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Carlsen shows his win against Nakamura

Carlsen shows his win against NakamuraIt was a crucial game for Magnus Carlsen, and he did what he had to do. On his way back to playing for first place, the Norwegian defeated tournament leader Hikaru Nakamura in an excellent attacking game. Carlsen happily accepted to show the game in the Wijk aan Zee press room. Enjoy!


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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


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"Well well. Where are the Carlsen Bashers now huh?????"

Hurry. They've moved on to round 10. You can round 'em up there. No need waiting until the next tournament Carlsen's crashing now. See #3 on LiveRating list. Sorry.

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Well well. Where are the Carlsen Bashers now huh????? Talking about his career as a fashion model ruins his chess right?

Carlsen proved them wrong :-) Think he will winn the tournement so the bashers have to wait till next big event.

GL Carlsen

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ps thnks chessvibes for being the best chess-site around!!

weetgraag's picture

Imagine what a chess player he might have been if he didn't turn his career into modelling.....

lefthandsketch's picture

Carlsen is really good at chess for a fashion model. He should consider doing it full time even maybe.

J.A. Topfke's picture

I'm not a Carlsen Basher, however I did notice that he only started winning after he stopped putting all that junk in his hair. Coincidence?

columbo's picture

you must be a hair stylist ! not a chess player

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Yes I am enjoying Carlsen's performance especially since I was once ridiculed and called a "fanboy" on this site when I opined that a player of his calibre doesn't come arounnd very often. I said then and I say now that he will take his place in chess history as one of the greatest players of the game of chess.

Reality check's picture

Ja, ja "he will winn the tournement.." But he won't win the tournament.

markpark's picture

instructive&nice :)

john's picture

Carlsen is so modest for such a young genius, all the best to him!

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They can put a man on the moon, why can't they make a decent demonstration board?

Apart from that, it's always nice to have the players explain their thoughts :-)

RuralRob's picture

I agree! A chess demo board would be a great application for a large touchscreen panel (like Microsoft Surface). Perhaps MS can be talked into donating one to a major chess tournament, as part of a sponsorship agreement.

John O's picture

Agreed. They use something similar on Sportscenter.

columbo's picture

i'd rather have a mac surface - while we're into advertising process - and a bottle of wine from chateau margaux, thanks in advance

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I kind of like that they're still using the wooden board.

It kind of emphasizes that there's nothing more to chess than what meets the eye. One board, 64 squares, 16 pieces, the rules, your own mind, and your opponents mind.

Adding high-tech appliances often obscures what is inherently simple...

Better keep it real and tangible, like they're doing now, I'd say. :)

Webbimio's picture

I agree, I love tradition. But, for God's sake, give them a box to put the pieces in! :)

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I have an idea which could be very instructive:

Put two GMs against each other in two different rooms. Broadcast their thoughts live on the internet during the game for the public.

unknown's picture

Without that wooden board that will not be the same Wijk aan Zee chess tournament anymore!

harry's picture

That wooden board is the best board ever!

ruralrob's picture

Solution is obvious: replace the wooden board with a big touchscreen that renders a board that looks just like the old wooden board!

ruralrob's picture

Solution is obvious: replace the wooden board with a big touchscreen that renders a board that looks just like the old wooden board!

ozan's picture

We need to be thankful to them at least a guy took some pieces from Carlsen after 20 pieces on his hand:)

Zeblakob's picture

das is a Chicken

hatsekidosie's picture

"Carlsen happily accepted to show the game..."
Happiness takes on strange shape in the chess world.

The Golden Knight's picture

You are wrong. There is a pretty smile at 07.44 in the second video ;)

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You seem to be saying that our coverage is 'not much better than terrible', but I do hope you're enjoying our daily reports and nowhere-else-to-be-found press conference videos. ;-)

To answer the question why we're not doing daily video reports: I answered this question in our report of the second round. Here's what I wrote last week:

To start, it’s important to note that the dozens of videos we did in previous years in Wijk aan Zee were the result of a cooperation between the tournament and ChessVibes. We’re still grateful to the organizers, who supported us from the start, and helped us to become “that site famous for its chess videos” in a short time. This cooperation culminated in last year’s extensive coverage which included the daily round reports with Bianca and short interviews for the official website (also embedded here), and the press conferences (just here).

Unfortunately for this year the organizers decided to discontinue this cooperation, and work with a different video crew. You can watch their videos here.

To this I can add that the tournaments in Romania and in China also supported us. In fact these videos were made in the first place for the official websites, and they allowed us to show them at ChessVibes as well. As explained above, this construction ceased to exist in Wijk aan Zee.

Macauley's picture

Speaking of which, curious what the CV community thinks of the videos on the official site?

Yea or Nay? They could probably use some feedback...

Pedro Pinto's picture

I guess the officcial videos are better than nothing but they cannot be compared to the videos done in Romania, for instance.

I think the song in the begining is really lame, and the interviews are a bit superficial.

So, I'd say nay.

vooruitgang's picture

The videos on the official site are great! Nice mix of scenery, behind the scenes shots, interviews, off day activities, and tournament shots. High quality.

Thomas's picture

I have commented on this before and haven't changed my opinion: IMO the 'new' videos are "different", not comparable to and neither better nor worse than earlier coverage by Chessvibes. Maybe they are geared to and/or appreciated by a slightly different audience? This stands loose from the question whether there was an actual need for a change, "changing a winning team".

But I wondered whether others are actually not allowed to film in the playing hall, even though Peter Doggers is allowed to film the press conferences - I join others in praising him. I thought to because the Europe Echecs coverage (French only this time) basically just has Robert Fontaine looking into the camera. At the end of the round 8 video, he mentions that they will (only) now travel to the venue and have more - but only for subscribers - on the remaining rounds. I expected him to be there for the entire event,, also because his wife Kateryna Lahno is playing in the B group.

My French is fluent enough to follow him even though he talks rather fast. But for a moment I wondered whom he meant with former leader of the B group, a certain "Mackshen" :) .

Pedro Pinto's picture

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your answer and i'm sorry i didn't read you post after the 2nd round.

This explains a lot. It's hard to understand why the organizers would change something that was among the best done in chess journalism.

I never doubted that CV was not to blame, so i don't understand the bad feedback to my question. I guess i can live with that.

Thanks again.

blueofnoon's picture

I think you have no need to mind about that. I, for one, was about to ask the same question regarding "better than nothing" videos on the official site.

Thank you for that.

SXL's picture

Chessvibes' coverage has been excellent - with video updates, games easily available, pgn-downloads, etc.

Thanks a lot for the great work.

SXL's picture

But do lets tell the Tata organizers that they were dorks for not using Peter & Co's superior skills in how to cover a chess tournament.

I'm pretty certain the people responsible for the redesign saw a money earning opportunity in also doing the video coverage, but they're not that into chess, are they?

Pedro Pinto's picture

exactly my point.
when i somehow criticised the coverage of the tournamnet, i was doing it relatively. i was comparing with previous work done by CV wich was much better.
peter answered exactly my question and all is fine.

maybe i didn't explain myself properly in the first comment...

Win's picture

How pathetic are those demonstration boards?? Its so hard to show a game on them! They should use boards with magnetic pieces.

Where are organizers?? World Number 1 is showing his game and there is no place to put away captured pieces!! This is ridiculous!

Tata manages its business in the same way? :)

Bert de Bruut's picture

The board is a holy relic that dates from the first tournament held in 1838!

Lobster's picture

Magnus must have pockets.

known1's picture

and what's funny...

The Golden Knight's picture

LOL 1: In the first video after 05.50. Magnus talks about Nakamuras move:

"He played queen C5, which is probably a terrible move!"

LOL 2: In the second video after 07.09:

"What I did was really simple..."

Pedro Pinto's picture

I remember the fantastic coverage ChessVibes did at a tournament in Roumania a few months ago. Then in China the coverage was also superb.
The London Chess Classic had a wonderful site with live videos.

After being spoiled with great chess journalism, it is dificult to understand this poor coverage of a tournament happening in Holland, the home of ChessVibes. Is the new sponsor Tata responsible?

The official site is terrible and at ChessVibes it is not much better.

What is happening?

choufleur's picture

I would like to have Feller's comment instead

Merlinovich's picture

There is some criticism of the demo board, but don't underestimate low-tech solutions. Bent Larsen was always traveling around with a pocket chess where a lost pawn was substituted with a German 10-pfennig coin. So here is a low-tech suggestion:

Please go buy a 1$ cardboard box and put it on top of a chair - then the presenters don't have to fiddle around with all the captured pieces in the hands, they can put them down and take them up from the box effortlessly.

SXL's picture

A committee has been working on "A priority solution for the placement of pieces from the demo-board" these past seven Wijks. Its findings were to be disclosed prior to the tournament, but have been delayed until next year.

There was a majority opinion in the committee (3 against 2) for a box of the kind you mention, while the minority held that the dropping of pieces and "the fun of watching their faces as they realize they have nowhere to put them" should be considered a part of the Wijk tradition.


I have been waiting for years to see one of these chess geniuses just go and grab a chair, or pull a table closer, in order to be able to just put the pieces on it. But I am waiting in vain.

FM Kassa Korley's picture

It would be nice if more players showed their games. Based upon the limited post-game coverage I have seen thus far, it seemed to me that either most players weren't showing their games or that the postgame analysis hadn't been publicized/posted. If this is truly the case, it's too bad, because many aspiring players like myself would love to hear the ideas of the world's best players. The tournament thus far, however, has been a gem. There is certainly a lot of drama left for the last quarter of the tournament, especially with the standings being the way they are.

jussu's picture

I apologise in advance but I have one totally off-topic question. Is that scrolling Twitter box on this site necessary? It is terribly distracting because it moves; the text in it is so garbled that it is virtually unreadable anyway, and if one nevertheless takes the effort and reads it, he finds a pile of old headlines.

Erwin's picture

I agree that is very distracting. I know positing a twitter box is a wise marketing tool, but it honestly makes this web page cheap.

Peter Doggers's picture

Just to clarify: we certainly are allowed to film inside the playing hall. It's just that creating good videos takes so many hours of both filming and editing, that we simply cannot do this anymore without support from a tournament.

winterschaker's picture

This was one of the most interesting games i've watched in a long time. Especially nice to watch if you have problems with the Najdorf! Glad to see an extensive video report here on chessvibes.i Wouldnt it be great if we had videos like this of Zurich 53? Keep up the good work !

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