December 25, 2010 19:00

Christmas treat: Anand lecture, part 1 of 2

Christmas treat: Anand lecture, part 1 of 2We still have some unpublished footage of the Euwe 75 years World Champion memorial day in Amsterdam last week. World Champion Vishy Anand showed some of his games, and some positions which were related to games of Euwe. Today we publish the first part of this lecture. Enjoy!

On Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 it was 75 years ago that Max Euwe became World Chess Champion. Therefore the Max Euwe Centrum in organized activities on Saturday, December 18th, which took place on the Max Euwe Square, in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The activities included a lecture and a simul by the current World Champion, Viswanathan Anand from India. This video shows the first half of this lecture, in which Anand shows his game with Magnus Carlsen from this year's London Chess Classic. More info (and photos, and another video) here.



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Author: Peter Doggers


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Great ending "Of course he won anyway as always" with a big smile ;)

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Anand expresses himself in English very well

sundararajan ganesan's picture

in india, millions of average indians speak english well, a positive side of the colonial legacy!

harami's picture

Positive side? Are you an idiot or something?

There was nothing positive with the british B#&*@)@ anywhere in the world

Castro's picture

Good old days, when french was "lingua franca"! Then you could say your "B#&*@)@" with so much more panache! :-)

And here's to all "positive sides of colonial legacies":

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Don't be silly. Colonial rule was horrible, but there were some good things about it too. I'm from Singapore, also a former British colony, and frankly, the British did a lot of good for us -- they instituted a multiracial policy, a very strong judicial system, widespread english education -- benefits, I would like to point out, even India experienced. You would be surprised how much of the infrastructure in India was British-built. I don't care if the net effect was negative, just needed to counterpoint rabid nationalists like you.

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My post in response to Ashish was removed.. Can someone please tell why?

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Because your comment contained words which automatically put it into moderation.

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Keep it friendly please, no swearing.

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He also speaks Spanish fluently. I am wondering what other languages he speaks. Probably hindi, but what else.

But anyway he is a nice person with a sense of humor and a great chessplayer.

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Anand also speaks Tamil - a South Indian language.

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Anand`s languages would be Tamil ( his native tongue ), English, Spanish/German, Hindi... and probably in that order as well. Maybe he knows something of few other languages...?!

Sergio's picture

Thank you chessvibes, merry christmas and a happy new year.

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Anand is also quite fluent in German, so he must be talented when it comes to languages ... . But he is second (at least) to Movsesian - I don't have the NewinChess interview within reach, but he claimed to speak eight(?) languages fluently and strives to learn more.

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Please remove the offensive comments with curse words from your site.

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