April 29, 2012 21:17

Aronian-Kramnik: the video

Aronian-Kramnik: the video

You won't have missed it: in the last week of April, 2012, the world's #2 and #3 chess players Levon Aronian (Armenia) and Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) faced each other in a 6-game, friendly match. The event was organized by the Zurich Chess Club, the oldest chess club in the world. Here's our video with impressions and interviews. In order of appearance: Christian Issler (President of the Zurich Chess Club), Oleg Skvortsov (main sponsor), Levon Aronian (Armenia, world's #2), Vladimir Kramnik (Russia, world's #3), Daria Kramnik (world's #1 in cutest chess personalities list).

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Author: Peter Doggers


Al's picture

awesome stuff, can't wait to get Carlsen back in battle too!

Lee's picture

Great video to close out a quality event.

noyb's picture

Ditto, classy finish to classy event.

bertjeenkelhaar's picture

Was the cameraman pedofile??? Why constant filming the little girl instead of the players? Overall great vid though!

Thorn's picture

She's Kramnik's daughter. Also she's cute - what's your problem?

Ians's picture

Nice video , thank you

i hope that we'll see more matches like this one in the future , it was well organized and it seems that it attracted a lot of interest from the fans

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Enjoyed the video a lot. Watched it twice so far. Musik is very good too... keeps things moving. Looking forward to the Anand--Gelfand production.

Ray's picture

Any details on who "Oleg Skvortsov (main sponsor)" is?

grabapawnalotski's picture

Those close up digi cameras are a great innovation , grab them and head to moscow !

well done mcC and team

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