December 26, 2010 19:01

Christmas treat: Anand lecture, part 2 of 2

Christmas treat: Anand lecture, part 2 of 2Today more footage from the Euwe 75 years World Champion memorial day in Amsterdam last week. World Champion Vishy Anand discusses some endings deeply, like Bacrot-Anand, Nanjing 2010 and also Kramnik-Carlsen, London 2010. Enjoy!

On Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 it was 75 years ago that Max Euwe became World Chess Champion. Therefore the Max Euwe Centrum in organized activities on Saturday, December 18th, which took place on the Max Euwe Square, in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The activities included a lecture and a simul by the current World Champion, Viswanathan Anand from India. This video shows the second half of this lecture. More info (and photos, and another video) here.



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Interesting ending but hardly a very convincing presentation by the world champion. He should have revised the lines a bit before the lecture.

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My Fav. Commentators amongst top players

1) Kramnik (this year he seems to really relax and be interested in finding the truth about positions - whilst still showing many alternative creative plans)
2) Aronian
3) Shirov ( Mainly from Videos)

who do you guys recommend/prefer

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I dont like Kramnik for one reason only. It's because he and other players of east european countries have the habit of saying "But I mean OK". I hate it! Kramnik,Gelfand and to some extent Radjabov are members of that club.

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Weird, did Anand complete explaining his own ending to the end?

I guess so, but he didn't really verbalised it this way.

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Ah our 2nd Christmasday present from chessvibes. I gonna unrap (look the video) now.

Thank you

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hahaha, if you enable the youtube transcribe option (click the CC button, then transcribe audio beta), you will laugh really hard! some things are so funny ahaha, good job Google! and great job to Anand for 2010! been a great year, im waiting for tata steel in january! happy holidays folks :)

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