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Anand visiting Chile, beats Morovic 2-0

Anand-MorovicOn Sunday Viswanathan Anand defeated Chile's number one player GM Ivan Morovic Fernandez 2-0 in a short exhibition rapid match. The World Champion spends four days in the Latin American country, helping in popularizing the game of chess.

Between April 25 and 28 Anand is visiting Chile, where he's involved in all kinds of activities to spread and popularize the game of chess in the country.

He was invited by the President of the Chess Federation in Chile, Daniel Yarur, who travelled to Spain last year and personally invited Anand. One of the objectives of the federation is to get chess as a course in the schools in Chile.

Today the World Champion gives a lecture and analyses two games from his match against Kramnik, for an audience of 800 chess fans. Yesterday Anand played a two-game exhibition rapid match against the (inactive) Chilean grandmaster Ivan Morovic in Santiago, and won both.

More info (in Spanish, naturalmente) at the website of the Fundaci??n Chilena de Ajedrez.

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Thanks, updated.

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Will the analysis by Anand of the two games he is lecturing on be recorded somewhere? It will be great if chessvibes can bring some excerpts if not the full things to us.

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"On of"

Certainly you mean "One of"

Nice games by Anand.

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