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Don't miss the second chess train!

Don't miss the second chess train!

From October 12th till 16th, the second edition of a unique tournament will be held: Chess Train 2012! This year the train will follow the route Prague – Dresden – Wroclaw – Piestany – Vienna - Prague. Don't miss it!

You'll probably remember our reports of the first Chess Train tournament, held about half a year ago. In two parts we told the story of playing chess in a train that went from Prague to Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow and back to Prague. ChessVibes hopped on the train to join this wonderful experience.

The tournament consisted of 15 rapid games (25 minutes on the clock) which were played in the train; it was spread out over four days. Every afternoon the train arrived in another European city, the participants became tourists and everyone could enjoy the nightlife. After spending the night in a hotel, everyone would hop on the train again the next morning, and play some more chess.

Here is the video report we did back then.

This week the ever-active tournament organizer from the Czech Republic, Pavel Matocha, shared excellent news with us: the second edition of the tournament has been confirmed. It will be held October 12th - 16th, 2012 and this year the train will go over Central Europe and will follow the route Prague – Dresden – Wroclaw – Piestany – Vienna - Prague.

This time the tournament will last 13 rounds, and in the afternoons and evenings the participants can feel the atmosphere of the magic town of Tycho Brahe and Wilhelm Steinitz (Prague), of 'the Florence of the Elbe river' (Dresden), of the Adolf Anderssen chess town (Wroclaw), of the small spa town remembering Rubinstein, Bogoljubow and Alekhine (Piestany) and of the metropol of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy (Vienna).

You can check pictures and videos from Chess Train 2011 here. More information together with the registration form for participants will be published at the end of April on the website of Prague Chess Society. We don't know about you, but we're already checking our calendar for October...

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Excellent pictures. It looks like a fun trip.

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How can someone participate on this??

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