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Aruna & Vishy Anand proud parents of baby boy

Aruna & Vishy Anand proud parents of baby boyOn Saturday morning, April 9th Aruna Anand, the wife of World Champion Vishy Anand, gave birth to a son. Mother and child are doing well. The name of the baby is not known yet.

Aruna Anand is often to be found reading a book, in a hotel lobby or a press room, while her husband is playing in a chess tournament. However, since last summer she didn't accompany him to tournaments in Bilbao, Nanjing, London, Wijk aan Zee and Monaco.

During the Tata Steel tournament in January we were told that Aruna was expecting a baby. At the end of the Amber tournament, when everyone said goodbye to each other for the last time, Vishy received many wishes of good luck. Just sixteen days later he became the proud father of a baby boy.

The baby was born on Saturday morning, April 9th, in Chennai, India. Vishy quickly called his good friend Hans-Walter Schmitt, the organizer of dozens of chess tournaments in Mainz. "That was so wonderful, that he immediately picked up the phone to tell me the news," Schmitt told us. "I also spoke to Aruna. Everything is OK with mother and child." The name of the baby boy is not known yet.

Hans-Walter Schmitt's chess organization is called Chess Tigers. On their website the news was published quickly on Saturday. Our translation from German:

In the early morning hours of 9 April, Aruna and Viswanathan Anand saw the greatest miracle that can be given a couple - they became parents of a healthy son! Few knew anything about this, and all the more delighted was Upper Tiger Hans-Walter Schmitt, when he was on the phone with the father and mother (!) only a few minutes ago, as they informed him of the good news from their home town of Chennai. Surely now all the fans who had hoped in vain to see the World Champion playing for Baden-Baden in today's final against Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga, have every sympathy that they will have to do without Anand. We congratulate the Anand family with all our heart and we're just very excited what the name of the baby boy will be. We'll keep you up to date and wait impatiently like everyone else for the first pictures.

Aruna & Vishy Anand proud parents of baby boy

Photo: Eric van Reem

The news on the site of the All India Chess Federation


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suneet's picture

God Bless! can't stop smiling :)

Pedro Pinto's picture

the guy is 40... world champion for a few years...
fatherhood is far more importante than ELO...

Nariu's picture

Is there any child of a famous chess player (let alone WC) who got into fathers footsteps?
As a clever and gifted Indian boy, he will focus on cricket instead of chess.

Sergio's picture

I once saw a commercial with Anand for IBM in which Anand said: In my country everyone plays cricket. I decided to do what was best for me and played chess. Choose what is best for you, choose IBM.

Ravi's picture

God bless both the mother & the kid. Sure Vishy will b a more relaxed person...more than before.

Septimus's picture

Since there is no question of "visiting" the toilet, the answer would be Yes.

Mauricio Valdés's picture

But Topa did not handshake Vishy after 5 fold repetition in a game of the WCC Match!
Maybe Topalov is like Howard know germophobic (mysophobia).

Saji Soman's picture

All the very best to Mr&Mrs. Anand

bhabatosh's picture

congrats Anand ! welcome to Jr. Anand ... lets see
what career he decides .... hope to see Junior Anand starts playing chess soon and beat his Father :-)
I am sure vishy wont mind .....

Sergio's picture

No I guess he is getting used to kids beating him.

Sergio's picture

I think you are a sexist idiot. I didn’t do a research, it seems very evident to me.

Brian Wall's picture

Congratulations! I am happy for the Anand family.

chessfan000012's picture

Most chess plaer do not want their children to go for chess. I heard this from a chess player of around 2450 rating

Marvel's picture

You mean Praveen Thipsay of India? I read he saying that in an interview!

Thomas's picture

Of course you are joking, but what exactly are you joking about? Amber isn't rated, before that Kramnik's most recent TPRs are Tata 2793, London 2765, Tal Memorial 2753, Bilbao 2817, Olympiad 2794, Shanghai 2759, Dortmund 2718.

I can repeat my request - recently made with respect to Leko - for facts and fairness even about players one doesn't like ... .

Vital_Points's picture

Two thumbs down to this post seems to be from Janis Nisii and Zeblakob.
why write such stupid comments on such a wonderful occasion of Vishy, who is one of the most beloved chess personality.

Janis Nisii's picture

Vital_Points, what? I'm not sure I your...point. I gave thumbs down to which post? Which are the stupid comments?

EMCB's picture

¡FELICIDADES! familia Anand,
desde México D.F.

Schnuffeline's picture

I guess 2350 from birth on, and then going further^^

joop's picture

I presume the baby will not be named Gary or Toppy or whateva.
Maybe Judith for a girl?

Venky's picture

Hi Anand & Aruna,

My heartiest congrats.

Thats sweetest of all,ever enjoy & entertain,both your son and us .[ Chess lovers. ]

Venky [ India - Chennai ]

R.Mutt's picture

"Sophia" is Greek for "wisdom".
The Latin word for "virtue" is... "virtus".

Janis Nisii's picture

His Elo won't drop, he's a man. Only women's Elo drops when they have a child (generally, I didn't do a research, it seems very evident to me)

Septimus's picture

Given his recent results, Kramnik's rating should be reset to 200.

Raj's picture

Welcome to the world, Vishy Jr. ! Congratulations, Vishy and Aruna and the proud grandparents!
Travelling and preparation for tournaments will be a challenge with the baby and Aruna now.
Back to bachelor days for a while, I suppose?

mark's picture


help's picture

Congratulations to Anand & Aruna.

For the trivia buffs: how many strong chess players had strong chess playing dads or mothers? (Nothing immediately springs to my mind, certainly no world champions.)

mihajovics's picture


Mauricio Valdés's picture

Does the baby shake hands with Topalov?

noone's picture


suleiman's picture

If it were for a baby girl, Sophia (which means 'virtue' in Latin if I am not wrong) would be a good suggestion, I guess :-)))

Septimus's picture

e4 c5 as Black

PircAlert's picture

This is indeed a good news! Must be something they have been long waiting for.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Anand! God bless the child!!

Big Alex's picture

A Child is the njoy of the life. Always!!! with no exceptions

Rafiq's picture

Surely Future FIDE WorldChampion is born

Sergio's picture

Like he cares. I think he will be a very happy man now, even if his ELO would drop under the 2600.

CID's picture

Serious ? Look at Kramnik's ELO.

D. M. Modak(India)'s picture

Congrats to the couple! They must have been waiting since long for this moment! May God bless the child with all the best in this world!-D.M.Modak
11th April 2011. 6.22 a.m.

Pedro Pinto's picture

It ancient times (at least in Portugal) the babies were not named during the first few months due to high newborn mortality.
It's like "until you survie the firts few months you are not really born yet".

Congratulations to the proud parents!

jonald_fenecios's picture

yes by all probability now he cant be a grandmaster but three years from now that would be another story! :) grandmasters tend to be younger and younger these days.

unknown's picture

Now Anand's ELO will definitely drop.

Janis Nisii's picture

But now you got us curious, so please tell us more about the 'various reasons'. Thanks. I'm sure CV will forgive us (and, as a matter of facts, Peter & Co. might be as curious as I am)

Fireblade's picture

Well a lot of families tend to name their newborn after consulting all the elders in the family and everyone is happy with the name.....can take a while to get everyone on board ;)
Sometimes families tend to name a child according to astrological calculations if you will...
These practices used to be the norm but now things are getting more and more liberal. With the advent of Ultrasonography and the 'diagnosing' of male or female fetus by second trimester has resulted in a 'heads up' time of about 4 months to decide on a name.
Some still choose not to find out the sex of the child in pregnancy and end up waiting for 3-6 months to name the child after birth.
Hopefully the curious will be satisfied now .....

R.Mutt's picture

And what is his rating?

vooruitgang's picture

We had three...all grown up now. You are going to love it! Even the sleep deprived nights and changing diapers. In this life it was the best thing that has ever happened. Congratulations to Momma and Papa!

micky dullaly's picture


noone's picture

Statistically he prob won't become a grandmaster.

Daaim Shabazz's picture

I think he plays 1.e4.

Zeblakob's picture

>>>> The name of the baby is not known yet.
Funny hehehe.

Fireblade's picture

Unlike in most western countries,in India you don't need to name the newborn at the time of birth. Usually the name is decided within the first six months due to various reasons which are beyond the scope of this post.


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