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Aronian-Kramnik game 6 drawn, match ends in 3-3

Aronian-Kramnik game 6 drawn, match ends in 3-3

The sixth and final game between Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik ended in a draw, again after 43 moves, and so the match in Zurich ended in 3-3. Aronian avoided the infamous Berlin Ending with 4.d3, and like yesterday the game was very interesting, despite the peaceful outcome. Later we'll have more; for now you can find the last game below, which was annotated today here at ChessVibes by GM Sergey Shipov.

Aronian and Kramnik analyzing their game on stage - the big screen is showing the position on the board for the spectators

[Commentary by GM Sergey Shipov - original in Russian at Crestbook]

PGN string

Note that you can click on the variations in the analysis to follow them on the board

Event Aronian-Kramnik | PGN by TWIC
Dates April 21-28, 2012
Location Zurich, Switzerland
System 6-game match

Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik

Rate of play 40 moves in 120 minutes, 20 moves in 60 minutes and, for the remainder of the game, 15 minutes plus an increment of 30 seconds per move
Bonus As a bonus for the audience, Kramnik and Aronian will play an additional rapid game if the main game on any given day is drawn in under three hours


Videos by Macauley Peterson

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I wish I could have these annotated games by Shipov available in pgn...

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The PGN of the commented game is contained in the source code of this page. Show the code, search for "[Event" and you are at the beginning of the PGN-file, which you then can copy.

JM's picture

It appears with strange characters like "[Event "Aronian-Kramnik Match"]<br />
"... It's impossible to clear it!!!

Could you provide a link to the pgn with all the games commented? It will be very nice if you can, I think a lot of us will thank.

JM's picture

Here it appears ok!...

Marvel's picture

6 games with commentary by Shipov.

I have made cbv and pgn including clickable variations.



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Forgot to mention. Thanks to GM Sergey Shipov and Colin McGourty and Chessvibes for providing such annotated games.

JM's picture

Thank you! And thanks to them too!

noahses's picture

Bravo! What a fantastic match! A big, big thank you to both players, organizers, sponsors, commentators and anyone else involved in this event.

stevefraser's picture

Yes, excellent comment.

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If Aronian started his white games with e4, the result would definitely in his favor.

Abbas's picture

I meant d4

sm's picture

advise Aronian next time,kramnik will be shaken 4 ur comment!

Abbas's picture

Nice, or he will resign!!

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I agree it was a nice event to follow , although it would have been nice if it was a bit longer .

Matches always have a special flavour because opponents test each other's preparation and go into theoretical battles , the psychological aspect is often interesting too , i really hope that we will have Candidate matches in the future , with at least 6 games , and a world championship match with minimum 16 games ideally 20 games .

Anyways , Thanks a lot to GM Schipov and Chessvibes for the coverage , i was hooked all week long , luckily there is another match soon between Vishy and Boris :)

Ians's picture

nicer* Shipov*

Ians's picture

So what could have been done better ?

I think maybe 2 more games , letting players control the computer and move input during post match interviews , having an auto-refresh function on this website , then it would have been perfect for me :)

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As regards commentary after move 4. .... Bc5
"Sometimes Black brings out his king's bishop to g7 here, but bringing it to c5 is also classical."
The kings' pawn still occupies g7. ?

cmling's picture

Yes, but g6 can be played with Bg7 to follow.

Ians's picture

That involved playing g6 first , that is what he meant i think , although i've never seen or played it in this particular position , but in other Ruy lopez variation , after Bb5 , a6 , then Ba4 and g6 (difference being that the knight is still on g8 in this variation )

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This was a great match to follow. The players played complicated and interesting chess in order to satisfy their audience. They were motivated to do so because they were well paid (presumably).

Anonymous's picture

The players care for prestige and money and much less for the amusement of funs.

Thomas's picture

Unless they are very good actors, Aronian and Kramnik also enjoyed themselves and each other. And it's all interconnected: pleasing fans and organizers means more invitations, i.e. more prestige and money.
Another story is whether Carlsen really enjoyed playing rock-paper-scissors and the rest of his TV appearance - or if prestige and money mattered a lot in this case.

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"We're very strong precisely in chess, while in Go and, for example, politics, there are other rules and you need somewhat different talents". Shipov bashig Kasparov.

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Thanks to all the sponsors, especially ICG.
The next time I need to check the quality of some of my diamonds I will take my bussiness to them for sure.

kamalakanta's picture

Thanks to GM Shipov for his kind and warm comments. He reminds me of Bronstein, Tal and Tartakower, who would talk to a reader as if he was a friend, or somebody sitting with you at a campfire, listening to a wonderful story.

Aditya's picture

I like the comment about the caMpfire. It's precisely what I felt.

SHUKI's picture

As a certified patzer I see aronian as the winner for two reasons:
1. the sac in the game he lost (waiting already for your objections)
2. winning the speed game

Zeblakob's picture

For me Kramnik is the winner coz he won games 3, and Aronian won game 1, and 3>1.

redivivo's picture

Congrats Big Vlad for winning the match!

S3's picture

and that's the undisputable truth!

MamedyarovFan's picture

A big 'thank you' to Peter Doggers and Chessvibes for their consistently highly professional reports.

In addition, as alluded to above by a number of users, it is apparent that GM Shipov has a wonderful writing style. It is highly endearing,lucid and instructive. Like user kamalakanta, I see some style similarity with the writings of GM Tartakover, primarily the empathy he shows for his intended audience. His readers evidently see him not as a didactic grandmaster or condescending expert but as a benevolent grandmaster who is a great master of the art of careful mentoring of his pupils.

One must not forget too Colin McGourty (Chess in Translation) who doubtless teams up really well with GM Shipov. Colin of course independently produces extremely educational and insightful chess articles and comments, and it is a tribute to him that it would seem little or nothing is lost in meaning or clarity of exposition in his translations of GM Shipov's Russian text.

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