersma, Li 4.0 M 2425 2312 -0.78
14 IM Gullaksen, Eirik 4.0 M 2382 2414 +0.34
15 FM Lammens, Tim 4.0 M 2291 2453 +1.25
16 Plukkel, Sjoerd 4.0 M 2274 2500 +1.75
17 Zult, Daan 4.0 M 2252 2354 +0.76
18 Visser, Henk Jan 4.0 M 2246 2327 +0.66
19 Prieto Aranguren, Alain 4.0 M 2232 2341 +0.88
20 IM Wiersma, Eelke 3.5 M 2375 2322 -0.35
21 FM Bezemer, Arno 3.5 M 2346 2332 -0.05
22 IM Afek, Yochanan 3.5 M 2293 2311 +0.20
23 De Rover, Yong Hoon 3.5 M 2287 2255 -0.23
24 CM Arjun, Bharat 3.5 M 2250 2335 +0.67
25 Hovenga, Alje 3.5 M 2247 2345 +0.77
26 Kuling, Lody 3.5 M 2244 2247 +0.07
27 Vroombout, Enrico 3.5 M 2241 2276 +0.28
28 FM Kohler, Aran 3.5 M 2229 2383 +1.21
29 Timmermans, Mark 3.5 M 2194 2289 +0.81
30 Schroer, Marcel 3.5 M 2088 2363 +2.10
31 FM Schoorl, Rob 3.0 M 2362 2197 -1.31
32 WGM Schneider, Veronika 3.0 F 2331 2111 -1.65
33 Hopman, Pieter 3.0 M 2326 2105 -1.67
34 WIM Padurariu, Ioana-Smaranda 3.0 F 2245 2300 +0.37
35 De Saegher, Chris 3.0 M 2208 2143 -0.56
36 FM Duijker, Rick 3.0 M 2195 2280 +0.60
37 WIM Efroimski, Marsel 3.0 F 2187 2275 +0.63
38 Stork, Ornett 3.0 M 2136 2165 +0.19
39 Gravemaker, Wim Laurens 3.0 M 2066 2213 +1.14
40 Beerdsen, Thomas 3.0 M 2044 2197 +1.19

To finish this report, we should also mention the fire alarm that went off during the round on Wednesday. The whole playing hall, including the participants of the different sections in the open tournament, had to be evacuated. We were told that the cause of the alarm ringing was the door in the sauna elsewhere in the venue, that had been left open for too long...!

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Thomas's picture

I doubt that Sasikiran will spend much time analyzing his adjourned game against Kamsky, or that he will even resume it - according to engines he is just dead-lost. BTW it seems that 41.-Nc3 was Kamsky's "sealed move" played out openly at the board. That's what the tournament homepage says, and this was my impression watching the live video. Some psychology by Kamsky? "Don't even dream about saving this game! ..."

bronkenstein's picture

Speaking of psychology, Kamsky didn´t do anything unusual - for the old adjournment procedure that is (and he definitely has much more experience with it than young LQL).

Namely, back in the old days , ´sealing´ the winning move in totally winning position - and playing it publicly - was suggestion to the opponent that he should immediately resign (or do it by phone, after brief analysis confirming the inevitable - because you don´t have the last hope that ´maybe he didnt seal the right one...´) , simply sparing both players the effort to get up early on the ´adjournment´ day.

Marcel's picture

Correction: there was a firealarm for a few seconds indeed, but no evacuation. And it surely caused some rumour though...

Marcel's picture

Correction: there was a firealarm for a few seconds indeed, but no evacuation. And it surely caused some rumour though...

Marcel's picture

sorry 4 the double post... (eager to post haha)

Marcel's picture

rumour - > noise, of course.

MW's picture

A "Cuba" hat and a suit. Gotta love Chucky.

willem's picture

Actually, Marcel, the playing hall was evacuated on wednesday. However, I've heard that there was another firealarm on friday, and I can imagine everybody just ignored that.

However, there is one inaccuracy in the report as far as I know. It wasn't Muzychuk who sealed a move against LQL but the other way around. However, as it was such an obvious move (Rd4-d2, the only move to save the pawn) LQL executed the move on the board as well.

william lombardy's picture

Nice looking tournament events. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing some fine games! Regards, WJL

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