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Capablanca Memorial: Ivanchuk leads at half-time

Vassily Ivanchuk has good chances to win yet another title in Havana. After outplaying Viktor Laznicka in round 5 of the Capablanca Memorial, the Ukrainian is the sole leader again with 3.5/5. Leinier Dominguez is in second place with half a point less.

Vassily Ivanchuk back in sole first place in Havana

Event Capablanca MemorialPGN via TWIC
Dates May 4th-14th, 2012
Location Havana, Cuba
System 6-player double round robin

Vassily Ivanchuk, Leinier Dominguez Perez, Yuniesky Quesada Perez, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Viktor Laznicka, Vladimir Potkin

Rate of play 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 to finish the game with 30 seconds increment from move 1
Prize fund 1800, 1300, 800, 600, 400, 300 CUC

We pick up the tournament at round 4, when both tournament leaders, Ivanchuk and Dominguez, drew their white games. The Cuban faced his compatriot Quesada, who had no problems whatsoever with Black in a Berlin Ending. The game between Ivanchuk and Nepomniachtchi was more interesting.

PGN string

Viktor Laznicka caught the two leaders thanks to a huge blunder by Potkin:

PGN string

On Tuesday Ivanchuk became the sole leader again. With Black the Ukrainian ouplayed Laznicka completely:

PGN string

Potkin won in a pawn ending:

PGN string

And so Ivanchuk is half a point ahead of Dominguez at half-time. The 47th Capablanca Memorial runs until May 14th in the Hotel Habana Riviera in Havana, Cuba.

Capablanca Memorial | Grupo Elite | Schedule and results

Round 1 04.05.12 21:00 CET   Round 6 10.05.12 21:00 CET
Ivanchuk ½-½ Potkin   Potkin - Ivanchuk
Dominguez 1-0 Laznicka   Laznicka - Dominguez
Quesada ½-½ Nepomniachtchi   Nepomniachtchi - Quesada
Round 2 05.05.12 21:00 CET   Round 7 11.05.12 21:00 CET
Potkin ½-½ Nepomniachtchi   Nepomniachtchi - Potkin
Laznicka 1-0 Quesada   Quesada - Laznicka
Ivanchuk 1-0 Dominguez   Dominguez - Ivanchuk
Round 3 06.05.12 21:00 CET   Round 8 12.05.12 21:00 CET
Dominguez 1-0 Potkin   Potkin - Dominguez
Quesada  ½-½ Ivanchuk   Ivanchuk - Quesada
Nepomniachtchi ½-½ Laznicka   Laznicka - Nepomniachtchi
Round 4 07.05.12 21:00 CET   Round 9 13.05.12 21:00 CET
Dominguez ½-½ Quesada   Laznicka - Potkin
Ivanchuk ½-½ Nepomniachtchi   Nepomniachtchi - Ivanchuk
Potkin 0-1 Laznicka   Quesada - Dominguez
Round 5 08.05.12 21:00 CET   Round 10 14.05.12 21:00 CET
Quesada 0-1 Potkin   Potkin - Quesada
Nepomniachtchi ½-½ Dominguez   Dominguez - Nepomniachtchi
Laznicka 0-1 Ivanchuk   Ivanchuk - Laznicka

Capablanca Memorial 2012 | Grupo Elite | Round 5 Standings


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