Reports | February 12, 2011 21:03

Chess in the train

Related to last week's article about Anand and Karpov playing on the train between Madrid and Valencia, here's a brief video which we found on YouTube, about two chess players in a train. The person on the right, playing the white pieces, is Paul Merton - he's a British comedian, writer and actor.


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Omar's picture

Very funny I can't understand the last phrase... ( Let's play "*" )

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It's supposed to be Bob Holness saying "Let's play Blockblusters!" - which probably doesn't mean much to anyone who didn't grow up in the UK! See:

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Thankyou, clear now.

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Appa's picture

ha ha , nice one .

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watched it long time ago ;P

pretty funny

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Anthony's picture

Nice, but it remains perplexing that they ALWAYS seem to think a1 is white.

What are the odds of non-players getting it wrong so often? You'd think they should get it right at least 50% of the time.

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Utterly silly: a1 is white instead of black, white has two blacksquared bishops, and black plays g6 after white attacked Bh6 with Nf5

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The James Bond Defence doesn't win?

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