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Bundesliga starts, with new live portal

BundesligaTomorrow the new Schachbundesliga season takes off with three encounters of the 7th round and the regular first two rounds on Saturday and Sunday at the venues Baden-Baden, Bremen, Wattenscheid and Aue. The Bundesliga also presents a novelty: all games are presented within a new designed live portal with some really nice features.

The season starts with some top games in Baden-Baden. The four teams involved at this venue present 27 grandmasters and some really interesting faces and players. The top match of the weekend takes place between Baden-Baden and Solingen on Saturday.

The runner-up Bremen welcomes at home the teams of Delmenhorst, Hamburg and Berlin. Bremen is theoretically the only serious contender of Baden-Baden and odds-on favourite this first weekend.

In Wattenscheid, a part of the city of Bochum, the home team welcomes the teams of Emsdetten, Trier and Griesheim. Here some interesting young players can be expected. Wattenscheid is playing with the youngest German grandmaster Sebastian Bogner, and Emsdetten will probably be playing with young Dutch prodigy Anish Giri.

At the venue Aue, a city located in the far east of Germany, the teams of Nickelhütte Aue, Bayern München, Katernberg and Mülheim will meet for their matches. Aue, who promoted to the first Schachbundesliga last year, is one of the underdogs in the league.

Like last season the Schachbundesliga publishes the lineups of the teams that are playing at the Baden-Baden venue. This weekend's pairings are as follows:

7th round: Friday, 8th of October 2010, 4pm*
Werder Bremen - Delmenhorster SK
SV Wattenscheid - SK Turm Emsdetten
ESV Nickelhütte Aue - FC Bayern München

1st round: Saturday, 9th of October 2010, 2 pm

Playing venue Baden-Baden

       OSG Baden-Baden                 SG Solingen       
1     Peter Svidler           2731    Chanda Sandipan      2641
2     Sergei Movsesian        2723    Jan Werle            2574
3     Etienne Bacrot          2716    Predrag Nikolic      2597
4     Michael Adams           2728    Markus Ragger        2628
5     Francisco Vallejo Pons  2697    Romain Edouard       2636
6     Arkadij Naiditsch       2674    Artur Jussupow       2589
7     Jan Gustafsson          2646    Sipke Ernst          2587
8     Philipp Schlosser       2574    Alexander Naumann    2544

        SC Eppingen                     SC Remagen       
1     Evgeny Postny           2595    Tigran Gharamian     2658
2     Zoltan Gyimesi          2595    Mircea Parligras     2601
3     Falko Bindrich          2507    Jean-Marc Degraeve   2561
4     Arik Braun              2538    Alexandre Dgebuadze  2524
5     Robert Ruck             2555    Benjamin Bok         2453
6     Namig Guliyev           2510    Bart Michiels        2459
7     Zoltan Medvegy          2531    Petar Popovic        2495
8     Elisabeth Pähtz         2467    Jens Kipper          2394

Playing venue Bremen

Werder Bremen - Hamburger SK
Delmenhorster SK - SF Berlin

Playing venue Wattenscheid

SV Wattenscheid - SG Trier
SK Turm Emsdetten - SV Griesheim

Playing venue Aue

ESV Nickelhütte Aue - SV Mülheim Nord
FC Bayern München - SF Katernberg

2nd round: Sunday, 10th of October 2010, 10 am

Plaiyng venue Baden-Baden

      SG Solingen                     SC Eppingen       
1     Chanda Sandipan         2641    Evgeny Postny           2595
2     Jan Werle               2574    Zoltan Gyimesi          2595
3     Predrag Nikolic         2597    Falko Bindrich          2507
4     Markus Ragger           2628    Arik Braun              2538
5     Romain Edouard          2636    Robert Ruck             2555
6     Artur Jussupow          2589    Namig Guliyev           2510
7     Sipke Ernst             2587    Zoltan Medvegy          2531
8     Alexander Naumann       2544    Elisabeth Pähtz         2467

      SC Remagen                      OSG Baden-Baden      
1     Tigran Gharamian        2658    Peter Svidler           2731
2     Mircea Parligras        2601    Sergei Movsesian        2723
3     Jean-Marc Degraeve      2561    Etienne Bacrot          2716
4     Alexandre Dgebuadze     2524    Michael Adams           2728
5     Benjamin Bok            2453    Francisco Vallejo Pons  2697
6     Bart Michiels           2459    Arkadij Naiditsch       2674
7     Petar Popovic           2495    Jan Gustafsson          2646
8     Jens Kipper             2394    Philipp Schlosser       2574

Playing venue Bremen

Hamburger SK - Delmenhorster SK
SF Berlin - Werder Bremen

Playing venue Wattenscheid

SG Trier - SK Turm Emsdetten
SV Griesheim - SV Wattenscheid

Playing venue Aue

SV Mülheim Nord - FC Bayern München
SF Katernberg - ESV Nickelhütte Aue

Live coverage
All games of the Schachbundesliga are covered live on the Internet. This season the games are presented within a new live portal. Its possible to follow any game just by one click and all games are analyzed by a strong engine. It's also possible to register for a chat and to communicate with other users. And it's possible to download all games by one click.

*In the 7th round the matches between the travel partners take place. This round is played throughout the first half of the season.



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Come on, Aue isn't so bad. Playing with Onischuk, they are favorites against Bayern... (sounds pretty nice as a saxon, compare it to football! :-))

Thomas's picture

Will German chess be like football, with the big favorites from Bayern Munchen underperforming so far and other teams stealing the show?
Other interesting players, this weekend in Bremen(?), are Wojtaszek for Hamburg and Le Quang Liem for the home team.

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why there isnt any link for this one?

Peter Doggers's picture

Just forgot, sorry. Added. Some games have already started!

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