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Do you have a question for Judit Polgar?

Judit Polgar, the best female chess player that ever lived, is next in line for the Crestbook interviews series. At Chess in Translation you can leave a question (or ten), until Sunday, 27 November. After that deadline Judit will be sent all the questions. As soon as Judit has answered your questions the people at Cit and Crestbook get down to translating, editing and publishing the results.

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Why do you have such a hard time against kramnik

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Please leave your questions here.

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Would you like to play a match against Hou Yifan?

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Do you think chess should be considered mandatory education for all children?

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Were you trained in any different ways to your sisters?

what was your experience of Bobby Fischer when he was with your family?

what is your favourite time control?

thanks Judit

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Do today's time controls affect the quality of chess, especially on the highest level?

Please name the five chessbooks that influenced you most.

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What is your favorite position? Do Blacks have a large advantage?

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You probably know who I you'll understand this question...certainly not rude like the one above. Do you still love to play?

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