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Danailov to FIDE: "I will not allow such a mockery"

Danailov to FIDE: "I will not allow such a mockery"

Silvio Danailov has reacted strongly to the recent developments around FIDE and the World Championship cycle. The President of the European Chess Union threatened to take FIDE to court for the way they treated the Bulgarian bid to host the 2012 Candidates Tournament, according to Chessdom.

Silvio Danailov

With three reports we covered the story over the past few weeks. In The Candidates' in London; is FIDE selling its World Championship cycle? we first mentioned that the FIDE Candidates Tournament is going to be held 23 October-13 November in London. We also introduced our readers to the company Agon and owner Andrew Paulson, who has big plans for chess in the coming years. In Tournament organizers and players not happy with Candidates Tournament dates we gave the microphone to the organizers of the Grand Slam Masters Final, the Tal Memorial and the London Chess Classic, who are all not too enthusiastic about the dates. Until then everything was based on an Ilyumzhinov interview, but with FIDE confirms agreements with CNC/Agon and Tretyakov things became official.

One person who is not amused, to put it mildly, is Silvio Danailov. In a report by Chessdom, he reacted strongly:

I will not allow such a mockery. Bulgaria and Azerbaijan have made their bid on time, while London does not have such. As a member of the FIDE Presidential board no one has informed me about any contracts. Ilyumzhinov can talk what he wants. When I see on paper the contract with Agon, with lawyers we will go to the CAS Sports Court in Lausanne. The Bulgarian Chess Federation worked long on this bid, we have talked to sponsors, ministers, and even the Prime Minister.

It's important to note that Danailov said this before FIDE published their press release which made things official. By that time, he probably also didn't know yet that 'Azerbaijan' and 'London' turned out to be one and the same bid.

According to the Chessdom report,

Danailov later clarifies that he has seen the proposal for contract with Agon in December, but that the offshore company Agon was created in January.

And indeed, as Colin McGourty tweeted, the Agon was registered in Jersey on January 12th, 2012. The company website has been found too, and at the moment it is clearly work in progress.

No doubt we'll hear more soon; Mr Paulson told us that he and FIDE intend to provide more details in the coming days.

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Who would have thought - Danopalov complaining again. I presume Topalov has 'unfairly' not been seeded straight through to a World Championship match, Dano and Ilyu are both in chess for their own glorification.Embarresment all round again. lets just let the players play, without the ego and politics

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Where ever this man turns up, there is aggression, hate, bullying. Danailov's dictatorial "I will not allow" is a disgrace for any decent citizen. Who does this man think he is - Stalin?

If he is not competent enough to make his bid attractive, it surely is not appropriate to then resort to blurting out his frustration in aggressive and menacing tone.
If he is on the FIDE Board and hasn't heard about anything he truly is incompetent. My dear, what a disgrace this man is. No wonder sponsor turn away from chess with people like this in responsible positions.

Well there he is, busy-body showing off with HEAR HEAR the (world famous) Bulgarian Prime Minister. So what, Mr Danailov? All this for nothing, Mr Danailov. You are out, you have made a fool of yourself.

HOWEVER, you have surely checked how often Agon-representatives went to the toilet - now this IS your forte - there you've got a ace up your sleeve.... and we are sure about this: you will be reckless!

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Sure, where Danailov is, there will be trouble, so in this case, for a change, it might just be that he is the right man on the right spot.

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Very easy throwing dirt at Danailov, but how about checking the facts first?

I mean, if there is a bidding procedure in the FIDE statutes, and if only 2 bids have been accepted it's only normal that Mr Danailov wants the statutes to be respected.

It's too easy to just promise once again showers of money raining down on chess and then just once more bypassing all statutes and signed agreements.

There is an excellent book out there: *New In Chess The First 25 Years" which documents in a mostly neutral way how chess politics have been run for the last 25 years.

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I think this is the first time he has got reason to be in court...
there is bigger joker than him for sure , this kirsan guy is something !!!
the whole bidding thing is mockery if what he( SD) says is true. Then he has every reason to try and screw FIDE... we will be glad to see that , but on the other hand that could jeopardise the london event .... I dont know what to cheer for , on one hand thinking if Fide screws up it would be nice on the other hand wanted to see a good candidates tournament in London !

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kirsan and danilov for president and vp of usa

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What a mess. Internal feuding is so attractive.

Somebody is going to release an "open letter" in...

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Chess should be, but at the moment, never will be, a major sport like Tennis, Boxing, Golf and Football because the people who run the game are only in it for themselves and more obviously their bank balance. The world of Chess has been corrupt for many many decades and nothing has changed. And nothing will change until ALL the people at the very top of Chess who run and ultimately ruin the global prospects of the game are removed from power and then replaced by new people who have the know-how and the ability to properly promote the game of Chess to a world wide audience of mass appeal (which clearly must include regular television coverage of all the major tournaments across the world) until that day, Chess will remain an esoteric game stuck in the shadows. The one ray of light that is clear for all to see is that Chess as a media friendly game has the clear potential to be a major sport. Particularly Blitz Chess because the speed of the games are both exciting and television friendly. Unless you love the game, no one is likely to sit and watch a Classical Chess game on TV because it takes too long. In this fast-food "we want excitement now" culture, Speed Chess is the way forward for television companies. And it will be very successful. When that form of Chess takes off Classical Chess will stand a much better chance of being accepted. Taking into account that editing can play a major role in solving the problem of watching a game that could take several hours Classical Chess does have a viable place on TV. But it is the excitement of Speed Chess unfolding before the eyes of a world wide audience that will capture the hearts and the imagination the best. But it's going to take a new group of media smart people with the games best interests at heart to change Chess for the better and make it the world wide sport that is deserve to be. The game of Chess has been in the shadows for too long, it's time for a new group of people to take over the sport and if that means setting up a new organisation to govern the game with new major sponsors and TV money then so be it. The game of Poker has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last decade. In the right hands the game of Chess has all the elements to be even more successful. But it's going to take a whole new group of people to run the game with desire and hunger and excellent media skills to make the game of Chess a television friendly world wide sport it should be today and in the future.

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