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Cheparinov wins Politiken Cup; Timman and Portisch also played

Ivan Cheparinov

Ivan Cheparinov won the Politiken Cup in Helsingør, Denmark on Sunday. The Bulgarian grandmaster edged out GMs Ivan Sokolov and Jonny Hector on tie-break after all three scored 8 out of 10. Chess legends Jan Timman and Lajos Portisch participated as well.

Ivan Cheparinov | Photos by Sigfred Haubro © Politiken Cup

Event Politiken CupPGN via TWIC
Dates July 28-August 5, 2012
Location Helsingør, Denmark
System 10-round Swiss
Players The strongest participants were Malakhov (RUS, 2712), Cheparinov (BUL, 2677), Dreev (RUS, 2677), Sokolov (NED, 2676), Salgado Lopez (ESP, 2635), Romanov (RUS, 2623), l'Ami (NED, 2615), Markus (SRB, 2599), Burmakin (RUS, 2590), Popovic (SRB, 2579), Hansen (DEN, 2577), Hillarp Persson (SWE, 2575) and Timman (NED, 2575)
Rate of play 40 moves in 90 minutes, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with 30 seconds increment from move 1

The Politiken Cup, the main event of the Copenhagen Chess Festival 2012, took place 28 July - 5 August in Helsingør, Denmark. Helsingør is often written in English-speaking countries as Elsinore, because this is how William Shakespeare himself wrote it! Although he never set foot on Denmark himself, Shakespeare did use Kronborg castle as the location for Hamlet.

Like every year the Politiken Cup, a 10-round Swiss, was one of the many strong open tournaments this summer. Vladimir Malakhov (RUS, 2712), Ivan Cheparinov (BUL, 2677), Aleksey Dreev (RUS, 2677), Ivan Sokolov (NED, 2676), Ivan Salgado Lopez (ESP, 2635), Evgeny Romanov (RUS, 2623) and Erwin l'Ami (NED, 2615) were the 2600+ participants but also chess legends Jan Timman (NED, 2575) and Lajos Portisch (HUN, 2520) played.

The Danish hopes in the Politiken Cup were linked to the national team, consisting of GM Sune Berg Hansen, GM Lars Schandorff, GM Jacob Aagaard, GM Allan Stig Rasmussen and and IM Jakob Vang Glud, who will participate in the Istanbul Olympiad.

Ivan Cheparinov, Politiken Cup winner on tie-break

We hadn't heard much from Ivan Cheparinov lately (although he did play e.g. in the Reykjavik Open in March) but in Helsingør he showed his strength once again, finishing first on tiebreak. Ivan Sokolov has had a pretty good year thus far, so his shared first place wasn't a big surprise either. Jonny Hector's 8/10, however, was an excellent result for the 16th seeded Swedish GM.

Jan Timman scored slightly below his rating (2527 performance), mainly due to a loss in round 4 against German IM Erik Zude when both were on 3/3. (The 60-year-old Dutchman remained unbeaten in the remaining rounds.)

Lajos Portisch did worse. The 75-year-old Hungarian's 6.5/10 seems reasonable but due to weak opposition this resulted in a 2216 TPR.

Rasmus Svane from Germany and Jacob Carstensen from Denmark both scored an IM-norm.

Selection of games

PGN file

Politiken Cup 2012 | Final standings (top 30)

Rk. Title Name Fed Rtg Club Pts. TB1 TB2
1 GM Cheparinov Ivan BUL 2677   8.0 56.5 54.25
2 GM Sokolov Ivan NED 2676 S.V. Sissa 8.0 55.0 51.50
3 GM Hector Jonny SWE 2530 Nordkalotten 8.0 54.0 51.00
4 GM Dreev Aleksey RUS 2677 Ugra 7.5 57.5 51.25
5 GM Popovic Dusan SRB 2579 Novosadski SK DDOR 7.5 55.5 49.25
6 GM Halkias Stelios GRE 2570   7.5 55.0 49.00
7-8 GM Malakhov Vladimir RUS 2712 Ugra 7.5 54.5 48.75
7-8 GM L'ami Erwin NED 2615 Hilversum S.G 7.5 54.5 48.75
9 GM Markus Robert SRB 2599 Novosadski SK 7.5 54.5 48.00
10 GM Aagaard Jacob DEN 2506 Brønshøj 7.5 54.0 48.00
11-12 GM Hansen Sune Berg DEN 2577 Helsingør 7.5 53.0 47.75
11-12 GM Timman Jan H NED 2575 S.V. Wageningen 7.5 53.0 47.75
13-14 GM Burmakin Vladimir RUS 2590   7.5 52.5 46.50
13-14 IM Bulski Krzysztof POL 2554 HetMan Katowice Szopienice 7.5 52.5 46.50
15 GM Schandorff Lars DEN 2516 Sydøstfyn 7.5 52.0 47.25
16   Svane Rasmus GER 2367 Lübeck 7.5 51.0 45.00
17 GM Brynell Stellan SWE 2498 Nordkalotten 7.5 50.0 45.00
18 GM Romanov Evgeny RUS 2623 Club MI Chigorin 7.5 49.5 44.50
19 IM Glud Jakob Vang DEN 2500 Philidor 7.0 53.5 43.25
20 GM Salgado Lopez Ivan ESP 2635   7.0 52.5 43.75
21 GM Hillarp Persson Tiger SWE 2575 Brønshøj 7.0 52.5 43.25
22 GM Rasmussen Allan Stig DEN 2496 Jetsmark 7.0 52.5 42.25
23 IM Bekker-Jensen Simon DEN 2394 Philidor 7.0 51.0 42.75
24 IM Carlstedt Jonathan GER 2352 Viborg 7.0 51.0 42.00
25 IM Zude Erik Dr GER 2384 SV 1920 Hofheim 7.0 50.5 40.00
26 GM Starostits Ilmars LAT 2494   7.0 50.0 41.00
27 IM Kristiansen Jens DEN 2427 BMS 7.0 49.5 40.00
28 FM Aabling-Thomsen Jakob DEN 2331 Brønshøj 7.0 49.5 39.00
29 WGM Rudolf Anna HUN 2325   7.0 48.5 38.00
30   Kramer Julian GER 2048 Hamburger SK 7.0 48.0 38.50

(Full final standings here)

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Thomas's picture

Portisch's final score of 6.5/10 indeed seems reasonable, but at some stage he had 4.5/8 (including three losses against players rated about 2200). Impressive that he's still playing, but either he was out of form or he is "getting old".

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Let's see how you do at 75. Sorry to see you still trolling chess web sites. Whatever your age. I'm quite sure you aren't acting like it.

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Pablo's picture

Okey: -1, so just +1.

Creemer's picture

- 1 = 0

Thomas's picture

Arrrgh, if the idea was to troll then I succeeded given the number of reactions. But the idea was merely to inform.
At the Politiken Cup 2010, Portisch scored 7.5/10 including three draws against GMs rated 2595-2648 - this time he didn't even face such opposition. If he was a teenager it could be a setback (or maybe due to distractions like falling in love). If he was middle-aged it could be one bad event - at the age of 75 it can also be an isolated bad event, or it could mean that age takes its toll which would be nothing to be ashamed of.

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Vytautas's picture

"The Bulgarian grandmaster edged out GMs Ivan SoLolov and Jonny Hector on". I guess it should be Sokolov

Frits Fritschy's picture

By the way, nice game of Cheparinov against Henriksen. Reminds me of a grandmaster who referred to the pawns he was behind as: "O, you mean those little ones?"

Frits Fritschy's picture

Sorry Henrik, I meant Danielsen, of course.

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