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Anand stranded due to volcanic ash, asks for 3-day match postponement

ashViswanathan Anand and the All India Chess Federation have requested a 3-day postponement of the World Championship match, which is scheduled to start Friday, April 23rd. Due to the volcanic ash from Iceland, which has closed most of Europe's airspace, Viswanathan Anand is stuck in Frankfurt at the moment, as reported by Chessbase.

Ash plume from Eyjafjallajökull Volcano over the North Atlantic | Photo courtesy of NASA/GSFC

Millions of travellers are stranded in locations all over Europa as the ash of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland continues to erupt. One of them is World Champion Viswanathan Anand, on his way to Sofia, Bulgaria, where he's due to play the World Championship match against Veselin Topalov. The opening ceremony is scheduled for next Wednesday, and the first game next Friday. However, it's highly unclear whether Anand is going to make it in time. Chessbase reports:

Last Thursday World Champion Vishy Anand took a flight from his home in Madrid, Spain, to Sofia, Bulgaria. He and wife Aruna had a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany, with an ongoing flight to Sofia the next day. No sooner had they landed in Frankfurt, however, than word went out that all further flights in and out of that airport were cancelled.

The All India Chess Federation (AICF) has requested FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov to intervene and postpone the match at least three days, to allow time for Anand to reach the venue. The official documents were posted at the AICF's website:

Anand Official Quote
"In view of the extreme force majeure situation we are facing, it has become difficult and near impossible to travel in Europe. We are working with the FIDE supervisor to see how we can travel at the earliest. Given these circumstances it has been agreed, keeping in mind Vishy's arrival in Sofia the schedule could be moved accordingly. We wouldnt want to speculate on rumours at this point and will try and arrive at the earliest", said Aruna Anand, wife and manager of the world champion Viswanathan Anand.

Anand Legal Notice


All the concerned parties
Sub: Notice of Force Majeure Condition.

We were due to arrive at _13.05 on 16th April by Lufthansa LH 3484 from Frankfurt to Sofia. We were in transit from Madrid. Unfortunately from 16th April all flights have been cancelled as is the case in most European countries due to the volcanic eruption. Therefore due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to reach Sofia as scheduled on 16th April, 2010.

We are in close consultations with Lufthansa and if the airspace in Germany does open we will fly to Sofia.

Meanwhile have been checking on alternatives of going to airports that are reachable by train. However, trains are overbooked and further the Airports seem to be shutting down. Rebooking on flights seem very difficult and we have used considerable influence in getting ourselves rebooked at the earliest.

Trains to Sofia would take about 28 hours to reach and I would not be in a mental state to play immediately after travelling such distance. Further to play immediately would be unfair and unjust due to the fatigue given that the opponent has arrived a few weeks back. Under these circumstances the contest would not be equal and fair.

This letter may be treated as notice under clause 11(2) of the Agreement of intimation of Force Majeure condition. I will immediately intimate you on finalizing an alternate arrangement to reach Sofia.

In this current scenario I request you to postpone the First round by three days


Yours faithfully,

Viswanathan Anand


His Highness Kirsan ILYUMZHINOV
FIDE President:

Sub : - Request for postponement of the first round World Championship match between Grandmaster Vishy Anand and Grandmater Topalov of Bulgaria

Greetings from the All India Chess Federation. We write to seek your kind intervention in postponing the Match between Grandmaster Vishy Anand and Grandmaster Topalov by at least three days. As you are aware, the Volcanic Ashes across Europe has rendered many passengers sulking in various Airports across the Globe, more particularly in and around Europe. Anand and his team could not reach Sofia on 16th as planned and are in transit & held up at Frankfurt. I understand that they are frantically trying to reach Sofia as early as possible so that the schedule is not disturbed. However, this being an important match it will only be fare to Anand that he is not made to play the first round amidst such tension. He needs atleast three to four days of acclimatization before he starts his defense of his title. I understand that Anand has already appealed to the authorities as per the Rules Governing this historic Match.

I am sure you will see reason and take a proper and just decision in the matter and help to bring in equal playing conditions to the player. We await your immediate action and response in the issue.

With kind regards

All India Chess Federation

The eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland has caused massive disruption to air traffic across Northern Europe. After a milder eruption on March 20 this year, a much stronger eruption started on April 14. This time it was from the top crater in the centre of the glacier, causing meltwater floods to rush down the nearby rivers, and requiring 800 people to be evacuated.

Dangerous Beauty by Iriya

This second eruption threw volcanic ash several kilometres up in the atmosphere which led to air travel disruptions in northwest Europe starting on April 15th 2010, including the closure of airspace over most of Europe.

Image courtesy of the CIMSS Satellite Blog

Yours truly has a flight next Wednesday to Sofia, which will probably be cancelled as well. I'm looking into alternative ways to reach the Bulgarian capital, but at the moment the best seems to keep fingers crossed and wait until flights resume.


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bolsky's picture

wew!! Only thing I can say, its a psychological tactics again, first toiletgate (unfortunately did work well), second volcano (a possibility to get a point!), next I maybe tsunami!!! ( i dun know yet)

Estragon's picture

Obviously, some people simply have no conception of what is going on. It's not so easy just to hire a car when hundreds of thousands of people are stranded - there are but so many cars, buses, limos available. Neither does normal train service amenities have anything to do with it, unless you think the World Champ should travel for two days on a crowded coach before playing a match for his title.

No one has yet mentioned how easy it would be for Anand just to hire a hot air balloon and float to Sofia . . .

Barca's picture

FC Barcelona face a similar problem:

I wonder what's more demanding, to play a futbol match after a long bus ride or to play a chess game after a long bus ride....

Rob Brown's picture

To those of you who are in state of high dudgeon over this "issue," get a grip. Given the transportation turmoil in Europe at present, Anand's request is perfectly reasonable. A three day postponement would grant no advantage to either combatant. There is a good chance that they would welcome 3 days of additional preparation for the match.

Harish Srinivasan's picture

I just got to know that there could be possibly visa problems for road travel as it involves passing through few other countries from Germany to Bulgaria. And issuing these visas take time. But the good news is that Anand is currently traveling to Sofia. (it is not clear how, but he is )

mishanp's picture

I agree with all the other points... but with the postponement of the Fischer match it's just a case of Chessdom having given a garbled account of that interview. Sergiev added no match had been postponed "because one team couldn't get there on time". More from Sergiev here: and

Guillaume's picture

Fantastic first move by Anand! Apparently, the best way to expose a crook is to give him an opportunity to behave like one. Danailov had this one chance to play it high-and-mighty and accept to delay the match by a few days (which, given the circumstances would be perfectly legitimate), but of course the temptation was too strong, and his slander habits too deep rooted. Topalov is probably dreaming again of winning a game (and the match) without playing at all.

Sherman's picture

@?Guillaume: Perhaps this first move you appreciate it as fantastic. I would prefer the first move of Anand to be on the board. Given that all Anand's requests were met organizers, including the postponement of the match with 16 days for Anand's mimic participation in Amber. I'm afraid now that the first move could backfire. And if FIDE and the organizers, and opponents agree to postpone the match in 3 days, the next wish Anand is unlikely to be met so friendly not only the organizers but also lovers of chess.

gazpacho's picture

I don't perceive Anand as the kind of person to play tricks. The air travel chaos in Europe must have been a real bummer for him. Imagine traveling to your the WC match and getting stuck with tens of thousands of people in Frankfurt, all frantically looking for other means of transportations. Anand was lucky to find a hotel room, for God's sake.
The Bulgarians should be magnanimous, knowing that this has already upset Anand's mental preparation and peace quite a bit.

Guillaume's picture

Sherman, calling it a fantastic first move was a joke. The move was forced. It is called Force Majeure. Many sporting events have been canceled or postponed due to the volcanic ash cloud. Even the Japanese MotoGP which was supposed to be held next week-end got postponed. The cloud doesn't reach that far, and yet it has international consequences. I wouldn't be surprised if this World Chess Championship was the only international event for which one of the parties involved flat out refused a postponement.

SXL's picture

"Topalov had to travel, too."

No comparison. Topalov has been at a resort in Bulgaria, preparing for the match, and has been in-country for a long time.

Anand, quite understandably, has been where he is comfortable preparing, in Spain. While being able to see incredibly far ahead, as he is known as the world's fastest brain, he did not foresee the across-the-continent aviation ban in Europe.

Tony's picture

Typical... Seems that in their statement they insult Anand and his team on about every level possible:
We think he is here already and that this is some sort of trick... hmm right!
It is entirely normal to have an advanced party setup the rooms and make sure there are no unforseen problems. Anand has enough to worry about with out the mental strain of dealing with added delays due to room issues.

Saying that Topalov made it considering he has been in town for the last few weeks with family and friends is not the same thing.

A world championship has never been delayed. The event is not officially started yet and FIDE has delayed or resecheduled plenty of events!

If Anand drives a car across Europe to this event he deserves extra days to deal with the stress this involves.

Topalov's team should be very careful: If they refuse the delay this can be considered a breach of contract . Here is the WIKI part that would apply if brought up in international court.
Considering the chaos that occured in Europe I dont see Anand having a difficult time proving his point.
The understanding of force majeure in French law is similar to that of international law and vis major as defined above. For a defendant to invoke force majeure in French law, the event proposed as force majeure must pass three tests:
The defendant must have nothing to do with the event's happening.
Unpredictability If the event could be foreseen, the defendant is obligated to have prepared for it.[3] Being unprepared for a foreseeable event leaves the defendant culpable. This standard is very strictly applied:
CE 9 April 1962, "Chais d’Armagnac": The Conseil d'Etat adjudged that, since a flood had occurred 69 years before that which caused the damage at issue, the latter flood was predictable.
Administrative tribunal of Grenoble, 19 June 1974, "Dame Bosvy": An avalanche was judged to be predictable since it had an antecedent of half a century past.
The consequences of the event must have been unpreventable.
Other events that are candidates for force majeure in French law are hurricanes and earthquakes. Force majeure is a cause of relief from responsibility that is applicable throughout French law.

Sherman's picture

Just in this case no reason to postpone match. Because:
1. Bulgaria is not so far from Germany.
2. Anand was in Germany since 16th April.
3. All wishes of Anand's team were agreeded and fulfilled by the organizers and other side.
4. The match was postpone once with 16 days at the request of Anand by reason of Anand's participation in Amber. Anand didn't participate in Monaco.
5. The letter of AICF is nonsence. They would be more care about finding transport than writing letters.
6. This is just attempt to rise in psychological stress opponent before the match.
7. If Anand leaving for Sofia just right now, he will be there on the noon of Tuesday and will have more than 3 days for rest.
8. It's no fair to Topalov's team to postpone the match.
9. When you go to get at least 800 000 euro, you will find way to be there on time.

Aaro's picture

Isn't Topalov living in Spain? He had to travel too...

Besides Kramnik gave also a w.o. to Toppy and still won. So it shouldn't be any problem to Anand to miss a couple of the first games :-)

Peter Doggers's picture

Everyone who thinks there's no reason for a postponement seems to be missing a vital point: this is absolute top sport, with months of physical and mental preparation and extreme forms of stress. Even the worrying about travel plans already has a big impact on Anand's mental state, which shouldn't be the case - both players should enter the match with only the match to think about.

Any sports organization would agree that to ensure fair play and equal conditions for all parties, a postponement is in place. However, not all organizations are in the position to actually postpone. E.g. the UEFA couldn't change it's schedule, because of the immense consequences (playing schedule national leagues, TV sponsor contracts, etc.). But there are other examples of sports events which have been postponed or changed.

In the case of this World Championship match the situation is crystal clear: the only party that's damaged by a postponement is the local organizers who have to reschedule things and pay a few extra bills for the venue and hotels (costs which could be paid by FIDE.) That's quite a thing, but well, the volcano is too. The statement of Bulgarian Chess Federation President Stefan Sergiev lacks all respect (and notion of history): "Anand is looking for excuses and reasons. No World Championship has ever been postponed." Right where the volcano is erupting, on Iceland, in 1972 the match Fischer-Spassky was postponed for a week, to which Spassky agreed. True sportsmanship in a situation where the stress and tension was perhaps even higher.

Sherman's point-by-point argumentation really needs a reaction too.

1. Bulgaria is not so far from Germany. Nonsense. 18.5 hours by car is quite tiresome and one needs more than a day to recover well.
2. Anand was in Germany since 16th April. So what? Not relevant.
3. All wishes of Anand’s team were agreeded and fulfilled by the organizers and other side. So what? Completely irrelevant.
4. The match was postpone once with 16 days at the request of Anand by reason of Anand’s participation in Amber. Anand didn’t participate in Monaco. Also completely irrelevant.
5. The letter of AICF is nonsence. They would be more care about finding transport than writing letters. This is no argument but a mere expression of... well, of what exactly?
6. This is just attempt to rise in psychological stress opponent before the match. This is a personal attack (ad hominem fallacy) and no real argument.
7. If Anand leaving for Sofia just right now, he will be there on the noon of Tuesday and will have more than 3 days for rest. You're missing the whole point. This way he would lose 3 days where perhaps the most important part of match preparation takes place.
8. It’s no fair to Topalov’s team to postpone the match. For Topalov it would matter little: he needs to reset his clock and would have three more days to prepare. It's much more important to create equal situation for both players so the effect on Topalov should weigh much, much less here.
9. When you go to get at least 800 000 euro, you will find way to be there on time. Again missing the point, which I described above.

SXL's picture

1. There are 1390 kilometers between Frankfurt and Sofia, by the best road.
That's quite a trip. I don't know what Sherman considers "not so far" - but it's 865 miles, if you prefer that yardstick.

2. Anand arrived in Frankfurt midday on the 16th. Like all other travelers in delay, time was probably first spent hoping things would sort themselves out on that or the following day. When the realization struck, with a blossoming aviation ban across Europe, while you are supposed to be getting mentally ready to defend your chess crown. Great!

3. You consider alternative transportation. Trains? You change trains four times, they are not corresponding exactly, so you have delays at each interval. A car - great comfort.

But worse than that. You have baggage. You have your computers, your software, your equipment. Maybe you have a carnet - customs clearance papers - but if you don't, you suddenly risk arriving in Sofia without all your preparation.

Having done some travel in luxury buses, I would have considered the option, but maybe the Anand's didn't even think the thought, and at any rate, it's been a free for all for alternative transportation. Frankfurt is Europe's largest hub, there were tens of thousands of people looking for an alternative.

4. And you know that if the wind shifts, you'll be able to fly. But the ban gets extended, and extended.

5. So - on the 17th, the Anands let the organizers know they have trouble flying in, and they also take the necessary protocol steps to ensure against being charged with forfeit.

How do the organizers respond?

With humor? "It appears that the chess legend Bobby Fischer may be collaborating with Icelandic gremlins in conspiring against the coming world chess championship. Vishy Anand, the defender, has been stopped in his tracks by the volcanic eruption, and is stuck in Frankfurt Germany where he was in transit on his way to Sofia.
We are hopeful that our event will start as planned, with match play begining on the 23rd of April. Many wonderful activities have been planned for the opening ceremony, and chess dignitaries and afficionados from around the world were planning to attend these.
But Anand is not the only person affected by the aviation ban across Europe, and if necessary, we will consider postponing the commencement of the match. We hope we will not have to postpone, and are doing what we can to help the Anands make it to Sofia safely and in a state where the defender feels he is fully able to achieve chess excellence."

What did we get instead?

But I do absolutely understand the Sofia organizer's trouble. They have even warned locals that parts of the boulevard next to the venue will be blocked, for VIP access during the opening of the event, and they would dearly like to avoid upsetting these plans. The people who were going to attend have very busy schedules.

But it is possible to communicate with a touch more grace, on behalf of one's organization, and on behalf of chess. And it does speak volumes when the first thing that apparently comes into your mind, during an unprecedented aviation crisis across an entire continent, a crisis which has affected millions of travelers - your first thought is that "Anand is resorting to tricks and excuses."

Mehul Gohil's picture

Mourinho and Inter Milan are taking the bus to Barcelona. That affair dwarfs the world chess championship. I don't see no postponments there. Anand has no excuse. If mourinho is getting on the bus, Anand better do so as well. I am in favour of Topalov bagging the point if Anand fails to show up. It's lack of professionalism on Anand's part to claim a postponment.

cheesfan's picture

A few days before 16 april scientific internet sites hinted possibillity of cancelation of flights over North Europe. Looks like a bit of lack planning.

KK's picture

It is amusing to see almost all Bulgarians (I am assuming that seeing some of the names, pardon me if I am wrong) resorting to "Anand must forfeit" instead of being able to act rationally or even with the slightest degree of fair play. Do you guys feel that the ONLY way Topalov can win is if Anand forfeits a few games?

I see the following: One challenger is NOT at all affected, and as someone said earlier, get a few extra days of preparation in his HOME country. The plans of the other contestant, a foreigner to this land, are completely messed up. Valuable last minute preparations are lost - instead of being able to get in the mood with last minute preparations, Anand is forced to worry about travel plans, stress and FIDE regulations. And Topalov supporters, a camp for whom fairplay is obviously not in their dictionaries, feels it is poor Topa who is being victimized!

Now after Topa is thumped yet again, he will blame it on Anand's schemes and machinations rather than his own mediocre play. And we will have these same supporters using that same baloney instead of a logical argument!

Sherman's picture

Vishi Anand: "We are in close consultations with Lufthansa and if the airspace in Germany does open we will fly to Sofia."

Very respectfull!
If doesn't open, than what, Vishi?

KK's picture

"Very respectfull!
If doesn’t open, than what, Vishi?"

Smear talk is not being respectful, just because you use the word. Guess what, Anand is a person who deserves it, he doesn't whine like some other "champions".

Despite all Kasparov's faults, he never stooped this low, I hope that Topalov never becomes the next world champion (not that his play can be compared to a legend like Kasparov).

Thomas's picture

@Sherman: Just continue reading Anand's legal notice - but selective quoting is quite typical of Chessdom and others supporting Topalov and insulting Anand.

Sherman's picture

@?KK , Tomas, Am I asking You for anything? If you can answer me instead of Vishi then do it. I answer didnt read.

KK's picture

@Sherman, you don't need to ask for response when you post, that is the default. Obviously you didn't think Anand would reply here. Responses to blogs are responded by other bloggers, especially if they do not agree with you.

The answer to your questions are obvious, and some are answered in questions:

1. Where does Anand get any advantage? See my earlier post on why he is at a disadvantage.
2. If Anand can't get to Sofia in time due to no fault of his, then the force majeure clause kicks in. If Sofia organizers do not abide by it, Anand could refuse to play, remain the world champion, and sue the organizers in an international court for breaking their OWN clauses. I am not a lawyer, but I think the contract is binding on the organizers as well as the players.
3. Anand is not a football player who can travel in buses and be mentally and physically prepared. Please do not always compare chess Super GM's with rugby, soccer and club football players.

What is your point anyway? Is it that Topalov can win only if the opponent forfeits more than one game? That is what every defender of topa seems to be implying, not a good sign for the next world champion!

Sherman's picture

@?KK I didnt ask you to ask me and answer instead of me. So Topalov will win and Vishi knows this. I expect everything wanted by Vishi be agreed by hosts. Anand just knows that he is definitely more weak than Topalov. He tryes to upset the match. But when he take a sit on chear behind chessboard, he will loose already. That is my answer not theese which you gave instead of me.

KK's picture


I ask your opinion merely to get an idea of what goes through the mind of a Topalov supporter when he says that Anand must forfeit. But your points are not logical when you say that a "weak" Anand plans to upset the match by getting stuck in airports, worrying about transit visas, buses, sleeping with rugby players, FIDE clauses, etc. You feel that somehow all these distractions will affect Topalov, who is sitting comfortably at home; and Anand, the supposedly weak player, will then start to play strong chess despite all these distractions that are happening only to him? Sorry, I do not get a single logical point about why weak Anand would do all this!

On a similar note: did you forget that Anand lost a LOT of rating just before his Kramnik match? And Kramnik had comprehensively beaten Topalov, and in turn was comprehensively defeated by Anand? So saying Anand is "weak" is being, well, weird!

SXL's picture

Would be pretty silly if yet another Topalov WCC-match had him being spotted unplayed game(s), that's not in Topalov's interest, and he knows it.

antichrist's picture

Time to test...the maximum length of a comment!




He doesn't need to reach Sophia because he's already married


Of course they won't. But they could just play on ICC. You use your machine, I'll use mine.


Yes, when pigs can fly...wait they started flying through the air when Vesuvius's brother erupted


Well if nothing else it proves that Chessdom is a copy and paste job whereas ChessVibes is da shizz. Or the Bulgarians saw another Anand in Sofia


Haha, the Bulgarians are already hallucinating!


Good to hear.


Yes, the Bulgarian Dragon lives in volcanoes! A very important contribution to modern opening theory, especially as it can be unleashed before the game is even played.


Danailov is married with a kid and Topalov has a girlfriend.


True, since Danailov can't create an Immortal Game! If Danailov pleases the Devil enough he just might get immortality

@Michael X Tractor

The match won't die, it will just be postponed until later. It's not over until the fat lady sings, and I haven't even seen a fat lady at the venue yet.

@Deep Mikey

Well absolute power does corrupt absolutely. The sub-terms of reference just didn't cut it.


I thought Fischer had completely lost interest in chess. So much for that theory.

Well Fischer would probably blame the Jews for the eruption


I wouldn't be so pessimistic. At this rate this could be just what chess needs to become as popular as football - a scandal more interesting than the OJ Simpson case


Liberty, Fraternity, Equ...oops wrong country!

Deception, Possimism, Dystopicism! Viva la Bulgarie!


Covering this fascinating case and backing the good guys could get Peter famous as...the chess lawyer! LOL


Bulgarian by any chance?


Hahaha! Classic!

Both players have multiple personalities, identities and locations. Just like good old Frankenstein.

Maybe Peter can write a top-selling horror Gothic novel on the match?

@Ben J

Not really. If you're a celebrity you want to be treated like one. And that means having your cake and eating it.

Maybe Topalov deserves a 3-day postponement for every loss he has? Sounds fair to me.


Absolutely. Maybe I should study at the Bulgarian 'University of 'Copinpaist'. Much easier than getting a real degree.


Easy. Ring him up.

Worst he can do is say no.


You willing to prove that statement? Even if he could, he would be too physically drained to play at his best in the match. It has to be fair, maybe Topalov could do push ups during the match?


Exactly. Maybe Danailov can roll down hills while in wheelie bins during the match to compensate?


Actually I think Anand deserves a second chance. Travelling isn't fun, you know. Especially not to Sofia.


Because he wants Topalov to win?

It's all part of a plan to beat Karpov - threaten another man-made volcanic eruption if Karpov wins


You've hit the nail on the head!

Topalov's opinion on this would be priceless, though.


This is all just a dream. Pinch yourself, wake up and you'll find that the real World Championship match is between Carlsen and Aronian.


Would you like to take his place then? If you're the lawyer I think you are you could have Topalov in a real sweat, forfeiting games left right and centre


There's a solution. Change the match to ChessBoxing, and Anand can hone his boxing skills on the way there at designated stops.

Preferably Kick Boxing so that Toppy will be kicking himself


Or Topalov could go to the Danube and they could play on a river!

Might contribute to chess of the old Romantic times, with piece sacrifices everywhere.


The Volcano scandal is just the beginning. They've yet to unleash the Apocalypse.



On second thoughts maybe you should be Anand's lawyer

@CAL Daniel

No, it's all part of a plan. Trick the Bulgarians with numerous typos.


I know because I was once stuck in an airport for a whole month. Luckily I survived off peanuts, water and whatever I could scavenge during the coup


PVI = Person's Volcanic Intervention? Not to be confused with VIP, which Topalov already is, along with OJ, Ivan and the other crew.


You make me want to play in the Slovenian circuit! Maybe Anand could deliver a simul along the way while Topalov amuses himself for the 3 days?


Actually Obama is the champion of the world. Just ask Bush.


One thing I can confirm is that if Anand has to travel without sleep for a few days the CALtrop coefficient for Anand will be higher in the match. Especially if he has Daniel (Stellwagen) as a surprise second.


It's the sort of political spin that kept Tony Blair in office all those years.

Two can play at Bulgarian Roulette, provided the ref is neutral (i.e. not supporting either Kirsan or Anatoly)

@Jens Kristensen

Good news! There's a chance we'll actually have some moves played on a board!


You don't understand, it's like golf! Whoever scores lowest on the moral ground wins!


It's easy to compare apples to oranges. In the end the chess world is all fruit - even Rybka.

@Bobby Fiske

Sure will. And if we're lucky, Vesuvius will blow the crap out of everyone during the 2012 World Championship match.

Nice way to die: Doing chess while all the sunlight is blocked by the volcanic ash and clouds


If only chess was as simple as football. I'd be a millionaire, if it were so.

Tis not so.


There are a lot of Bobby Fischer's, you know. Could be another one behind all this.

Or maybe all the Tigran Petrosians of the world formed an alliance with Toppy?


Several personae you have - like a real poet!



Wayne's World, Wayne's World, party time, excellent! (guitar solo)


You forgot about the clouds. It would be hard to see where he was going with all that smoke, and the hot air balloon trip wouldn't exactly be a walk in the park.


Definitely a chess match. Just ask Man U.

@Rob Brown

If I were Anand I would have requested for four days just to really get under Danailov's skin


Wouldn't mind a Twitter page of 'where in the world is Vishy Anand'? Having an Anand impersonator on Twitter during Corus was a real hoot, even the real Anand chuckled at the tweets/twits


It's one thing to expose a crook, it's yet another to have them deemed guilty.

And whose the judge anyway? Karpov? Oprah? What about Pete?


I wasn't aware Bulgarian were so skilled in the art of hypocrisy. Until I reviewed Copinpaist, that is.


You're right that it's hard to get a hotel room in Frankfurt. A bit like searching for needles in a haystack.


Great call. These volcanic eruptions could have a greater effect than the GFC. Especially if the collateral damage of the pre-Apocalypse reaches a 9 digit number.


Let's put it this way. If you paid US$90 000 a year to write trash about Anand, Kramnik and all the other chess players, you'd be tempted. Right?

Well in Bulgaria if you're struggling to pay the rent then it sure would be lifechanging.

And I agree, Topalov should have a good team of lawyers. Preferably not from University of Copinpaist.


Are you the black knight from Monty Python? Still searching for that Holy Grail?

Come Patsy!


Somehow I doubt that. A real match has all the games played. This isn't a puppet show, at least not until a fat lady starts singing

@Peter Doggers

Doggers 1 Topalov 0

Now it's Bulgaria's turn to shout although like you implied it'll probably be ad hominem again.


Well stated, but you missed one important detail.

Danailov arranged for the Bulgarian airports to close when Anand arrived in Frankfurt

i.e. it's all a...conspiracy!


A tsunami might not be so effective. Anand's in the middle of Europe, and Topalov is swimming close to the sharks


Although they speak good Bulgarian, they're much more fluent speaking spin! lol


How did you like Copinpaist Uni? Easy degree? My review was in their paper, can't remember which day's paper unfortunately.


Absolutely! I've already prepared for the next eruption by building my own tomb, Egyptian style.

But I didn't let worries kill me, I let the church help


Now that is what is stopping Bulgaria from reaching the top 5 chess countries in the world.


Immoral? Undoubtedly.


Then he'll be on ChessVibes laughing at what those pesky Bulgarians have to say


Clearly not. Kasparov was ahead of everyone else, as shown by that 2851 rating he had. Carlsen will overtake him, true, but that doesn't lessen the importance of the achievement.


Yes, shame on Chessdom! Maybe Chessdystopia would be more appropriate!

There you have it - the longest comment ever to appear on ChessVibes.

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Thanks for the memories?

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@antichrist: Very comprehensive and entertaining response!

@Sherman: You said "I expect everything wanted by Vishi be agreed by hosts". Strange, but the courteous hosts have other ideas:

In this they:
- refuse the 3 day extension.
- magnanimously agree to postpone the press conference!!!
- magnanimously agree to "consider" postponing the first round by one measly day. Anand had asked for 3 days "I request you to postpone the First round by three days". Decision will be given by tomorrow evening. Let Anand stew for some time, while Tops can retain his victim tag.

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Hah, those dis-believers never said in that letter "But we KNOW Anand is already hiding under the bed in his Hilton hotel room"! Ofcourse no airport/immigration arrival records are needed, just the reassuring promise of Mr. Stefan Sergiev, President of the BCF is enough: “We believe Anand’s team is here". Why was that not given by the same Mr Sergiev to FIDE as refusal for postponement?

Here is where I read Mr. Sergiev's statement that Anand is already hiding in Sofia:

And the first link has the letter from the same person but doesn't say mention anything about Anand already hiding in Sofia. Strange are the ways of the BCF and it's minions.

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@antichrist; you read and write with a great energy ... cool.

As I expected; Anand will play with a 'piece handicap' due to all these sicological pressure on him and traveling troubles, besides; he will win.

Remind that Kramnik also played with a piece handicap in Elista and won.


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