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Biel R6: Anish Giri closes in on Wang Hao

Bologan and Giri at the start of a game that would last seven hours

Wang Hao is still leading the Biel Chess Festival after round 6, but runner-up Anish Giri is just 2 points behind the leader. On Saturday the Dutch grandmaster defeated Victor Bologan in a game that lasted just over seven hours. Long before this result, the games Nakamura-Carlsen and Bacrot-Wang Hao had ended in draws. Bologan, who substituted for Alexander Morozevich after round 2, thus lost three games in a row and faces Carlsen tomorrow, when the other players enjoy a rest day.

Bologan and Giri at the start of a game that would last seven hours | Photo Biel Chess Festival

Event Biel Chess Festival | PGN
Dates July 23-August 2, 2012
Location Biel, Switzerland
System 6-player round robin
Players Carlsen, Nakamura, Morozevich, Wang Hao, Bacrot, Giri
Rate of play 40 moves in 100 minutes, then 20 moves in 50 minutes followed by 15 minutes for the rest of the game, with 30 seconds increment per move
Extra Three points for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss. No draw offers before move 30.

The 6th round of the GM tournament in Biel started slightly disappointingly. A game between Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen always generates certain expectations, but in this particular case the two top GMs played arguably the least interesting game so far in the Swiss town. But that's also chess, as Nakamura pointed out in his traditional post-game tweet:

When your opponent finds all the right moves, the game will inevitably be a draw. Pretty standard result going into the rest day.

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Like Carlsen, tournament leader Wang Hao used the Grünfeld to draw with Black. His opponent Etienne Bacrot said afterwards that he was happy to see his opponent's third move.

I was afraid I would lose four games in a row in the King's Indian!

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Video produced by Pascal Simon (Chessbase)

Obviously the game of the round was the one between Victor Bologan and Anish Giri, and not just because it was the only decisive result. At move 16 the Dutchman won a pawn and finally, at move 92 and after seven hours (and a few minutes) of play, the game. Giri's tweet was short and sweet:

Won. Happy. Tired.

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Biel 2012 | Schedule & results

Round 1 23.07.12 14:00 CET   Round 6 28.07.12 14:00 CET
Carlsen ½-½ Nakamura   Nakamura ½-½ Carlsen
Wang Hao 1-0 Bacrot   Bacrot ½-½ Wang Hao
Morozevich 0-1 Giri   Giri 1-0 Bologan
Round 2 24.07.12 14:00 CET   Round 7 30.07.12 14:00 CET
Nakamura ½-½ Giri   Giri - Nakamura
Bacrot 1-0 Morozevich   Bologan - Bacrot
Carlsen 1-0 Wang Hao   Wang Hao - Carlsen
Round 3 25.07.12 14:00 CET   Round 8 31.07.12 14:00 CET
Wang Hao 1-0 Nakamura   Nakamura - Wang Hao
Bologan 29.07 Carlsen   Carlsen - Bologan
Giri 1-0 Bacrot   Bacrot - Giri
Round 4 26.07.12 14:00 CET   Round 9 01.08.12 14:00 CET
Bologan 0-1 Nakamura   Bacrot - Nakamura
Giri 0-1 Wang Hao   Giri - Carlsen
Bacrot ½-½ Carlsen   Bologan - Wang Hao
Round 5 27.07.12 14:00 CET   Round 10 01.08.12 11:00 CET
Nakamura 1-0 Bacrot   Nakamura - Bologan
Carlsen ½-½ Giri   Wang Hao - Giri
Wang Hao 1-0 Bologan   Carlsen - Bacrot

Biel 2012 | Round 6 standings

# Name Fed Rtg + = - Pts
1 Wang Hao CHN 2739 4 1 1 13 (6)
2 Giri,A NED 2696 3 2 1 11 (6)
5 Nakamura,H USA 2778 2 3 1 9 (6)
3 Carlsen,M NOR 2837 1 4 0 7 (5)
4 Bacrot,E FRA 2713 1 2 3 5 (6)
6 Bologan,V MDA 2732 0 0 3 0 (3)
7 Morozevich,A RUS 2770 0 0 2 0 (2)

Biel 2012 | Round 6 standings (classical)


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choufleur's picture

another boring round

choufleur's picture

especially nakamura-carlsen was eventless

RealityCheck's picture

Agree. Drakamura and Drawlsen hard-ly at work in Biel. Yaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn. And yet, they both had the nerve to suggest Anand and Gelfand took too many short draws during the Wch Match. Uhh, when these boys gonna grow up?

Go Wang Hoa!! Go Giri Go! Give 'em hell.

choufleur's picture

but bacrot-wang hao was unexciting as well, bacrot was clearly afraid

choufleur's picture

and Giri capitalizes on Bologan's over ambitious play. That was it, as far as I am concerned.

Schrödinger's Cat's picture

Too bad they chose Bologan to replace Morozevich.
I wish they would have called Dominguez back but he might have been insulted by that.

S3's picture

In my opinion Bologan is probably playing the most interesting chess of the tournament so I am glad he is invited.

noyb's picture

Actually, that brings up an excellent point; Dominguez should have been invited to finish for certain, and well compensated to boot.

Schrödinger's Cat's picture

It would be unlucky for Carlsen if Bologan 'picks' him to hold against.

KingTal's picture

Don´t worry. Bologan = free points, in this tournament.

Rini Luyks's picture

not so sure about that, Giri was great today @choufleur, who is boring here !?

Rini Luyks's picture

not so sure about that, Giri was great today @choufleur, who is boring here !?

Igor's picture

It would be nice if Carlsen had an aptitude for hard work. Too bad he is lazy.

noyb's picture

I have a funny feeling that Carlsen may burn out and give up chess before ever gaining the WC title. Just a hunch...

MJul's picture

I have exactly the same feeling.

Abbas's picture

Giri gains +30.2 in the live rating so far. If he is going to win this tournament, he will consequently gain more elo. The challenge is not to win this tournament but "will he end up gaining more elo?", since from the statistical point of view _which Gelfand doesn't believe_ it is an extraordinary achievement/gain among the top player if we consider him one of them.

Creemer's picture

Giri is absolutely a great talent, no question. We should remember however, that to get to the very top he needs another 100 Elo points and those are much harder to come by than the previous 2700 points... It means, for example, that you lose points playing draws against the top 20...

Also, he has had around 2730 before and dropped to 2690, so there´s no guarantee that he can climb to the top ten, let alone be a contender for the WC.

But I very much hope so...

Anonymous's picture

Giri will be world champion. He is far better than the others, just lacking in experience.

Anonymous's picture

far better than carlsen. are you for real?

Anonymous's picture

Yes, of course I am serious. I would not have written it, otherwise. In classical games: Anish Giri beat Magnus Carlsen 1 to 0, with 2 draws.

columbo's picture

@ choufleur i find you a bit rough with Giri... he played very well ! he is a kid from 94, he lacks experience but what a great player he already is !!!

redivivo's picture

Giri played a great game, especially the latter half of it. Bologan was just slowly and steadily pressed back and Giri's technique was superior in the endgame.

Chess Fan's picture

I am expecting Magnus to work his magic in the last few rounds as usual, destroying his opposition. But good luck to Giri, Barcot, and Wang Ho.

rogge's picture

Ahh, such a sad day for the haters :-(

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