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Announcing: T-shirts with chess cartoons by José Diaz!

Announcing: T-shirts with chess cartoons by José Diaz!

The chess cartoons by José Diaz, published here at ChessVibes, are very popular. Therefore we decided to let you upgrade your wardrobe!

From today on you can get T-shirts (and longsleeves!) with cartoons printed on them! We've uploaded a number of different designs which are available on different types of shirts and colors. You can check them out at a URL that's easy to remember:

This will forward you automatically to our shop at Cafepress, an online retailer of stock and user-customized on demand products, headquartered in San Mateo, California, USA. In the shop you can choose your item and it will be produced on demand and delivered to your door. They also take care of the payments, which are easy and secure.

We intend to add more cartoons and types of shirts soon, but you can find a decent selection in the shop already. If you have a special preference for a certain cartoon / shirt, you can leave your wish in the comments below this article and we might give priority to this!

Before we forget to mention it: we already gave a few shirts to some chess players you might have heard of!

Get your own T-shirt at

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ChessGirl's picture

this is a fantastic idea!!! about time :)

RuralRob's picture

Don't you mean it's a "fantastic iDiaz"?

Pablo's picture

Yeah, marvelous idea!!! Good for Diaz. Those should be great t-shirts.

Janis Nisii's picture

Hahhaha Sadler was SO happy! How cute! :)

Szoker's picture

this actually looks amazing :P

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