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Danailov and Von Weizsäcker present their teams

Danailov and Von WeizsäckerThis week Silvio Danailov and Robert von Weizsäcker, who are both running for the European Union presidency, presented their teams. Von Weizsäcker is joined by three chess grandmasters.

Not only will the new FIDE President be chosen during the upcoming Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, but also the new President of the European Chess Union. As we reported before, Silvio Danailov, Boris Kutin, Robert von Weizsäcker and Turkish Chess Federation President Ali Nihat Yacizi are the candidates. This week Danailov and Von Weizsäcker presented their teams.

Robert von Weizsäcker

The following letter was sent by the Deputy President of the German Chess Federation:

To all European Federations

7 June 2010

Dear Presidents, dear Delegates,

The German Chess Federation is pleased to announce that its President Robert von Weizsäcker will run for ECU President. He has been asked by a lot of federations and players to form a ticket representing all parts of Europe.

He has succeeded in creating the following strong team:

President: Prof. Dr. Robert von Weizsäcker (CC-GM), Germany
Deputy President: Nigel Short (GM), England
Vice President: Ivan Sokolov (GM), Bosnia & Herzegovina
Secretary General: Johann Hjartarson (GM), Iceland
Treasurer: Dr. Yuri Kaplun, Ukraine

As according to the ECU Statutes the Board should comprise representatives of different federations, the current ECU Secretary General Horst Metzing cannot be included anymore into the Board. In the interest of the future successful work for European chess he should be appointed as Executive Director and should continue to run the ECU Office in Berlin.

Enclosed you will find short curricula vitae of all Board members as well as a first mission paper of Robert von Weizsäcker’s team.

We would like to ask all European Chess Federations to support this team and to vote for this new European leadership.

Best regards,

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weyer
Deputy President

Silvio Danailov

The following communiqué was sent by the Bulgarian side:

Respected Colleagues,

Please find the ticket of Mr. Silvio Danailov for ECU elections:

1. President – Mr. Silvio Danailov (Bulgaria)
2. Deputy President – Mr. Tomasz Sielicki (Poland)
3. Vice President – Mr. Ion-Serban Dobronauteanu (Romania)
4. Secretary General – Mrs. Sava Stoisavljevic (Serbia)
5. Treasurer – Mr. Almog Burstein (Israel)

On Monday, June 14th we are going to publish the CV of all the members of the ticket.

Update: Full CVs of Silvio Danailov’s team now provided.

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Henk's picture

Plz no corrupt, ridiculous, third world idiots leading European Chess. Look what happened to FIDE under that kind of management.

Alexander's picture

Danailov has once again excelled in gathering a great cast. A great cast - for a Kustorica film, that is.

hmmm's picture


Nigel Short as Deputy!!

I can just imagine the fear and loathing in Camp Danailov.

Stefan's picture

Mr. von Weizsäcker claims that he will bring sponsors, but some days ago Jan Gustafsson had to call for help on the chessbase website, as the German Chess Federation had no money to pay the Olympic team. Ridiculous.

supergrobi's picture

Jan Gustafsson is supported by von Weizsäcker.

Felix's picture

Calling for help on the Chessbase website may be his way to get some sponsors :)

I strongly dislike Topalov's and Danilov's way of handling some situations (like "toilet gate", the not shaking hands thing and so on, also they should be more diplomatic), but Danilov really attracted sponsors. He may be a controversial candidate, but he's a skilled manager for sure.

The teams really have pros and cons, so it's difficult to make a choice :)

noyb's picture

More than any other time in history, there is a clear choice. Let greedy little businessmen and bureaucrats keep running the show with little or no money or progress for the players, or let real chess players with experience and a love for the game make it what it ought be. Seems as clear as a mate-in-one to me.

Thomas's picture

Danailov brought money to chess, but he caters only for a small group of top players - primarily filling Topalov's wallet, hence his own. In other words: he makes a few rich players even richer, little if any money goes to GMs rated 2600-2730.

And is he really such a skilled manager? In several ways, he owes his reputation to Topalov - he was far less successful before as manager of Ponomariov.

Wim's picture

For me it's simple!

Two arguments to ellect, Mr. von Weizsacker: abd his team:
A great team with a lot of experience and if I may say innovative idea's about the chess community
Intelligence teammembers

Wim's picture

And that guy Dainalov, who is he anyway?

Bartleby's picture

@Henk: Feel free to call people corrupt, ridiculous idiots, but "third world" doesn't make sense since Europe is by definition the first (and second).
By the way: Are you talking about the Weizsäcker team or the Danailov team or was it just a general wish you wanted to tell?

Timothée Tournier's picture

Thomas, you think that "Danailov was less succesful with Ponomariov" ?? Well Ponomariov became world champion and had Vesko as a trainer during the WC. He was then deprived of his title because he refused to play a match against Kasparov who had lost a championship to a man who had lost the Candidates Final !! It's just like Federer refusing to play Nadal in 2009 Flushing Meadows because Nadal has lost to Del Potro 2-6 2-6 2-6 in the semifinals, it's just normal and his honesty pushed him in the shadow ! The same way Ruslan refused to take the miserable salaries of the Ukrainian Chess Federation.
And about "he makes a few players richer" Well maybe it's because he was only an organizer of a super tournament, so that means he invites the strongest players and a manager which means he has to take care of personal interests. Have you ever accused Linares of making a few players richer ?? Well, since it's a closed tournament, it's normal. It's the role of the ELECTED president to make the players richer !
And let me tell you a last thing, it's better to bring money that to never bring any !

Henk's picture

Danailov´s means and methods are third world. He orhanized Toiletgate, he organized the mess between Short and Cheparinov, he is suspected of having collaborated in cheating by Topalov etc etc. The guy is a disgrace. So I take the freedom to call him a thirld world idiot, because that´s what he is and his methods represent. The promise of more (dirty/quistionable) money should lead the ECF only further away. Chess is a game of traditions, intellectualism and good gamesmanship. Danailov represents none of those. He is primitive and corrupt. Down with tha man already! Or do you really think he is worried about the state of European Chess?

Martin's picture

Well it seems obvious to me that there is one good choice and one bad choice here.

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