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Cap d'Agde reaches quarter finals

Cap d'Agde reaches quarter finalsThis year's rapid tournament in Cap d'Agde, France has Ivanchuk, Nakamura, Bu Xiangzhi, Le Quang Liem, Polgar, Feller, Edouard, Hammer, Nguyen Ngoc Truong, Karpov (!), Pelletier, the Kosintseva sisters, Lahno, Zhu Chen and Milliet. Yesterday eight of them reached the quarter-finals.

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The 9th Chess encounters Nationales and Internationales of Cap d'Agde takes place October 23-31. The 16 players mentioned in the intro started in two separate groups (round-robins) from which the best four of each would qualify for the knockout phase. The time control is 25 minutes plus 10 seconds increment.

Cap d'Agde 2010 | Final Standings Group A

Cap d'Agde 2010 | Final Standings Group A

Cap d'Agde 2010 | Final Standings Group B

Cap d'Agde 2010 | Final Standings Group A

The knockout stage is played with matches consisting of two games, from Thursday, October 28 till Sunday, October 31, 2010. For Thursday and Friday the following quarter-finals are scheduled:

14.30 CET: Hikaru Nakamura- Jon Ludvig Hammer
18.00 CET: Bu Xiangzhi-Yannick Pelletier

14.30 CET: Nguyen Ngoc Truong- Le Quang Liem
18.00 CET: Judit Polgar-Vasily Ivanchuk

Games round-robins A & B

Game viewer by ChessTempo

Videos by Europe-Echecs


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Thorn's picture

Nakamura going berserk!!

ebutaljib's picture

Looks like the organizers will never correct the moves from 3rd round game Edouard vs. Karpov

ebutaljib's picture

30.Nxe5 is most likely the last genuine move.

Thomas's picture

Apparently there was serious time trouble (for Karpov): if the live transmission didn't work properly, the organizers may actually be unable to correct the moves - it was rapid, no score sheets are available (they would have to ask the players, but what if they don't remember what exactly happened in the hectic final phase?).

ebutaljib's picture

They have cameras, and there should be an assistant arbiter for each board to notate the game. The game is almost certainly stored somewhere, but noone bothers to upload it to the official site.

jan van der marel's picture

I don't know a lot about chess, but I do know that Katja Lahno is a BEAUTY.

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