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Andrei Filatov: "Next year we'll do a top tournament" (VIDEO)

Andrei Filatov: "Next year we'll do a top tournament"

Not long after the last game of the Anand-Gelfand World Championship had been played, we spoke with main sponsor Andrei Filatov. What exactly does he do? Was he satisfied about the match? And what about his new plans? Last Thursday, after the tiebreak, we did a brief interview.

In the video below, Filatov says that he intends to support a new event next year, which will be a cooperation between a French and a Russian museum. Apparently the Louvre in Paris has already confirmed to host half of what will be an Alekhine memorial with the world's best players. 

The idea is to have something in a Russian museum and a French museum. As you know the Louvre in Paris has already confirmed its participation and we're thinking of a Russian museum in Saint Petersburg or another famous Russian museum. The general idea is to continue the system of cultural exchanges that are linked to chess championships and tournaments, so that people can see at the same time the beauty of the game and the beauty of the culture of each other's nations. The way it stands now we are planning a classical tournament with the best chess players in the rankings. We're thinking of April next year.

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Szoker's picture

That sounds mighty interesting !


arkan's picture

" a classical tournament with the best chess players in the rankings. "

Now that is an excellent idea, i guess it was also his way of politely saying the WCh match was extremely boring and should never be repeated

Anonymous's picture

No he is not saying anything like that. He is making a point about having chess tourneys unbiased of host country or sponsor company nominations. You are probably working too hard on your interpretations.

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Many organizers want to have the world champion, even if he isn't the current world #1. For example, Tal Memorial regretted (and blamed FIDE for the fact) that they couldn't invite Anand because the revised date is too shortly after the match - and this was after Anand's series of draws in Bilbao, Tal Memorial 2011 and London ... .
Filatov might also (re-)invite his friend Gelfand. And it would make sense if the event has at least one French participant, even if the three candidates are presently just rated ~2700.

Anonymous's picture

arkan, I believe FIDE has already sold the rights to future world championships to the company Agon.

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Let's hope he's (Mr. Filatov) sold on "classical" time control and score card, double round robin etc.

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